Monday, March 21, 2011

Deadlines, Deadlines

It's the holidays!

Taylor's College Subang Jaya was off on Friday because the teachers are involved in some Professional Development what-not thing, so no classes! Longer holiday! (but then again, all I do is bum at home and read Detective Conan, yay!)

It was the school holiday this week, so traffic was owwwwwwwhsm! No jams, and I reach college within 10-15 minutes! This week was just as hectic as the last, thanks to all the assignment deadlines. Monday blues came in the form of Tuesday this week, a lot of our results from our tests were released. I wasn't too happy with my Maths and Chemistry marks, I definitely could've done much much better. On the other hand, Biology suddenly became my ace subject. Not only did I score really good for an A- in the test (not many got A), I got the highest for the practical report along with Mau Vern, and my total score was 90 being only second to Jordy! English wasn't too shabby too. I definitely wish I did just as well in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. I'm not that bad in it, I just probably wasn't paying enough attention. .__. Tuesday I stayed back for almost 3 hours in campus just to finish up my source check. And the internet just hates Sodium Laureth Sulphate! D: ...well not really, there's a lot of info, but it's pretty much the same stuff, and they are all just internet sources! D: Which in academic reports, is baaaad news. I managed to survive through it, but I need to dig deeper for better sources to get better marks, but then again I can't dig for anything else! Pizz. Off. .__.

Anyhow, Wednesday was kinda fun. Me, Anthea and Jasmine met up for lunch, because Wai Hong came to meet us! :D He was late, and he brought along an Indian with him! Oh wait, it was Wai Howe who just got back from NS. :P I feel kinda sad for him, he looked like a Chinese attempting to become an Indian. Wai Hong dropped Code Geass into my hard disk so I can watch it again! After that we went to grab bubble tea from his cousin's new shop. It was a quick week that ended on Thursday, where we left for our holidays with lots of assignments and homework to cover.

I got kinda pissed over my Personal Development Plan (PDP) thingy and the Malaysian Studies assignment. To cut the long story short, SAM students were supposed to pick 5 lecturers as their choices for their PDP advisor. I did exactly that, and take note not everyone in SAM filled up the form. I waited foreveeeeer for a response from a teacher, but as all my classmates started getting our own class teacher's as their advisor, my emails were still empty. They all had this form to fill in about their plans, and I haven't even had a glimpse of anything from my advisor. Every time I mused about the fact, they told me to check my junk mail.

Yes I did! I check my mail, my junk mail, my every corner of my emails everyday! But nothing. .__.

It was clear that none of my class teacher's had me as their advisee. So that 3 down from my 5 choices. Then I found out from Edward that he got the exclusive Principle of SAM, Mrs. Hoe as his PDP advisor! That's another one down from me then. So after school on Wednesday, I decided to check with a teacher to ease my curiosity once and for all. My PDP advisor was a Mr. Brian. Who what? o_o Out of the 5 teachers I chose, none had a space for me. I felt rejected. .__. And not to be rude to Mr. Brian or anything (I don't even know who he is!), why leave your advisees in the dark? D: I only received a note from him right before the holidays, and I still do not know how he looks like.

The Malaysian Studies assignment was another ass, because the lecturer just had to introduce us to the report right at the last minute, expecting us to complete everything over the course of the holidays when everyone's all across Malaysia. And due to time constrains, lack of early discussion and little teamwork, I couldn't fulfill my hope of making an owhsm video presentation for the assignment. I wouldn't lie; I was disappointed. Although it was just a "pass" subject I want to give in my all, especially when it involved creative arts and stuff.  I thought I could unleash my creative juices and make an impact. Oh well, you can't get everything sometimes. =(


So yup! It's the holidays! (and mum is on a holiday ZOMG FREEDOM) I've just been bumming around as stated at the top. lD I should be working on my English assignment, doing source check for both Chemistry and Biology assignment, and studying for Physics... Not to mention I'm taking part in HELPMUN! (Model United Nations for the uninformed) I'm going to be the delegate for Madagascar! (because there was no Seychelles :P) I haven't even had a proper read through of the MUN guide or read up about the topic we're going to discuss about during the conference and the mock conference we're going to have at Taylor's tomorrow. Yay for procrastination! lD

Meanwhile, here's some success stories as the result of my procrastination!

Leveling at Sphinx

My homunculus is now SHINEH! :D

(yes, I notice the wall of text. I'll write more interesting stuff soon. ;w;)

Quote of the Day: "A detective who corners someone with logic, but lets them commit suicide is no different from a murderer." - Conan Edogawa, Detective Conan.

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