Monday, May 30, 2011

Moustache & Lipstick + Nerd Day and Farewells

Earlier, I meant to write some Pre-C2AGE stuff alongside college stuff. But it seems to have crowded the post a little too much, so I decided to split them up!

Quite a lot happened over the week in G9. We had two theme days, two birthdays, two classmates leaving, two teachers leaving and it was the last week of classes for Semester 1. Twoooo much.

Since Tuesday was a holiday, G9 couldn't have Theme Tuesday. *cue "Awwwwh"* BUT! We had Theme THURSDAY! :D We pulled out "Moustache & Lipstick" from our drawing bag last week. So we got right into it!

Putting on moustache on the corridor


Physics lab!: This is somewhat disturbing...

Serene says no to the camera :C

Zis is fashiooonnn


Jordy and I :D (and my silky moustache lul - it's Trucy's hair!)

Group pic!

Me 8D


Michelle and Brenda :3

G9! Attention grabbing as usual :3

A group of us walked over to SS14 for luuunch
(still with out moustaches)

Kar Heoooong (the workers stared at us hard and long xD)

Elena's birthday and cake from Starbucks! :3

Then, it's time for the Lottery once more

Courtesy of Harkeerat C:

Leexia and her unibrows are not amuzed

As mentioned, other than Harmina leaving, Mau Vern and Sunil were also taking JPA scholarships - Mau Vern to AIMST and Sunil to Ireland! Lucky them. ;w; So G9 would now be down to 27 students. On Friday, they came to college for their last day. On top of that, since Ms Isabel is coming back after her maternity leave, our replacement Chemistry teacher Mr Yap would be leaving our class. More importantly, Ms Jess, our Maths teacher, was leaving Taylor's for good. Soon, Ms. Sharon would have to go on her maternity leave too. Meaning, we're going to get a new Maths teacher and a replacement English teacher. I hope we'll get good ones. (*prays*MsJMsJMsJ*prays*

The leavers! ;w;

We celebrated Elena's (belated) and Vi Vianne's birthday too

We had a mini nerd day for Ms Jess

Cute nerds :3

We love MATHS! Bye Ms Jess! ;w;

Later that day was Anime Society meeting. It was Gemu (Game) Day! Attendance wasn't high, but he had tons of fun. We brought in two PS2's and multiple laptops for our members to play! There was Melty Blood, some other anime-ish game, Tekken 5, osu! and some other stuff going on. xD

And after that was CHIONG night for cosplaying. Pre-C2AGE and the event itself to be covered on the next blogpost.

Quote of the Day: "The modulus sign is like money: Your money is your wife's money; Your wife's money is her own money." - Suzanne Yin

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