Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Random Facts of the Week! (and Emo Day)

Hopefully I will cover a few random updates about what has happened over the pass few days.

First of all, I failed to mention much about Teen Dhamma Camp for the pass few months. I've joined the committee again for my fifth time, as the Security of TDC 13! We have filled up all public seats to the camp!

(On a side note, TDC is also Taylor's Dance Club, which confused me a lot when people say TDC, because I would say "Teen Dhamma Camp" by reflex :P)

Secondly, after two weeks since the JPA Scholarship interview, the results are still not out. Then came the announcement:

    Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam masih memproses permohonan PILN 2011. Keputusan permohonan dijangka akan dikeluarkan pada 6 Mei 2011

We'll see what happens! I'm not depending a lot on the results of this, but if I get it, it'll definitely be a huge bonus.

Thirdly, last Friday, the whole world was watching the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton. I was at G9's class party, so I wasn't following the whole event. I did catch a few glimpse from the whole thing, and the glorified "kiss on the balcony". Here's some random pictures for youuu!

The happy new couple!

The amazing crowd with British flags

The wedding cake

Look at the amazing details! o_o
I just had to show pictures of the British people and their farney hat obsession...
Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice... you be the judge.


Fourthly, as some of you have known, I have been obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies for the pass two weeks or so. And thanks to the Guans, I have something new!

Bug off dood!

Pokemon Black/White! :D I've always been wanting to play the newer games, but they always screw up on the no$gba. No$gba is my one emulator for everything, because it hardly lags and it's easy to use! Finally I got forced to use another emulator that I never trusted before... Desmume. o_o And it works fine! And I'm playing Pokemon holy cow.

Thanks Guan and Guan. 8D

The only thing that sucks is that because I decided to play Pokemon White (because I preferred the White Forest over the Black City), it contains all sorts of cheats that I never wanted in the first place. D: 900x Rare Candies, Full Heal, Full Restore, Amulet Coins and all that shiz! On top of that, my whole National Pokedex is filled with 600+ Pokemon that I've never seen before, so when I catch any new Pokemon at all, it doesn't give me the info box with the flavour text, which sucks because I can't rename my Pokemons on the spot based on their species (Pokemon don't look like what they are meant to be, sometimes).

Fifthly ( o.o), I went back to SMK USJ 13... for the carnival! It wasn't much, but it's always fun to be back and say hi and stuff. I spent most of my money on the food, as I hardly play mini games (there weren't a lot of mini game booths anyways). Debbie, Zoe and I did enter a haunted house-esqe Maze game. It was kinda funny because we were all spooking out and stuff. But when I got in... it was nothing much, harhar. xP I got pushed to the front of the pack, the little Indian school girls tugging onto Debbie's back while she curses the ghosts ("F*** YOU!" D:). Later Zoe drove us to Old Town to meet Siew Yen on her job! :3 It was her second last day, hehe.

Sixthly, it was labour's day on Sunday, so not classes on Monday! Then Tuesday, it was G9's Theme Tuesday again!

Emo Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday III, 3 May 2011)

Prior to Tuesday, I actually googled "how to be emo", "how to dress emo" yada yada. Then I realized emo is misunderstood! It's not all about being suicidal or wearing full black and hating the world... (but of course, we still stereotyped emo when dressing on Tuesday) I spent the night before Tuesday painting my nails black and red and moving to side-parting. Being emo is suddenly very cool, the class was a sea of black, white, grey and eyeliner! Then again, because it's G9. :P

Emo makeup session!

The men were not spared

Pocky suicide

Emo + pocky = win

Cat wins in the emo department

Leave Cat alone! D:

Emo boys

Dark Sunny (Dark sunny, geddit? 8D *shot*) and Bren

Emo crowd trying to get some extra Bio marks



Emo band press shot!

We went out of our class to hallways to scare people with our emoness. Because we can.

Emo staaare

Kailash: "I feel out of place in your class..."

My full emo get-up
(which looks like an attempt of being a Japanese loli and lala all together)

Sexey emo!

Then we walked out of class, in a pack, spreading our emo aura

Emo Jian gives you the hand
Poor Jian, until this point of time, he hasn't realized that I have fraped him....

Sucks to be Jian ;w;

My nails! :3

Artistic shot!


We were in a "Presentation Skills" workshop by the way, and had to talk about Sex Education, Abortion and stuff

Lunch time! We stopped at the Sofy booth in campus for a bit, and the guys seem fascinated

Emos at Street Cafe

The full table of emos
(who are sitting in the corner after finishing their food, of course)

After lunch, emo Shu-mei is sleepy ;(

After class: it was time to strip off all the emoness! :O

But Suzanne says more emocamwhore needed




That's all for emo day. Which was actually lots of fun for the class. 8D For the next few days or so, we have a few exams coming up, assignments to do, lecturers absent from class and lots of free class periods.

See you in a bit. C:

Quote of the Day: "Even if my life is just a single drop, every drop of water leaves ripples." - Kuu, Ripples

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