Sunday, February 06, 2011

Russian Culture Through Smiles

(This commercial break is brought to you in the name of Yegor, the Russian teacher from RO)

Do you have a Russian friend? Or would you like to learn how to communicate with them?

Now you can has Russian Connection!

After years of careful investigation, we noted several things that you can use on your Russian friends on the internet to foster a better relationship with them.

1. Type with proper punctuations!
The key to this is that you must remember to capitalize the first letters of the sentence and things like "I" and names.

Bad: hello russian friend! :D
Good: Hello Russian friend! :D

2. Use smileys!
Russians may vary and use different smileys, but they share one common smiley: the ). Yes, you saw the smiley! It's a lazy-russian thing to kill the eyes from the smiley and do ) instead. To show more enthusiasm, multiply the ).

Bad: How are you doing? :)
Good: How are you doing? )
Better: How are you doing? )))))

Now you know these tips, get out there and get some Russian friends! )

Quote of the Day: "(If looks could kill, this woman would be a mass-murderer by now...)" - Apollo Justice, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

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