Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hat Day, Headaches and Partyin' Partyin' YEAH

It was a week full of tests and full of joys too! :D

Monday night, I stayed up all night to study for my Maths. Quite satisfied with my revision and the formula sheet I made, because it helped me a lot during the test. I improved this time around! (additionally, I pwned Sunny in the Maths test! But he pwned me in English oral...)

It was early morning on Tuesday for my Maths test. And at G9, Tuesdays are...


Thanks to our owhsm stand out when wearing pyjamas last week, G9 decided to continue the tradition with more funky dressings every Tuesday. And this Tuesday, it is...

Hat Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday II, 26 April 2011)

Fortunately, the Maths test was the first thing in the morning, so we had lots of time to enjoy ourselves in the later part of the day. We surprised and entertained lots of our lecturers and friends. And of course, owhsmness must be captured in photos! It was fun switching our hats around too, hehe.

G9 at LAN class! (the other two classes seemed exhausted, we must've made them more emo cuz we so owhsm xP)

Jordy FTW!

Brenda and Sunny (and my fedora)

Cute Hsuen!

Shu-mei still pwns us all with her costumes :O


Four monkeys?

Charlene and Jordy!

Elena and Shu-Mei (photobomb expert!: BRAAAAINS)

Group picture!

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Russell's ghey face

Hats FTW!

Jian the SEX BOMB
(my photography timing rocks :P - he hid from my camera much too late)

My new addiction besides bubble tea - PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES
(been playing this all day ;w;)

The lecturers loved us, so we involved them as well!
(she took it off soon after because she couldn't concentrate teaching :P)

Ms. Sharon jumped right on the bandwagon!

Lecturer + baby + beer = triple kill!

We gave her a normal hat and she didn't like it
(Ms Sharon: "I want something bigger and funnier!")


Mr. John said not on Facebook, so here he is on my blog!
(ILU Mr John, muahaha :3)

I'm super in love with G9. Why are we so owhsm? xD

Wednesday was another pain in the ass. Thursday, we had our Chemistry report draft due, and Biology Class Test, and Malaysian Studies Class Test. I had to get my draft done before I could start studying for the tests. Put lots of thought and time into choosing my sources (darn Sodium Laureth Sulphate D:) and paraphrasing, even though I told myself I didn't have time and it was only draft 1, which means I still have lots of time later to make changes to the report. Posted my report on the plagiarism checking system at 10pm-ish without looking back. I expected two digits, since I did a half-assed job on the report...


I had 0% for Chemistry! JOOOY! It made me feel super owhsm since I had 0% plagiarism for my English double jeopardy report too!

Take that!

After all the tests on Thursday, I was 239443 times relieved, because...

Gotta get down on Friday!
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Partyin' partyin' YEAH!


But Rebecca Black speaks truth! It's Friday, the weekend is here (and Labour's Day holiday on Monday!) and G9 is gonna paaaaartay!

G9 April Class Party! (29 April 2011)

We were really excited all day, looking forward till the end of class. (I think I annoyed Mr. Yap a little too much :P) At about 1.30pm, G9 headed out to Catherine's house in Glenmarie Residence for our class party in a fleet of car.

Catherine's house was amazing! The food was delicious! G9 was owhsm! We had a blast. :D


Dining area

Lovely cheese cakes from Mrs Kalpana!

Zhafir preparing to emo for next Tuesday

Everyone's getting in touch with their inner selves :P

Meal time!

Nasi lemak and much more (thanks Mrs Yap!)

Played some music after that! Sunny on drums, Catherine on piano, Ashwin on tambourines and Zhafir on vocals. We should jam some time. xD

Reading iz srz biznez (note the cheese cake in Sunny's hand. That iz srz too)

We then relieved our childhood in the park behind the house!

Let's flyyyyyyy

More flying


Ashwin missing Adesh. Awwhh. =(
(Ashwin left us after the March holidays)

Shu-Mei, still advocating drinking habits

Owhsm lighting makes me happy C:


Dipping our legs in the pool!

We played "I Never"! Lots of secrets came out in the open :O

We played some game of "Questions" and dares
Russell was obsessed with something "outside", so we brought his attention back into the room :P

Kaoru got dared to name the hottest guy in the room, and then gave him a nice, hard slap
Sucks to be Sunny :C (SEE FACE)

Gosh, I'm loving college so much! May is already approaching, which means I only have 6 more months in SAM! I hope I could learn more about myself while enjoying my time with G9. Looking forward to more fun! :3

Quote of the Day: "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default." - J.K. Rowling

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