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Ghost Trick

G9 Emo Band! (photoshop by me :3)

Before I go into the main body of the blogpost, here's a little announcement:

    Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam masih memproses permohonan PILN 2011. Keputusan permohonan boleh disemak pada 9 Mei 2011 mulai Jam 5 petang.

We totally saw that coming. And now they announced that all students having 8A+ for SPM will definitely be granted a scholarship by JPA. Definitely not me, though. :X We'll still have to wait for my results on Monday!

Alright! Back to business!

As I have blogged about in the last post, I was given a DS Emulator and Pokemon Black/White ROMS by the Guans, which had widened my gaming reaches! Thursday night, I managed to ask Guan Ren for another ROM, one which I've been longing to play for awhile now.

From Death's point of view, things look pretty good

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! Here's another point and click game of discovering the truth! Sounds familiar? It's because Ghost Trick was created by Capcom, the same people who made Ace Attorney, much of the reason why I wanted to play this, and also explains why many Ghost Trick fans are Ace Attorney fanatics too. Of course, that doesn't discredit this game, for this became a hit in Japan not without due cause.

(Personal thoughts/review on the game up ahead! :3)

Watch for owhsmness

The game starts off kinda like Tangled - the main character is dead. But you stay dead for the whole game, otherwise this wouldn't be called "Ghost Trick" (I just wanted to add the Tangled part in. Fitzherbert! :P). You jump across inanimate objects in the Ghost world and Trick them to move! It's a pretty fun world to be in, but things aren't easy. Sissel, the ghost you're playing as, has no idea who he is and has lost his memory. So the goal of the game is to chase your lost identity and memories! And since ghosts don't have feet, you get to run around town through telephone lines! (because they connect everywhere!... almost) On the way, you save multiple lives (multiple times for a single life, sometimes) and uncover the huge mystery that would "change the nation". It's kinda like a detective/mystery game + supernatural elements! (kinda like that lawyer game + supernatural elements, too :P)

The game only spans for one night, with a clock running the events of the night. After all, the "Ray of light" that was helping Sissel understand his powers told him that he only has until dawn before he ceases to exist. You also have a power where you can rewind 4 minutes before a person's death and attempt to avert fate. Unfortunately, no one can recover Sissel from death. =(

Time coincidence! o_o

Yes, there are 294521 similarities between Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney, with 1238231592 "Eureka!" moments for Ace Attorney fans. In a nice, nostalgic way of course.

First of all, the characters! Just like Ace Attorney, they are bigger than life, sporting crazy hairdos (apparently, this makes for good silhouette, says Shu Takumi), over the top reactions and that unique habit that makes them stand out.

(his clothes remind me of Apollo and his gay red pants
[they look gay in real life, srzly (first hand experience) ] )

"Say whuuut?"

(Again, I just had to say it :P)

And to emphasize their reactions, like Ace Attorney, they have sound effects! For example, when someone realizes something, you hear the "bing!" that reminds you of Maya Fey's shock face. And there's the "ching!" sound that makes you wanna scream "HOLD IT!" But as you can see from the sprite above, the graphics are much, much better and smoother.

There are lots of "cameos" and tributes to Ace Attorney too. (and the little details that I pick up)

Missile and Missile! :D
Ghost Trick's Missile definitely wins the "My Missile is better than your Missile" battle, paws down
(it plays a pretty big role in Ghost Trick, too)
Makes me wanna get a Pomeranian and name it Missile ;w;

I saw the blue suit and red tie and immediately thought "Wright"! (And "Payne" for green suit and glasses!)
But then, the character portrait appeared, and I was wrong ;w;

Doesn't his Detective get-up look pretty familiar? :P

I didn't pay much attention to the music, because I was playing without headphones and the music was mostly drowned by the TV. But closely listening to it, I was reminded of Ace Attorney and Puzzle Fighter (also by Capcom). Then again, the music was composed by Masakazu Sugimori, the composer for Gyakuten Saiban 1. :3

Ghost Trick's conversation style is a lot like Ace Attorney too (not as much humour, though). The use of the word "contradiction", blue fonts for thoughts, highlighted words to point out hints/important info is similar to Ace Attorney.

The game is very storyline-based. These sort of games are probably the only "novels" I "read" since Harry Potter. Ghost Trick has awesome plot and twists! Half-way through the game, I was going "f-f-f-f-f-f-ffff" every other minute. At the end of the game, I was blown away by how everyone was connected to everyone else, of how every piece of the puzzle fits, of the sweet, satisfactory ending... it brought tears to my eyes. ;w; Since Ghost Trick was a single story that was not split into different cases like Ace Attorney, the plot was more cohesive.

All in all, Ghost Trick has quirky characters, unique gameplay and wonderful plot! Definitely worth your time if visual novels, adventure/puzzle games are your cup of tea. Now every time the door creaks open on its own, I'll be hoping that it's Sissel in its core. :3

Quote of the Day: "The only thing I'm really good at is... That's it! BARKING! There really isn't much else in life!" - Missile, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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