Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tribute to Her

This post is dedicated to my most loyal blog reader. :3

She stalks and collect information on me through Smiles for All.
She rocks my world (hard. and sternly).

Yes, you. My readers, please meet my loyal reader:

My mother :3

(yes, she reads my blog and finds out about my exams and stuff, mofafafa :P)

I make you grow grey hairs, make you snap all day, but thanks for loving me nevertheless! I love you mum!
Happy Mother's Day!

For those wondering about the picture,
1. My mother is superbly pretty, I know. :3 (let her know by dropping a message in my c-box! Muahahaha)
2. That's a real flower.
3. That's a pot. (not marijuana of course!)
4. The dessert is in the pot.

Today, my family went out early for a Bak Kut Teh brunch. We haven't had a family eat-out for awhile, and never had Bak Kut Teh together in a longer while. Later, mum decided, of all places, to take us to Carrefour. So we went grocery shopping with the family on Mother's Day! Wheee! I've been wanting to make the flowerpot dessert for awhile already, but I never had the chance to buy the ingredients. So off I went!

I went to the temple after that for my TDC meeting and dropped by at Gavel Club to surprise Jeffrey with a birthday cake. After I got home, I started on my dessert immediately.

Some of the stuff in the making!

The pot I bought was kinda big, so I chopped the cake into small pieces to try and cover up the base

Luckily the egg-shaping-thingay came in handy! (although the cake piece looks a little too big...)

I sliced it to smaller layers so the fats are distributed well :P

These fit perfectly! :3

Cut pieces of straw and stuck them to the middle of the cake pieces

Tossed in the guilty pleasure.
I wanted mint ice-cream, but the shops only have loads of brown coffee or chocolate-ish ice-creams, vanilla, yam, and tons of Neapoliton.
So I got Neapoliton cause it's colourfuller (1Malaysia mah :P)

Soft, mashed-up together Neapoliton doesn't give you such a nice tone (unlike how people turn up when they cross-breed)
I decided to cut down to 3 servings because the pots are huge and needed too much resources. D:
Throw them into the freezer to chill.

Grab some soil-coloured biscuits!
(Oreos would be awesome, but I decided to get these instead)

Much easier to crush these too. Make them look like soil!
(you could mix "soils" too, who knows? :P)

When the ice-cream is a little more frosty, you can start cleaning up the edges before adding in the soil.

Add to the ice-cream the soil mixtu-- I mean, biscuit crumbs.

Now that looks like a nice compost for a plant! :D
(I would've threw in some gummy worms, but the ones in Carrefour
were less gummy and more sugary, which is pretty ugly [I RHYME] )

Get a stalk of fresh flowers! I stol-- found mine during a walk
(armed with a scissors C:) around my neighbourhood

Gardening Accomplished!
Worthy of a Gold Medal from Gardening Mama!

"Great job!"

This Mama keeps her excitement inside though
(either that, or I failed :O)

So, that's what I did for Mother's Day this year! The muse for my dessert came from here (not really muse, more like the whole idea :P) If I had the chance to do this again, I'd get smaller pots, more pretty flowers and tastier ice-cream. Would definitely love serving this for more people in the future. :3

And now by the powers of my Mama, I shall go to sleep!

Quote of the Day: "Don't worry, Mama will fix it!" - Mama, Cooking/Gardening/Crafting/All-that-other Mama.

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