Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anthea's Birthday + HELPMUN!

It was a crazy hectic weekend!

Anthea's 18th Birthday (24 March 2011)

Weehee! Another celebration in session! Mohahahaha. A bunch of us girls went to Anthea's house at night for a dessert cum-dinner party. Nothing much to elaborate, except that food is owhsm as usual! So here's the pictures to tell the story!

No gathering is complete without camwhoring



Anthea's owhsm birthday card from her classmates!

Moar photobombing :3

Mirror = win!

Unwrapping the present from us


And she likes it! :3

"Zhe shi sunglasses hai shi nei yi?"

Debbie steal spotlight...

...to the max

Zomg 5 marks question! xD

Cluedo! It's srz biznez

Anthea pwned us though ;w;


Homemade birthday cake :3



Obligatory "kawaii" picture

Anthea murdering the cake

Dessert no.3! Tiramisuuuuuu!

Attempt to make a nice scoop, and failed =(
(Debbie was failer, teehee)

The nomnomz is hax =)

More appreciation to the mirror

Camwhoooore! (because we still can :D)

Watching Secret Big Bang!

And then I went home (and I forgot my camera! o_o). And mum, who was on holiday in Myanmar, came back! There was an earthquake that day. Thank goodness it only happened when she lifted off.

HELPMUN 2011 (25-27 March 2011)

My first MUN! MUN basically means Model United Nations, where a bunch of people will have a conference, UN style, to deal with current issues and find solutions to the world's problems. Everyone will represent a country in a different committee. I was Madagascar in the ECOFIN (Economic and Financial) committee! Gosh, there was so much technicalities it was kinda hard to research on the topics. On top of that, I can't find much about Madagascar... ugh.

Anyhow, it was fun! (I took really minimal photos though, sadz) Day 1 was a short day. Everyone had to do their opening speeches about their country's stand on the issues. I was kinda interested in the gold standards. I ended my speech with "The Delegate of Madagascar would now like to move it, move it." xDD

We had our lobbying session after that, where we discussed with delegates of the same mindsets to write a resolution. I tried my best to contribute, which wasn't much because honestly, my general knowledge fails. |D Anyhow, they managed to cook something up on rejecting gold standards! (YAY)

Day 2!


The ECOFIN conference hall

I was sitting throughout most of the conference, because the topics discussed were so deep, and the people had such deep knowledge about them! It was pretty intimidating, honestly. I learned a lot though. I picked up the ways of a MUN, and all the procedures that wasn't covered during the mock conference on Monday. And while the delegates are in our seats, we can pass notes, which the admins would pass for us. :D It's supposed to be used as a way to ask questions on the debate, as no direct communication is allowed between delegates. But the notes were mostly used for chit-chatting, haha! And the admin staffs reads them! D: Can't fill in all the information here, since it's mostly technical, and in-jokes are hard to explain. So here are some pictures!

At Chillax with the delegates!


Me and Anthea get free chocolate cake because our food came late. Owhsm. :D

Conference in session

What's up?

Day 3! I started sending around more notes. It was 99% chit-chat with Miss Venezuela, haha! And this one, same admin staff keeps running to my note and grabbing them quickly. And he reads them right in front of my face. o_o I started writing lines like "hi admin!" and "the admin didn't respond when he saw my greeting". The guy super stun only, but I guess I gave him some good laughs later, haha. Can't blame them for wanting to read the contents, they must be bored passing notes all day on our behalf.

Miss Venezuela and Miss Madagascar :3

Qatar and Portugal bonding through videos

Venezuela, Pakistan and... (I can't remember D:)

Czech Republic is reading about Singapore (srzly)

Angola (me thinks?), Hungary, Pakistan, US (Mr. Fashionable Late!) and Venezuela!

During my last debate, I stood up and gave a speech speaking against the resolution. Omg super suicide! When I got up to the podium, I went half-blank. Most of what I said was probably just very general and didn't make much sense. |D I was P.O.I'ed about for times, zomg. Trauma! But I'll probably attend more MUNs anyway! :3 At the end of our debates, we had superlatives! Where we come up with random superlatives and vote for the delegates that best fits the description. It was entertaining. xD

The list of winners!:

Ecuador pretty much pwned all the awards, being the most WTH-inducing delegate. WORLD WAR 3!

Later, we had a plenary session, which was a joint conference with the Human Rights Council. It was pretty cool, as there were more owhsm people. And good humour! Although some of the HRC people didn't really like it. Hurrr.

The Auditorium

Bahrain and Madagascar!

And more :P

The ECOFIN Committee!

That was pretty much all the pictures I have, haha. And so the end of the conference came. I'm already looking forward to the next! :3

It was the first time I skipped Cheng Beng for HELPMUN, and then I get back home every night I emo over the assignments I had. (MALAYSIAN STUDIES ARRGGH) Holidays just ended, and I'm back in school. Just had a bad day on Monday, but nothing much actually. Glad to see all my classmates again! But Adesh is leaving our class to get some scholarship from some other college. Sad! =( The March intake students came in too! I organized the ice-breaking games for them, hopefully they had fun. Whee! SAM!

So yes, more updates next time before this post gets too lengthy, teehee.

Quote of the Day: "How can Jackie Chan die? Don't worry, he's protected by Kaspersky." - Annonymous

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