Sunday, April 03, 2011

March Showers Bring Forth April Flowers 8D

A lot of random stuff happened over the week and weekend, but nothing really big to update, really...

Wednesday, G9 took mugshots of everyone in class for our class page. Of course, we can't disclose everything yet, as it's still in progress. :3

Middle Easterns pwns you

Physics marks were just emo-fying, as usual. Thursday was 31st, and Brenda got into a heated argument with the lady there. Sucks to be the lady, she fails hard. xD

Then April came! Of course, April was welcomed with the 1st, which is April Fool's. I'm not really into the whole pranking thing, although it's fun. I just do my best to avoid getting pranked. xD Which I succeeded! (not many attempted to prank me anyway...) My brother on the other hand had lots of fun. (he's a genius!)

Angry IBM Pigs

He attacked a friendly colleagues desk xD

Friday meant staying back for Anime Club meeting! I spent 2 hours+ freezing in the web finishing up a long list of quotes for a game we were playing. It was called the "punishment game", where everyone draws a paper from a box. All the papers in the box had quotes from anime and games, all but one with an evil punishment...

And so the quest of avoiding 1 out of 120 papers went on! Of course, we ended up with the last 10 and the climax of finding out who had the paper with the punishment...

None had. April Fool's! 8D (whee, my only prank for the year!)

Also, because April is such an awesome month, we celebrated Mad and Alex's birthday!

Taylor's Anime Society! :3

After that we watched Culture Japan by Danny Choo! (Did you know Danny Choo is Jimmy Choo's son? Liek, THE Jimmy Choo who makes shoes Jimmy Choo? o___o I didn't know...) It was a good screening! Eye-opener indeed!

Saturday, I went to college for Parent Teacher Meeting. YES. PTM in college! Mum and I carried the results they sent to my home to Taylor's. Mum liked it, apparently she learned a lot from the trip there. We met my teachers one by one. Apparently I scored below class average-ish for most of my subjects. Sad. =( Then I super pwned Biology and English, 90 each! I was only bested by Jordy in Biology, and I was the benchmark for English, woohoo! But yeah, that means I need to buck up for everything else. |D Durrrh. Later mum brought me shopping for new clothes. In the end, I gotten new dresses for not-so-casual wear. Teehee. And more earrings! Woohoo! :3

Later at night, I went to Yee Suen's house for her birthday party! She's 1 day younger than me, but she's having a party three days in advance. Met up with the girls again! :3


Yummy salad arranged by Yee Ching!

Shu Hui MUST HAS ketchup!

Sushi Weeheeee!

More nomming in process

Yuuu in jail!

All of yuu in jail!


Birthday Cake! (tiramisu nomnom)

The girls! :3

The family!

Had a great time chilling with the girls. Yee Suen's aunt and mum are really fun to talk to too. :D

It was a pretty good week, although I have nothing much to say about it, haha. Chemistry Test 2 coming up! Ahhh! English Issue Analysis on Monday! Ahhh! There's a lot of awesome stuff in April though, so many birthdays that just happened (Beng Hsuen, Patrick, and Yegoooor! :D). Not to mention the haxor that is coming on 4/4. Ahhh!

See you on the other side. xD

Quote of the Day: "A king exists for his people. Without his people, there can be no king." - Lin Yao, Fullmetal Alchemist

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