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Holidays! Cosplay fun fun fun + Teacher's Day

WHUT UP I'M ON HOLIDAAAAAY! :D My semester exams are over! Frighteningly enough, I've already finished half of my pre-university course. 5 more months to finals! o_o That is scary thinking about it... Anyway, good thing is, I've got time now to finish up all my blog updates and make good use of my holidays like starting some cosplay construction!

Woohoo! Right after Teacher's Day, I had yet another busy week! I meant to blog before I started my exams, but it was too hectic. Delay, delay, and now there's gonna be lots of updates over the next few days! So stay tuned!

Last last Saturday (14 May), me and Melissa went to Anthea's house to do our cosplay stuff - sewing, make up and all that shiz. :3 You see, the next Saturday (which actually was last Saturday! [confused yet?])  we were going to an event called C2AGE! (that, to be covered once the photos are edited and uploaded, teehee)

We had quite a lot of fun at Anthea's house as usual. And little work done by me. lD

Anthea's Wigs! (some of her taobao stuff arrived that day, too :D)

Me and my "little work" - making a pleated skirt!
I started by cutting the cloth to the right measurements, then drawing lines on it for the pleats
DRAWING LINES IS NOT EASY (I can't get them to be straight!) D:

Meanwhile... Anthea's progress


The other two started playing make up!

I was just sleepy and stressed up and wanna emo more ;w;

Anthea + Melissa's wig test! (Shu-zaku is still emo-ing)

Anya used Camera Angle!
Anya's hair blocked Lelouch's face!

Moar camwhore

Anthea's Kah Hong face! Omg =O

Thinking hard of Yaoi poses o_O

Teehee Rukia! :3

Anthea's newly arrived Vanille wig

Mah smexy Lelouch :3

Sunday was Temple day as usual. Early in the morning, I went to college to meet up with my student council to discuss about our Teacher's Day performance! Then at night I abused myself with multiple work, including my Biology report draft that was due the next day... .__. I couldn't finish in a night. orz It's not that I wanted to procrastinate! (ok, I did .__.) But I was really busy the past week and here's the explanation to it.

Teacher's Day (16 May 2011)

The Tuesday before this, I met up with my Student Council for a meeting. I told them my idea for SAM to celebrate Teacher's Day: get blank t-shirts for all the lecturers and make them wear it around while people signed on it! Immediately, the idea was accepted and approved. With Monday less than a week away, we made our plans as speedy as we could manage.

By the next day, we managed to get an announcement for all class representatives to come for a short meeting. We called them the SAM (CRU) Class Representative's Union! :D (acronyms ftw!) Told them about the plan, and collection of money. We decided to assign two t-shirts per class to complete, as we had 35 classes and 70 lecturers.

By Thursday, we already had our T-shirts! And I had to start collecting money from all class representatives, and also explain the plan to them again (what to write, how to return yada yada). I went out to buy marker pens too. It was craaaazy trying to keep track of 35 classes, who paid, who has no idea about the plan, and I don't have all their numbers too. D: Running around passing out the t-shirts was a disaster. I didn't want anyone else to make the records because I was afraid they didn't know what to do!

Friday was the peak for me. Sending out all the remaining t-shirts, chasing people for the money, making more records... all these with the Anime Society, TDC and my Biology draft buzzing by my ears.

Sunday... yeah, you already heard about my Sunday. And the next day is Monday! (Rebecca Black logic ftw!) We started collecting the shirts, hiding the Famous Amos cookies in Ms. Wong's office, attempting to finish up my Biology draft in between (because I haven't finished it lD).

As all the shirts came in, I was really impressed by what the students did. Most of them really put a lot of effort into the shirt designs. I meant the whole shirt idea to be more of a "wear and sign+some wishes" thing. It became really personal among the classes, and they drew and decorated and labelled their classes on the t-shirts. Some had sequins on it, some had drawings of all their classmates, and some with really awesome designs.
For example, a Physics teacher had "Let's Get Physical" written on the back and a Specialist Mathematics teacher had an exponential function with a line saying "Can't Touch This". xD

The T-shirts and Famous Amos!

Finally the time came! There were a lot of exams and things going on, so we couldn't book any halls or Lecture Theaters so we had to settle for the Discussion Room.

Teachers, like students, just love leaving the front rows empty. HYPOCRITES! 8D

I had to give a speech, which was quickly cooked up that morning, and it was intimidating because I was talking in front of a crowd of lecturers! And mine was the opening speech! D: I managed to make it informal-ish but I think it was a pretty lame speech, haha.

Next was performance. The opening act: SAM Student Council singing. o_o

SAM Student Council minus one

I think it was pretty hax and smart (of me :P) to have came up with our performance plan in a day. We decided to sing a mash-up of "Stand By Me" and "Beautiful Girl" with amended lyrics. And somehow, I was the lead singer. :O

When the day has come, and the class is sound
And you are the only light we'll see
No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
And teacher teacher stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand stand by me stand by me

Stand by me beautiful girl
I'm sorry that I never work

You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's zero
Damn all these beautiful boys
They make you do too much work
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
Till your ATAR's over

It was back in January
When we first came to SAM
Assignments are here
And the deadline is near
And I'd never thought we would ever finish

And then you came by
And you helped us get by
But you mush up my mind
There are too many lines
Oh lord
My homework is driving me crazy

So teacher teacher stand by me, oh stand by me
You'll have me suicidal suicidal
When you say it's zero

We failed a bit during the singing. But I is proud. C: After that, we presented the T-shirts! Although it wasn't much, but I hope that the lecturers enjoyed themselves. ^^ We had a few more performance, including a LOL "Friday" performance (much to the lecturers' cry of disgust and disapproval :P). The guy sang "Friday", but changed it to "Monday". But the best part was:

Yesterday was Sunday Today is Monday, Monday
Tomorrow is Wesak Day

HAXOR. We gave out the Famous Amos cookies too, teehee!

Ms. J's T-shirt!

Mr Irwan's shirt :P
"Ask Me 2 Questions" written on the back!

When the celebration ended, much of my worries left as well, but I still had a lot on my mind. And back in class, we had a few people leaving us for JPA. One of them being Harmina, who was saying her goodbyes already when I got back to class.

Tearful farewell!

Mrs Kalpana gave us lots of wise words

G9 Family!

Group hugggg

Mrs Kalpana loves the Famous Amos :P

Oh hai thar! You can't has me. :P

Anime Club's late gift for Ms J! Dayum I want one too! ;w;

So, that was Teacher's Day! There's still TONS more that I haven't covered about my busy weeks. Next blog post to come soon. lD

Quote of the Day: "When something hurts, it's best to say so." - Masahiro, Shonen Onmyouji

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