Saturday, March 05, 2011

Good Weekend

Anyone still reads my blog? :X

Anyhow, I promised to blog about my "big weekend". Then I procrastinated got busy, so this was delayed! Anyway, here's my weekend.

Saturday, I went back to school for my first Taekwondo lesson of the year. Because of some new koku activity system at school, there's a confusion if Taekwondo was starting at 8am or 9.50am. I got there before 8am and met Siew Yen! So chardou, none of the senior masters came, which means I won't be able to collect my Dan 2 grading results, which the rest already collected because I didn't know about the existence of the last Taekwondo training last year. D: Goooood workout. My thighs hurt horribly for the next 2-3 days. Didn't do much for the whole day. I had to work on some of my college assignments. Chemistry and ESL! Ahhh! Google has always been my best friend. Lately I just found out what an ass it is, giving me too much info and throwing me off-topic, not to mention consuming my time. ;w; Why Google, whyyyyyy.

Sunday! Owhsm Sunday! It was the Cosplay & J+K Dance Competition (which-should-totally-get-a-much-shorter-catchier-name) Event. The organizers were quite WTH, since they changed the venue for about 2-3 times, shifted the event one week later (announcing it only one day before the original event day), and 2-3 days before the new date, changed the venue to SMK Tropicana. Hurrr... But I had to attend anyway, as I'm joining the dance competition! Michelle picked me up after noon, me in my orange wig already. As expected, it was a small event. I changed into the shinigami outfit Yuo prepared for me. It was more of a dancing event actually, but pretty fun nevertheless! Especially since you're with your friends doing what you love. :3

And guess who I saw there? Of all people?

Teacher Chong. My primary school teacher. 6M's beloved English teacher. o__o

I was walking down the stairs when I saw her. She looked at me. I looked at her. She smiled. I cried. We hugged. ;w; It was really shocking for me, and a pleasant surprise too! Of all places, a cosplay event! And I was in an orange wig, in my cosplay attire too! I haven't seen her in 6 years, she looks exactly the same from before. I stopped dance practice for awhile to talk to her. I miss her a lot, and it was pretty nostalgic. It was a good day. ;w;

Later it was our turn to perform. We did Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls!

(I think the video doesn't work because it's on Facebook and only I am tagged in it so I can watch it but even so I can't comment on it so it's probably private. Sorry. :X)

(Try this one instead!)

It wasn't much la, I know, but we had fun with the srz biznez face and the practices and everything else in between! I stayed back to see all the other owhsm dancers. I was blown away by the great dancers who attended the competition! Lots of cool dance covers, Debbie would've enjoyed it. :P And I saw my brother and Felicia there too, another surprise! o_o

Me as Orihime, Shinigami version!

After the whole competition, it was a lot of random dancing! It was pretty fun, since the event was small and it wasn't in a public area, so I guess it was easier for all the dancers to let down their hair and do fun, crazy things on stage. In the end, we didn't win, as everyone else was just epic hax. But it was a good day. =)

And the day wasn't even over yet!

After that, I got home, bathed, dressed, and headed to En Lai's house for his birthday party! At this same time last year, we celebrated Chinese New Year and his 17th birthday too. This year it was his birthday party on a smaller scale (since it wasn't a open house with his other family member's friend's too) and it was sort of like a high school meet up!

Classmates! (+ the Unidentified Freaky Object behind and the Alien next to Cynthia)

Since Charles was in LA for his studies, we decided to bring him to the party... via Skype! :D Poor bloke had to wake up 3am just to talk to us. But it's worth it to see all the familiar faces, right? =)

We had a separate room for the laptop just so we can speak to Charles in silence :P

Smile for the camera Charles!

Lucky birthday boy, a car! D:

The birthday cake, nom nom

Home :3

Yeah, it was a great Sunday. I don't want to congest the post, so I'll leave everything else about this week in the next update.

(on a side note, OMG IT'S MARCH. Hai this is first blogpost for March!)

Quote of the Day: "Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages." - Terry Pratchett

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