Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of G9, Lead Camp, and other College Tales

Last week, nothing of great interest happened after the JPA interview. Other than the hits on my blog increasing significantly during the week, I finally received the darn letter from NS! I'm in batch 2, Kuala Kubu Bahru. But sucks to be NS, I'm in Taylor's now and living happily, so I I also abused my laptop tons (sorry Louie!) and brought it to college for a couple of times. I looked kinda funny carrying my big laptop bag and another bag on my shoulder. xD

Here's some random pictures of G9!

Prison/White Day for our class profile :P

Make up corner!

14 April: Sunil's Birthday!

Tradition must be fulfilled: picking candles off the cake with only the mouth :P

Yet another let's-torture-the-birthday-boy moment :3

We played "Guess the Song" (forgot what's the proper name)

Miss Sharon's expressions are win :D

We had Taboo the next day while Miss Sharon was absent

Taylor's Lead Camp (14 - 16 April 2011)

Thursday till Saturday, I was involved in Taylor's Lead Camp, a camp for all the club and society committee members to make us better leaders. Honestly, the things thought during the Camp was anticipated, and were stuff that we already know. (otherwise, how did we become leaders in the first place?) I did learn a bit on the proper procedures of doing events, carrying out meetings etc. etc. Then again, most of the stuff (like the "Best Event" and "Best Club" awards) doesn't apply to me as I was in the Student Council that was directly under the principle. For the first day, I sat with the Whimsical Science Club, Business Club and CPU Student Council president. The best thing about Lead Camp was the chance to meet and get to know more people from college. (unfortunately, remembering all their names are hard D:)

I spent Friday with the Anime Society, since I was the only one representing my Council and my teacher advisor wasn't there. =( We had quite some fun with Ms. Julianne and other clubs making a group cheer. (Sorry sorry sorry sorry jentik jari jentik jari sapu kaki...) Then it was Social Night: Indian Fest! I'm really supportive of themes and stuff, so I managed to borrow a Punjabi Suit from Catherine. I was pretty proud of dressing up. xD Somehow I was even nominated for Best Dress (first time ever)! The food was awesome! The presidents of the clubs had to perform skits that night though. We were put into three groups, where I joined Group 2 with presidents of Scrachess, TAYMUN, Debate Club, Anime Society (somehow, these are all clubs that I joined lD), Leaders Club, Business Club... and some others I can't recall. We were supposed to present on conflict management, which we portrayed through arguments about sambal hotness levels and banning durians in the parliament. I played a suuuuper small part, but our sketch was funny. :P

Then Saturday came! I was sick-ish in the morning, sneezing throughout the day. I was with the CAL Student Council, TAYMUN and Debate Club. We went to Sunway Lagoon for a station game thingy! I was with Debate Club (again!), Badminton Club... (zomg I can't remember if there's any more! o_o) It was good running around the place! Got wet, tired, kissed a blue tongue skink and played lots of random stuff. I could handle everything BUT the Pirate Ship and Scream Park. Me and extreme heights and random, intentional horror doesn't fit. lD I stopped sneezing throughout the day too, haha. Good stuff, all in all. My group even got second out of 12 teams! Wheee! The only thing that sucked was that I lost one side of my flowery earring that I love so much. =( I already lost one side of Mia's earrings last month, gah!

This week's Monday was HORRIBLE. First, I screwed up a small part of my Chemistry Practical Report. Second, I found out my Kuchiki Byakuya mouse pad was somehow damaged and there's multiple dents on it! Then, we had some issues with our class profile, which I wasn't in charge of but somehow I seemed like the only person who knew what was going on. (which made it seem like everyone else didn't care D:) Not only that, I bought Chocolate Mint bubble tea and I had to spill it on myself! And I was supposed to have a photoshoot with the Anime Society for the magazine (which was later postponed). Then I lost another one of the Poring plush chain thingy that Danh gave me... my Angeling! ;w; It's the second Poring I lost to date... SADZ.

Tuesday was awesome though. G9 decided to have a Pyjama Day! (also in conjunction of fixing our class profiles) It was unbelievable, we actually wore pyjama pants, carried soft toys and stuffs (alarm clocks!), cute fluffy slippers and MORE. Unfortunately, I didn't do much but brought Calcium Oxide along (since I had to take my TAS photo later). We grabbed everyone's attention in our outfits! Everyone was wondering what was going on, and we were then known as "the class wearing pyjamas". They actually crowded outside our classroom, pointed inside and was looking around. xD So proud of G9. :3

SHU-MEI'S PYJAMA IS WIN (she actually walked everywhere with it!)
Me and Calcium Oxide photobombing!

Pyjama Party!

We live in the moment, all the way :D

Elena's Kitty of Win!


Unfortunately, classes are getting more and more hectic with all the exams and assessments coming up, and other commitments along too. Thankfully, I'm enjoying myself every step of the way.

More on my weekend later. It'll probably be mostly about Taylor's Anime Society and cosplay and more! :P

Quote of the Day: “When you are around me, don't talk about fate. Talk about making miracles.” - Sakurano Tazusa, Ginban Kaleidoscope

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