Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Week + SAM Fiesta!

It's been a super long week.

Random pictures from college time! (Pictures courtesy of Brenda!)

Chemistry Practical!

Poodle Molecule!

Liver from Bio Practical o_o (I have more pictures, but I have no idea how to transfer stuff out of my Samsung phone...)

Brenda's glasses are WIN

Lots of tests and meetings this week. Monday, I had to watch the SAM Fiesta performers rehearse, and at the same time I had an Anime Society meeting. At night I worked long on my ESL survey about Double Jeopardy, which is really confusing. And I was supposed to have my ESL essay the next day, which was pretty easy, I think I did better during the test compared to my practice. :3 Tuesday onwards, the student council had to open a booth to promote SAM Fiesta! I'm really fortunate to have an awesome council, they are all so reliable at helping me carry errands and doing work that I feel guilty sometimes for appearing and disappearing at certain times. ;w; We sold almost 60 tickets at the booth on the first day! Owhsm shiz! At night, I was making my Maths formula sheet because my teacher said she wanted to check it, and I ended up having not enough time to study my Chemistry. My Chemistry test on Wednesday wasn't too shabby, but I could've done better I guess... especially for the essay. For ESL, we were doing issue analysis, which was going to be about Ethical Discrimination. We watched "Crash", it won Best Picture for the Academy Awards once. We had our full rehearsal for SAM Fiesta after school, which was pretty awesome! The performers were all seriously good! I spent my whole night finishing my detailed outline for ESL, as the deadline was on Friday and definitely have no time on Thursday, busy partying and all. :P I only had awhile to study my Maths and Physics Practical report. Eep. Maths was not so good... didn't have enough time to finish up and think straight for the questions. Physics was fine though. I hope.

And so it's finally time for SAM Fiesta! HURRAY!

First, I had to wait 4 hours after class for SAM Fiesta to happen, haha. Hung out at the Web for a bit, then helped out at the venue. Around 5pm-ish, I got changed into my outfit for the night, freshened up myself and poked on my lenses.

YES. I forgot to note that I've just gotten my new contact lenses on Monday. I'll post about my lens next time. :3

I got a little nervous about SAM Fiesta; people were flooding in slowly, everyone was lingering outside the hall, the music was too loud, the schedule was behind time... But when we started the show, everything just fell right into place. :D (Pictures aren't mine, so I don't want to nick too many of them :P)

The hall before the party

Me in white! (somehow this was taken without my camera sensors alarming owo)

The crowd at the owhsm party!

Camera sensors now functioning =)

SAM Fiesta was waaay better than I expected! 350+ ticket sales on the first day! Turn up was probably 400+! The performers were great! The night started with the Taylor's Dance Crew (they had crazy loads of members present that night for performances and stuff). Yansun was doing B-boy! Which reminds me, I haven't uploaded his pictures for him. .__. What I really loved were all the bands, they bring up the atmosphere a lot! ("IT'S MY LIFE" GETS TEN THUMBS UP FROM ME) The acoustics and vocals were amazing too! Despite the delays, everything else went on so smoothly it's so hard for me to pick on anything (I was the event manager sort of, so I was just supposed to walk around, be (an owhsmer) Robiah and pick on stuff lD).

Half way through the programmes, I had to introduce my student council. Somehow my voice was bluergh when I went on stage, as if I've been screaming too much the whole night. o_o

My student council! (Dayum, I look short here D:)

And the dance floor, wooooh! It was pretty fun. =) My first time just head-banging and hip-swishing to loud music. I'm really proud that it ended well, since many were sceptical at the early stages of the promotion, complaining that it was on a Thursday, performer's ticket prices was a joke (it wasn't my call! ;w;), I was so worried I was going to disappoint at my so-called first project. Yup, SAM Fiesta 2011 is something to be proud of! ^^

Next day wasn't much, since Friday is a short day. Thank goodness there was no exam, and hardly any classes! Unfortunately, I had to skip Anime Society meeting as mum wanted me to go home to sleep. Which was good of me sort of! Since I slept for 3 hours after coming back from college. |D The weekend was a good time for me to slack. I basically online-d till really late, Skype-ing with Anthea and Yegor, sleep the whole night till afternoon and repeat! Of course Sunday was still temple day, but it was only half-day since there's no TQG as it's the school holidays!

And SPM results is coming out next week. WHAT THE KWAN. o_o And it's during the SAM break! Wheee~

Will blog about my lens and this week soon! (lots of results from my class tests last week o_o and assignments garh!) And so much other lagged posts like my cosplay plan update, YDC report (eet was liek aeons ago!), food bible of SS15 according to Suzanne... yeah. :X See you in a bit!

(I'm actually trying to cut down on the length of my blogposts. Hope that they length is just ok. =w=)

Quote of the Day: "Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy." - Lao Tzu

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