Monday, April 11, 2011

It starts with L and ends with Awesome!

It was an eventful week, having to stay up to study for my Chemistry class test, took random group snapshots with G9, had a fun meeting with my student council and pizza and bubble tea and a brainstorm of crazy games and activities. Then finally, it's Friday, Friday!

So, 6am waking up in the morning, I turned on the lights and headed towards the toilet to get fresh. Then I had a shock of my life.


I saw "Happy Belated Birthday" and I flipped. I saw "don't abuse it" and I leaped! I saw the laptop and I made a Olympic-winning jump! I approached the bag cautiously and unzipped it slowly...

Red Dell Inspiron zamagawd!

I jumped all across my room in joy! I couldn't believe it! And my brother paid for it all. Thanks Louie! ;w; I didn't get to touch it much though, since I was going off to college.

I only had like 2 hours of class, since English Issue Analysis was still on, and it was Biology source check. I followed Brenda to buy roses for her mum's wedding anniversary, and to my astonishment, a dozen of roses + delivery to KL was RM90!!! o__o I swear I'd slap my boyfriend if he bought me that much roses. ("Can use your money to buy me handbag instead or not?" D:)

After classes, I met up with Anthea, Wai Hong, Jefferson and Mei Teng at Hong's cousin's bubble tea place! We had Korean lunch and had lots of laugh, where Calvin joined us. :P And then we had bubble tea omnomnomnom.

I had Anime Society meeting soon after, and it was my kaichou's birthday. Originally, I wanted to mess him up with whipped cream, but searching for it all day around campus was futile, so I grabbed two slices of cake from RT instead. At least he liked it. :P And I got a huge birthday card from the club too! Arigato minna-san! Not many people came for that day's meeting since A levels was on holiday, but at least I got to share osu! with everyone!

Me and Andy and the big birthday card :D

Got home soon after and spent some quality time with my new (and yet-to-be-named) laptop! I iz so amuzed!

Zomg Starting Windows!

My brother's name is Louie. Nice one. lD

First thing I did was download Google Chrome. Then I got a new theme for it. (it's currently Black Rock Shooter! - only because the colours rock) Then I spent some time on Skype, Facebooked, surfed the web... incidentally, I found out that I am shortlisted for the JPA scholarship interview! Yes! Finally someone who wants to interview me! ;w; Along with the announcement came a lot of documents that needs to be prepared, and the only available weekday before my interview was Monday. (ew) Mum helped me a bunch with all the stampings and what not, thanks mum! My interview is on Tuesday, tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Back to my laptop... I download random Google apps on it, haha. Zeiva's Phantom Seeds is on Google apps too! There's a couple of other visual novels available too. And games like Plants vs. Zombies (trial though), and the Super Mario Crossover game my brother reviewed. Now I have Rebirth RO, osu! and stuff installed on my laptop too. :D

Now here comes the problem. What shall I name my laptop? ;w; Adele because it's Dell? Sugar because it's me? Sonia because it's my could-have-been-name? (I found out my mum almost named me Sonia, but since I'm a girl she wanted to give me the freedom to choose my own glamour name :P) Chibi Moon because I'm Moon? (in Jordy's eyes, yes :P) Or should I start finding another Greek Goddess name... something like Thalassa. :X

And after that I need to get a mouse too! And maybe a keyboard protector, and maybe a laptop soft case thingy (I heard it's only for Mac though). At the moment I nicked the desktop's mouse. And now that I finally have a personal laptop, I have the opportunity and excuse to use the mouse pad I bought during Comic Fiesta!

By pandabaka! I bought the Byakuya one. :3

I would've edited the system sounds to Final Fantasy VII beeps and Ace Attorney "Hold It!" and Pokemon jingles but I don't know which system sounds appear for which circumstances... lD I'll figure it out soon enough.

I love my laptop! :3 (I'm totally abusing it to the max, sorry Louie! ;w;)

Saturday the Teen Dhamma Camp 13 committee met up at Guan's place for dinner and a get-together session. I finally had my hands on an Xbox for the first time, haha. (I touched a Wii for the first time this February too lD) We played Agricola too, and I won with 29 points! :D Cattles are good investments. Debbie improved from -3 points to 1 points. Congrats! lD

Sunday was meeting day for TDC. After that mum brought me out to buy my Baju Kurung for the interview. More on my interview after tomorrow! Fingers crossed everyone! :3

Quote of the Day: "If sorry could solve anything, we wouldn't have a need for the police." - Hiruma Yoichi, Eyeshield 21

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