Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM 2010 Results Day!

It's been a good, productive day today. :D (PHOTO FEAST AHEAD) (Blogging 3 days in a row too! Teehee!)

Woke up early in the morning and headed to school to collect my SPM results! I was more excited and curious than nervous. The A's are going to be essential in getting me more money, hehe.

Walking to school, I took a picture to check if my lens were still in place xP

It seems that since I left, the new principle and new security guard had inferiority issues and decided to use their authority to make all the students stay outside the gates until 11am. It was a little before 10am and there was quite a number of people who've turned up much earlier already. D: So me, Debbie and Zoe turned to Siew Yen's house to wait.

Anthea, who just woke up, appeared 30 minutes later to fetch us back to school. After waiting for another 15 minutes, the gates are finally opened! I guess, to avoid us disturbing recess and students who were in class, they made us wait till 11am and then made us gather in the canteen. Rawrh. Lots of talking ensued while waiting for the teachers to come, which took another 10 minutes-ish. Classic!

The croooowd!

The desk of truth!

Cik Muriza wasn't around (sadz) so the add maths teacher is sitting in to pass out our results

Waiting anxiously!

And here is the moment of truth...

ZOMGWTHSTFUBBQ! (I haven't said that in a looong time :D)

5A+ and 5A! OWHSM!

It's only normal to aim for straight A's, but I was never really confident of getting it since you can't really tell what's the marking standard for SPM, and anything could happen! A "B" could ruin your streak! (been there, experienced that) So with this, I was honestly and pleasantly surprised! On top of that, I didn't have any A-! Pretty good for me! :D

After the "straight A" reality sunk in, then I started reading my marks. I had A+ for Bahasa Malaysia ZOMG. After 5 years in secondary school and getting A's only twice for BM, this was totally unexpected. I think I did exceptionally well in my essay ONLY during SPM. Pretty proud of the last BM essay I'll ever write, HAH. :B Out of my science subjects, I only got an A+ for Chemistry, which again was surprising! Chemistry is usually my weakest science subject. The lot of us made Pn. Tay very very happy today. :3

The line still awaiting their results!

Miss Top Student for SPM! :3

Slowly revealing the results like mahjong

Debbie obviously did well and got excited :D

Happy faces! (and shaved head woh!)

After chatting around, the Cina gang (me, Anthea, Siew Yen, Debbie, Zoe, Carmen, Yee Suen, An Jie, Sarah) went for lunch at SUMO!

9 of us and the driver fit into the small van owo

Eh, looking at menu ker resume?

The flurry of As :3

Busy reporting results to tuition teachers and kehpoh friends

Japanese phood! Nomnomz

Teh Cina Gang!


"Noo! Yegor will know how short I am!" Height difference =)

See? I'm so nice =)

Later, we walked to Baskin Robbins for dessert. Thanks Zoe for treating all of us! :3 It was kinda funny since we walked down the streets with our files and documents in hand. It looked as if we were going for some interview or something. xD (and after awhile, my battery died, yay!)



Crossing over to Taipaaaaan

When random inspiration strikes :D

Anonymous-man-in-business-suit-standing-at-the-side watches on as we pose =)

We discovered the mirror!

Mirror = win





After dessert, we went back to school to say thanks to more teachers and so some other stuff. I finally collected my lost IC from two years ago. It just happened to reappear again! My wallet and all the money is gone forever of course. The state of my IC was pretty bad, browning with the plastic coming off and the chip rusting a lil'. Then I went to the Koperasi where they were having interviews for probates! :P Did some interrogation, mofafafa.

It was a good day! Had lots of fun. It was nostalgic going back to school. I've only been away for 4 months after 5 years of schooling, but everything feels so different. (form 1s staring at us like sampat |D) Tomorrow is supposed to be another fun day, teehee!

Scholarships and money, here I come!

Quote of the Day: "Idiot... There's no win or lose in this, no higher or lower... There is always... only one truth..." - Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan

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