Saturday, April 09, 2011

040411: My Sweet 18

It was a wonderful day. :D

I've been having weekends for birthdays the pass two years. And although I see my friends on these birthdays, nothing very eventful happened. This year was a blast into legalhood!

I wanted to do sort of like an "hourly picture journal" thingy of my day while I'm awake. :P I was up until 2am before going to sleep and waking up at 6.30am. I'll let my pictures paint the thousands (and millions) of words instead of me writing a wall of text. xD

 8am In class! First picture for the day.

Brenda made cupcakes for everyone! :3 (I'm first to taste it, whee!)

9am Maaaaaths! D: GC plz.

10am Chemistry practical!

Titration is srz biznez (but I'm snapping pictures :D)

(Mid Headgear: Crunch Toast! +4 to All Stats!)
11am Nomnomnom in Biology class

 12pm Lunch with G9 girls at Fruitland!

Yi Min, Michelle, Beng Hsuen and Elena :3 (everyone took my camera and went triggerhappy, hehe)

Leexia and Meeee!

1pm PIZZ OFF at Physics D: Teacher wouldn't accept my guiding question for the issue investigation. Emo!

2pm English Issue Analysis! Oral assessment and I'm second to go :O (No ESL = 2 hour breaks for 2 weeks! Woohoo!)
I think I did alright... it was more opinion based and there wasn't much research you could do for it.

0404 babies! :3 Happy birthday to me and you man! (pun intended)
(yes, the camho failed because I was rushing off to LAN and didn't check the picture o_o)

3pm Malaysian Studies. Cupcake from Jasmine! Thankies!

Kaoru's present for me! :3

Sleepy Shu-mei in LAN :O

4pm Hitching a ride home from Anthea. (had to skip Anime Society committee meeting to get home early!) The pressies from Kaoru! :3

5pm Got back home

You see, this year is really different. It was my 18th birthday, and I scored pretty well for SPM recently, and suddenly my mum offered to throw me a birthday party! This is my second birthday party since my first one back in 2001! (zomg I just realized it was 10 years ago |D) I was really excited, but when it came to the guest list, I didn't know who to call! Calling only my close friends would mean there's too small of a group. Calling one person from another group means I had to call everyone else associated (eg: Koperasi, primary school friends). I would loooove to invite my college friends, but that would mean I'll have to invite every one of my 29 classmates. |D On top of that there was a Chemistry Class Test the next day, so it's kinda odd asking them over, and they might get lost.

Yes, I overthink it. =(

So I invited 12+ish people, and some of them couldn't make it. (RAYHAN CAN'T COME GAH D:) I went on to invite more people as I had the feeling mum had a lot of food ready. But none of the new people I invited could make it. ;w;

Anyhow, here's the party!

Mum cooking fervently (thanks mum! :3)

6pm The party begins! (zomg photobomb novice no.2! :D)

Monopoly Deal with the girls :P

Makan! Mum's signature Nasi Lemak :D


Me and mum! :3

Dinner! (with the supposedly completed party attendees)

7pm ZOMGWTH Rayhan came. That sneak. He lied. D: I saw Jun Yu at my gate, then he appeared, then I ran out barefooted and smacked him D:

Yez, my dining table is too small for the whole party |D

Mahjong corner!

Monopoly Deal corner!

8pm I won a round of Monopoly Deal! It's my birthday losaa! :D Pay up the 2mil!

Monopoly intervention for "Happy Birthday to You"!

The collective present from my friends! (which explained why everyone came empty-handed, haha)

Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiit....

 It's a YUKATA! The same yukata that I've been telling Anthea all about! :O The yukata that got reserved by someone else and I got all upset about it and it was ANTHEA. ;w; Thank youuuu!

Then they wanted me to try it on, hehe

Learning how to wear a yukata needs skillz and requires three guys to read the instructions (I'm srz about the skillz part, THIS IS HARD :O)

Fortunately, An Jie helped me a lot in wearing it! (eh, what you looking at Deb)

Everyone else was busy eating cake though
(I didn't even touch the cake after I blew out the candles lD)


9pm Wearing the yukata on my birthday running around the house!

Obligatory "lala" pose

When sober girls get legal they be acting like they drunk

Kawaii ne!

The epic camharem!

10pm Gotten out of my yukata, wore the cardigan gifted by Siew Lian and Bee Yin :3
And got back to business. Teehee. (must. see. the cards!)


Meanwhile, some hung out at the computer. (NIGAHIGA! TEEHEE!)

11pm Everyone but Melissa and Anthea has left. And I changed into my PJ's. 0404 is almost over! :C

My loot of presents. Thanks everyone for the yukata! Anthea, Rayhan, Mellie, Debbie, Zoe, Yee Suen, Siew Yen, An Jie, Sarah, Jun Yu, Desmond, Jen Sion. And no forgetting Kaaaaaang! Thank you so much for everything! ;w; Thanks Kaoru, Siew Lian+Bee Yin, Aunty Soon, Dennis, Jasmine and Adeline for everything else! :3

12am (0504) It's over! It's Boxing Birthday now. And it's over for my Chemistry! (Chemistry Class Test the next day, which I scored 30/40, and consequently beating Sunny, yeah C:)

And that everyone was my birthday. :D Lots of unexpected stuff happened! And this year's really special because everything in my life was different. I was in college, hanging out with different friends, meeting old faces. On top of that SPM just ended, so my family was really generous with everything! The party, angpao, everything! I had a lot of fun, and great memories to keep. I hope I still get to meet all these friends in the future!

Happy birthday again Shu Hui!

Quote of the Day: "Only awesome friends go out of their way to prang you. [less than 3]" - Anthea Hui

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