Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you Vote me Yin

Chinese New Year is almost ending! But college buzyness just started.

So, it's Monday, Valentine's Day. I left my water bottle at Bliss 33 the day before, so I hardly drank any water. ;w; On top of that, I had two hours before classes start (Maths class starts and 9am, but the lecturer wasn't coming), but I realized later that I forgot to bring my files, containing all my notes and homework. orz Had a pretty rough start and had a hard time concentrating on what I was supposed to do.

Then break time! Grabbed bubble tea from Let's A Cup (I think I should do a blog post with food spots around campus :P) and hung out at The Web. Then I saw it!

Dear Suzanne,

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you have been short listed for a position in the SAM Student Council 2010. We would like you to consider the position of President.

People from INTI should've heard my squeal, except that it was silent. :P Unfortunately, we were told that we were running for these seats so late, and campaign starts Wednesday till Friday. Not to mention, voting is going to be open this weekend already! It's a speedy campaign!

Thank goodness I have Anthea! :3 She's such a goddess, haha. She helped me with my campaign poster the pass two days and finally, it's done! Now, the problem is printing it because the free day they gave to us to prepare our resources just has to be a holiday... Which is good, since I actually used the whole day preparing my campaign; and it's bad, since no shops are open, and I can't abuse the college printers/ask the Student Council Advisors more questions...

Here is the owhsm poster!

Shu Hui for President!

Anthea did the editing and photo-taking, I doodled the stuff coming out of my brainz, and my owhsm brother made my owhsm tagline!

If you vote me Yin, I will Shu you the Hui

If you need me to explain to you what it means... well that's pretty sad, just keep thinking and reading it out aloud. x)

One of the other things I did today was my campaign page! Please visit it and support me! :3

That's pretty much it. Wish me luck!

Quote of the Day: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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