Sunday, March 06, 2011

College is Fun!

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More random pictures from G9!


Physics experiment! (all my science subject lab partners/group rocks :P)

Always prepared to smile =)

Jordywhyyousofunny :3 (he suddenly said it while we were discussing about the Solar System xD)

Class pic before CNY! G9 ROCKS!

(I have a feeling Facebook made the "pop up picture" system thingy to reduce the hotlinking of pictures by smart people like me :P)

Awesome week again. College is just so awesome. :3

First of all, my "Yin Shu Hui for President" page is still getting hits and likes! o_o I know that there were a few people who "unliked" my page, but still the number is growing (327 likes!). Whoa, thanks peeps, I love you! And this week marks my second week as SAM Student Council President. There are quite some perks, as people actually do know who I am and wave and said they voted for me, and my council was invited to a lion dance performance for the international students last week (Bryan got raped by the lion! :O). Then there's the a lot of people who started referring to me as "president", and that bunch of people from my class who started calling me "obama". o_o

And over the week, I am now "in a relationship" with Debbie Liow on Facebook. :O

It's been really hectic this week! Student Council is busy supporting the teachers with SAM Fiesta 2011. I suddenly became the Creative Director of the team; I had the most experience in Photoshop. o_o I made the poster, then the banner, whee! Super simple stuff, nothing flashy, actually. On Monday, we had an auditions, and there was lots of good talent!

The rest of the week was a lot of homework rushing! Maths is the killer as usual. Like Valentine's Day (which was a Monday, I forgot my notes and phailed at my homework), this Monday was a kinda crappy day for me. There was the Chemistry issue investigation, where I found out my topic was taken so I had to hax Google to find a new one (thank goodness I e-mailed my lecturer and I was on time and avoided my marks getting deducted). For our Chemistry practical, I forgot to bring my lab coat, so I had to borrow Anthea's (thanks ;w;) and missed quite a lot of the briefing. Then there's English, my really awesome research on Double Jeopardy, but Google gave me too much info I got distracted and read too much about law than the main focus of my research. In the end, I found it hard to narrow down my sources and I'm a little blur on what I'm intending to write about. .__. Google betrayed meeee.

The traffic was bad the next few days. I was kinda late for class one day, and because of that I missed my front row seat in class. I ended up sitting with the Bollywood guys and that Chinese dude, which was pretty fun! I got to mix with a different bunch and chatted with them. Fun stuff. The guys in my class are really hilarious. Kirti, who bleached his hair (refer to picture no.2) dyed it back to black this week. Jian, the tall dude a.k.a class technician, never heard of nigahiga (BLASPHEMY), and called his videos plain stupid after watching them. JIAN. WILL. PAY. D: And then we have the brains of the class, Jordy! He's really smart, and he has the potential to be an owhsm teacher, hehe. (and zomg the Sailor Moon joke, I laff-ed like crazy) There's a lot more to my owhsm class, I'll have to uh, keep thinking.

I'm still skipping lunch a lot at college, saves my money from the expensive food in SS15. I still splurge on bubble tea though, haha. On Wednesday though, I met up with a few of my primary school classmates, JC, Wen Jing and Yung Sheen and we went to Da Sa Rang! Korean food! I hardly have Korean food. Expensive lunch of course but meh, it's once in awhile. We had a pretty good chat! Which ended up with me being almost 10 minutes late to ESL. ._. We had a Biology practical that day too. With liver cubes, eww. But my Bio group is awesome, we have North, South, East, West (Adesh, Sunny, Jordy and me!) Take that Sunil and co. xP After school, I went for the Anime Society committee interview before joining my student council meeting (where I found out that a handful of my lecturers are anime fans too! o_o).

Thursday, another deja vu day like Monday! After break, I spilt my bubble tea, AGAIN. Cappuccino+Chocolate ice-blended, almost the same flavour like the last time. Not because of Jordy, but I spilt it at the same classroom, same spot. During the break before the same Chemistry class. And I was wearing a dress too! o_o Freaky. After school I had a Taymun interview. I might be dropping it later though... I'm getting a little too busy for new commitments. ;w; After that me, Anthea and Eu Mun sampat at McD. Wheee.

Friday! Stayed back after school for a 2 hours plus again for Anime Society meeting. I became part of the sub com, probably because I was promoting myself as "Miss Busy", haha. Rumour!: there probably isn't a Taylor's Asaban Fest this year D: : Lately, I've been Skyping tons, teehee! Gossiped with my classmates on Skype, and now I'm Skyping with my RRO friends. :3 TAKE THAT MSN. That's for phailing me on the computer. All the time. ;w;

Normal weekend. Mum and dad went to Melaka, so I've been haxing the computer, watching nigahiga and kevjumba. :3 Looooooove. I managed to get some work done. This Sunday is going to be a long day for me again! And next week is SAM Fiesta! Not to mention exam week zomg. (Chemistry, English, Maths, oh mai!) I'm coping pretty well with college at the moment though. And I'm enjoying my time there. :3 More on that next time.

Quote of the Day: "Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul." - Democritus

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