Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anime Society and Cosplay, Nyan!

This week was supposed to be cosplay week for me. Thursday ECA recruitment drive, Friday TAS meeting and Saturday Chrono Cross photoshoot, but my photoshoot was postponed! Still, I had awesome fun these past two days. :D

Taylor's March Orientation and Recruitment Drive (21 April 2011)

It took me awhile to decide on what costume to wear, taking into consideration if I could dance with it. I was supposed to learn Saikyou Pare Parade, but Wednesday evening it was changed to Love and Joy. I learned the whole dance in just a night, teehee! I haven't had the time to dance since performing at Comic Fiesta, so this was pretty fun. xD

I carried Lero to college. Met up with Nana during break to practice our dance. Before 3pm, I left class earlier and changed into my costume. I wore my full costume minus the wig and make up because it was quite a hassle for a 2 hour thing. I think I shocked a few people by being in my costume though, since a lot of people wouldn't expect me to be part of the Anime Society based on what they know of me in college, hehe. Ms. Elaine was surprised that the President of SAM Student Council was cosplaying! I keel stereotypes, whee!

Love and Joy!

Hare Hare Yukai! (I miss this soooo much ;w;)

I love being on stage again! :3 After the performance, I simply hung out at the Anime Society booth and tried to drag in new people to join the club. I really love the people and the club, can go crazy with them and talk about stuff I like. xD

The very owhsm Miss Julianne (she's our club advisor AND SAM lecturer) :D

Taylor's Anime Society Meeting - Cosplay Week! (22 April 2011)

I offered to handle a session about cosplay during this week's meeting. I wanted to do a slideshow, but then I realized my laptop doesn't have Microsoft Office 2010 and hence, doesn't have Power Point. D: So I spent my break time on Friday plus in-between classes to finish up my presentation. I didn't want to give a crappy Cosplay 101.

I was carrying super a lot of bags: my laptop bag, my usual college bag and my cosplay stuffed bag. 3pm+ I got changed into yet another costume. We had a little bit more extra people today at meeting, more new faces, which was pretty awesome! It was the first time since our first meeting that we actually used two rooms. I handed my camera over to Alex to take pictures.

We started with an ice-breaking of I Never, which was pretty entertaining. Instead of drinking booze, we "nyan". xD


Nyan in action!

Ms. J as Knight of Seven! o_o

Posing for Ms. Wong's camera :3

Leena/Orihime wig on stand by for show and tell

The crowd in the extended classrooms

I look like some lecturer o_o "Cosplay Studies!"

My presentation went pretty well. I hope I entertained, or at least kept the crowd awake. I think it was mostly lots of shameless plugs, haha. I somehow managed to talk about Cosplay for about 30 minutes. lD After my Cosplay 101, we just hung around and interacted with the members. Needless to say, more pictures!

Mia Fey and Knight of Seven!

Dhurga, me and Miss J in cosplay! (it rhymed :O)

And unfortunately, that's all I have. :O

It was a good weekend! My days are getting more and more hectic though, and next week is definitely a killer. Sadly, my lvl999 procrastination skills are surfacing again. D: As my photoshoot was postponed, I'm going to the Interfaith Dialogue organized my TAYMUN. After that I'm totally gonna die from next week's schedule.



Finally after 2 months, the date for VGL is announced! 1 October! I can't wait! :D I'm kinda surprised that they are holding it in the National Stadium though... As far as I know... isn't the stadium open air? VGL's not a concert, it's an orchestrated performance! I hope it's not a troll... or just make sure that we get to sit comfortable and hear the orchestra perfectly.

Anyhow, I'M DEFINITELY GOING. Probably in my Leena outfit if possible, hehe. :P I'm really praying that they play Ace Attorney songs! Angry Birds would be a smart and hilarious addition too.

Here's something for you before I leave.


Quote of the Day: "Believe in you, not in the me who believes in you; not in the you that believes in me. You should believe... believe in yourself" - Kamina, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

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