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January 2011

Whoop! As usual, I'm getting a little lazy to blog. :O Besides college, alot happened since my last post that I haven't had the chance to talk about.
Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New Year! :D This needs a blogpost of its own, haha.

22 January, SJBAYS held a Buddhist Fellowship Futsal. It's a futsal tournament between Bhuddist societies in the Klang Valley, which two Singaporean teams joined in as well. I offered to help out with the pompoms, which turns out to be a bad idea because I received the materials late and I'm horrible at asking people for help. Committed suicide by doing everything on my own. o__o

Leftover rafia string from YDC19's Secret Santa revealing :P

After 6-7 hours! I only made 4 of these .__.

In the end, they weren't used I think. orz I had a dance practice in the morning, so I only watched the matches after 12, I was just in time to watch the SJBAYS team in the semi-finals! My cheering skills were so powerful I gave them the win. In the end, our team nagged the championship cup! :D

Bhuddists Can Kick!

Later that night was the YDC19 Reunion! There was really few of us, but it was great to meet up with everyone again. I didn't get the camp pictures though! So I guess the blogpost about YDC will have to wait again. :X

My share of the potluck! Yay for in joke *snaps fingers* :3


Thanks to Lien Chai (my super secret santa!) I am introduced to Munchkins! The next day, after the usual Teen Quest Gathering, me, Lien Chai, Tze Han, Jian Hon and Jerry went to Yan Ming's house. Along with Yan Weng, we played Munchkins!

It is super owhsm possum! The game is really interesting, and the cards and texts and all the effects and stuff are super hilarious! Basically, you start off as a level 1 human with no class (haha!) and you work your way up to level 10 by killing monsters and other stuff! It's pretty much like an RPG with lots of humour. (they have a monster called "Insurance Salesman"!) In a nutshell, YOU MUST PLAY IT. Tze Han had the sneak win. D: EBIL.

After the weekends was back to college again where more work ensued. I finally had a full week of studying, and I'm kinda enjoying myself.
Firstly, we get to wear whatever we want, so the atmosphere is pretty casual.
Secondly, ALL teachers speak in English! EAT THAT KEBANGSAAN SCHOOL.
Thirdly, I don't have a language subject anymore! (English as a Second Language doesn't count) No more worrying over your Bahasa essays and learning grammer! More reading of real facts. xP
Fourthly, I get to spend my free time in the library, on the computer, on the internet! Facebook woohoo! And random Facebook poking still ensues from library sessions. :P
The best of all, BUBBLE TEA.
And I really really love my classmates. SAM G9 ftw! :3 And it's nice to see all my old friends around campus too, eventually I need separate lunch sessions with all of them, especially my primary school friends. Now I'm excited for the extra-curricular activities to start!

Well, that's pretty much it, other than Chinese New Year stuff, which I'll cover in another post. :X So I'll end this post with another epic announcement...


Once again, for the uninformed Video Games Live is:

an immersive event created by the game industry featuring the best game music performed by top orchestras and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity. The first and most successful video game concert tour in the world.

You should've seen my reaction when I found out! I almost cried! ;w; They came to KL for the first time last year. I love love loooooved the show sooo much! I'm a video game and music enthusiast, and a much much bigger video game music lover! And I'm so glad their back! Chrono Cross cosplay this year maybe? :3 And I just read from VGL's Facebook page, they're saying they received many requests for Phoenix Wright music. ZOMG. Will we hear Ace Attorney at VGL this year? 8D
Now I can only cross my fingers to hope that the show wouldn't clash with my Melbourne trip this year. =(

Now I'm off to Anthea's house. :D

Quote of the Day: "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." - Edgar Cayce

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