Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prom Day and 13 May

Whoop, I haven't done a proper update in a long while. A LOT has been happening over the week. It was really hectic and stressful! But anyway... we'll take it one at a time.

Prom Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday IV, 10 May 2011)

I have nothing promy at home, so Catherine kindly lent me her gown. I have never worn anything so formal before! I hardly wear dresses that reaches the floor (except for that one time as Hannah Anafeloz), so I'm pretty nervous on how it'd turn out. Plus, you hardly wear gowns to college... so I wore something casual to college before changing into the gown and joining my Prom class. xD

Me in gown :O

After our Maths test in the morning


Michelle and Elena


G9 in LAN class, being awesome as usual :3

The Awesome Three! Jordy, me and Sunny! (dayum, my name needs to rhyme with them)
We are Bio lab partners by coincidence, and Maths Directed Investigation partners, again by coincidence! :P

Kirti suiting up (without a suit, because tieing up sounds weird)

I like my back here C:

Vi-Vianne and Kaoru!

Michelle, Shu-Mei, Yi Min

G9 Prom!

Yi Wei and Emily!

Food under the table! :O

Ohmnomnom-mmhmm yez teacher.

Sniping from across the room :P

(we were discussing something passionately until they came by. With bread. o_O)

We went to Salmon and Steak House for our Prom lunch!
Of course, we grabbed attention from everyone while walking out of campus, and into the shop :P
We met another two classes with "Theme Day" that day (Nerd and White Shirt) But of course, we pwned them flat. G9 champion plz. xD

We ran over to CPU building to watch Brenda and Elena perform, and collect some certificates
We got clausterphobic (but Santa wasn't there!) and we left Shu-Mei in the building... o_o

Audio Appreciation Week!

In the end G9 went back to the Main Campus for the performance


They performed 3 songs

And G9 was there for them all the way!
...and we were late for English again. :P

Last picture of the day :3

After that, I finally became overwhelmed by all the work and things to be done:
Met up with my Student Council to plan for the Teacher's Day celebration (which is a huge thing which I will have to cover in a different post)
Biology draft due on Monday (which I finished up quickly after Teacher's Day, another half-assed job but I got 3% plagiarism for it :P - which was pretty lame because the line I "stole" was nothing big or that I read before)
Teen Dhamma Camp stuff
C2AGE on the weekend - Orihime skirt!

I had some time doing other shiz though.

13 May! Racial War! Friday the 13th!
Doesn't really bother me much. But it's Sarah's birthday! Whee!

After class, me and a few of my classmates went over to Chatime to get the buy 1 free 1 bubble tea! Gosh, the line was craaazy.

The lengths people go to for bubble tea and to save RM3+ per cup :P

In the evening, I suddenly found out that the results for the JPA scholarship is out. Trying to get onto the website was a nightmare. With the thousands of applicants raping the refresh button, I decided to leave it for later.
And later that night (after dinner), I managed to get on to check my results.

Terima kasih diatas permohonan saudara/saudari untuk mendapatkan penajaan JPA. Walau bagaimanapun, permohonan saudara/saudari tidak berjaya.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

I know my results aren't the best, but it's quite a smack in the face that every single scholarship I applied for never even considered me for an interview. And then for these, I believed I made a great interview, yet I was offered nothing at all. Of course, the obvious reality to this is there's probably a hidden policy in JPA, the interview probably didn't even meant anything. But yeah, I'm still disappointed that even with my rather average-aboveaverage-ish results and my activeness with cocurricular activities and all, I still suck and wouldn't stand out.
Meh, I'll just stick with SAM, at least my classmates wouldn't have to part with me, and my Student Council advisors would be pretty relieved too.

That night, before I gotten the results, a few of us girls went to Secret Recipe for dinner to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Cina Gang! :3

Deb and her ABC fries

An Jie and her antics :P

Birthday girl and me!

Sarah's birthday cake

Sarah and her family!

Cookies and Cream!

Something to share. THIS IS WIN.

More blog posts to come!

Quote of the Day: "It's Equivalent Exchange! I'll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!" - Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

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