Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

It's already the last week, but Happy Chinese New Year anyway! :D

On our last day of class before the holidays, G9 wore red to college. Sadly, no photos to show, yet. =( We have one week off starting on CNY eve, which was a Wednesday. Went back to Melaka with my family+Kristy as usual. I had reunion dinner at my aunt's place.

Steamboat and grill! Nomnom

There's nothing much to say about CNY actually. Just visit relatives, get angpao, stare into space, eat, cross stitch, play mahjung, rinse and repeat. :D Me, my brothers and dad kinda just tags along with my mum, and my relatives (mostly my aunts and mum) makes the visit by drinking at all the houses. :X For 3 days, I never touched the internet, just had Plants vs. Zombie on my brother's iPhone. xD Here are a few pictures to share!

The family and Kristy at our old house!

The zamagawd-full-of-energy-ladies+-of-the-Tan's

One third of the Tan family!
This is the reason why my angpao money never grow. They keep breeding little ones. 8D *bricked*

At night, if you can spot me at the back, you'll see me on my cross stitch :P

The pictures are pretty much just from Day 1 of CNY. o_o What really made my CNY was MAHJUNG! Every night around 11pm-12am, me and my cousins would play mahjung(and gamble) till... 5am. Every night! :P The second night, we actually played till 9am, then went out to buy breakfast, ate, then I slept till 3pm. xP Somehow, bunny luck loved me throughout my whole visit, and I totally swept my cousins and brother. :O I had a clean profit that could get me...3 new pairs of circle lens! :P

So, back to home on Sunday. And I haven't touched any homework yet! We crashed Anthea's place on Monday! Woooh! Finally a chance to meet up with the girls! :3 Me, Anthea, Siew Yen, Debbie, Anjie and Carmen gossipppppp. I brought along my brother's Agricola, and so we play!

Agricola is a European board game(it's the craze now plz!) where you play as a farmer and your goal is to have an all-rounded farmyard at the end of the game. It's super fun! :3

"for the whole day, we played this farming game. and I don't even know the name. but we had fun. the gang had, in the end, 18 points, 16 points, 13 points. I ended up with -3 points. negative 3. that's 3 below zero." - Debbie Liow

How can it be a girl thing without camwhore? :3 (pictures are still with Anthea, YOU SEE THIS ANT? D:)

In the end, I slept over at Anthea's house, haha. Totally failed at doing homework, again. (dad brought over my maths book, but not the book that recorded my homework) In the end, we RO-ed! :D Just recently, I finally made my Assassin Cross! YES! *w*

College started, but for now I can't really think of what to say about it. (I'll post about that later, G9 ftw!) Sadly, none of my clubs started operating yet. On a happier note, I am running for student council! I went for the "interview", which was more of a group discussion thing with the other hopefuls. I hope I did well, because we will only be informed of the results on Monday?

This Friday! I started my three day CNY spree with YS. First up was the D'Lot Open House! It was fun as usual! Food, random chatters, mahjung yee sang(randomsauce ftw!) and imitating other people. :P

Happy New Year Tu You!

The next day was the YS House Hopping! This year was my first time joining the fun, and it was waaaay fun. Played random games like pig, Monopoly Deal(this is owhsm!), Chor Dai Di, Mahjung... It was nice being with my YS family, and funnier to go wild with my "other half", Debbie.

Max, Szeto's adorable dog who cowers, then skids towards you in an ambush. o_o

At Debbie's house, where the main attraction was... her mum! o_o

I stayed back at Debbie's house while the rest went back to SJBA's open house. Anthea joined us later that evening and we spammed YouTube videos. ShamWOOHOO! :D

Lastly, on Sunday, was the annual SJBA CNY Carolling! Times have changed! We too, adopt newer trends. Basically, a bunch of us youths visit houses of people who invited us, and sing Chinese New Year songs to spread the joy. (and joy it is when the spread the angpao and food :P) This year we only had one bus because we were visiting less houses. =(

I don't have much pictures to show... (then again, all my pictures are still in the camera o_o) I left earlier, before even walking into Yee Xin's house. And this year, I opted to go casual-er because I only had red T-shirts and my red dress has been worn to two CNY carollings. Baaaad choice. ;w; Note to self: wear my red dress next time anyway.

More updates to come!

Quote of the Day: "He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." - Harold Wilson

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