Friday, June 10, 2011

Cosplay Plans 2.0! (2011 and beyond!)

Woooooh. It's been almost a year since my last "Cosplay Plans" post. So here's some DEFINITELY and MAYBE plans for year 2011 and 2012! Most of these cosplays will involve Anthea as my cosplaying partner. Hehe. C:

Here are the DEFINITELY'S!:

1. Sohma Kagura [Fruits Basket]

Yes, I have not done this yet, lawl. lD But I will get this done!

2. Soul Linker [Ragnarok Online]

I'll be doing this and Anthea will be High Priest! Planning to get it tailored, then I'll add on all the details like the gold trimmings, the wordings and what-nots myself. The details of the costume is gonna take a lot of work, but I'll get there. lD

3. Kururugi Suzaku (Knight of Seven) [Code Geass]

OMG CROSSPLAY. I really love Code Geass, but I dunno what character to do. Naturally, I'd either be asked to do Shirley (orange wig!) or Milly (crazy attitude!) or Viletta. (dark skin+boobs need I say more? .__.) Anthea bought an Anya costume for reaaaally cheap, and Melissa wants to do lots of versions of Lelouch. So I was really tempted to do something from Code Geass. Decided on Knight of Seven so that I could compliment Anthea, cosplay with Melissa, and the cape can hide my womanly hips. lD I'll need to get this tailored!

4. Oerba Yun Fang [Final Fantasy XIII]

Okay, it's official. I'm definitely going to do Fang. And I must lose crazy amounts of blubber from my tummy and arms by end of this year to do this. ;__; Knowing my super low motivation level, I'm really not confident if I can make it... but I must!... ;__; On top of that, I told myself that I won't buy this costume, meaning that the construction of the costume needs to be done by me. The spear! The details on the sari! The zero blubber! I have no idea what I got myself into. orz Doing this with Anthea, Melissa, Celine and Chia Mei with a some-what full group. We're still lacking Snow and Sazh.

5. Sice [Final Fantasy Type-0]

The plan that crept into my already packed cosplay plans. Another huge ass weapon! I'll be doing this with the Taylor's Anime Society, we're getting it tailored in a batch to maintain the uniform look. We'll be having a full Class Zero! C: The costume is cool, the character is awesome, the scythe is badass (how am I gonna construct it? D:) and the game is mind-blasting! Looking forward to my huge, kick-ass group! :3

6. Inoue Orihime [Bleach]

Whee, I finally cosplayed Orihime! But there are some stuff that I still need to fix. And make, like the Shun Shun Rikka. I'll be doing the blazer version sometime in the future, and hopefully other versions to come (including the latest version :3) because I love Orihime. ^^

Here are the MAYBE'S!:

7. Kay Faraday [Ace Attorney Investigations]

It's Ace Attorney! I really want to do more Ace Attorney cosplays. Her costume is rather simple, just needs time. Kay's character is really bubbly! Which I'm pretty confident I can pull off. C: Now I just need a Miles Edgeworth...

8. Maya Fey [Ace Attorney]

Well, I've mentioned before that I have a Maya Fey costumed shared between me and Jasmine. It's only a matter of time for me to cosplay Maya Fey in the future. And I've gotten a geta that I can amend too! Wheeee. Need to wait till Jasmine's done with the costume. :X

The 2012'S!:

9. Jack Russell [Radiata Stories]

My poor main plan got pushed till 2012. But I'll make sure I'll do this with Anthea ( next year! This will be the versions that we are planning to do. The armors and the swords and the ahhhh! Can't wait to kick stuff. And people. :B Radiata Stories love plzzzz!

10. N Harmonia [Pokemon]

I really want to do Pokemon. We used to have a plan where I'd do Lucas and Anthea'd do Dawn. Now with the Black/White frenzy, Anthea decided she wanted to do HildaWhite (Hilda is such a blek name D:) for her cute feathery pants. By default, I needed to do something that complements her. Or another girl character, like Elesa, but she's a supermodel and she's so pwnage! ;w; So it's either HilbertBlack or N. N's costume is much simpler. And he has pretty green hair. And a cap. And he's so smexy and mysterious. So N wins. 8D
(what's with the surge of crossplays? o_o)

11. The Wood [Cardcaptor Sakura]

A plan of a huge group cosplay of the Clow Cards by Ikki. We were discussing about this some time after Comic Fiesta. I'm not sure if it's still on, but I'm ready to do it. C: I have no idea how I'm going to do this, if I'm going for more of the human effect, or the one above, but this would definitely be a challenging cosplay in terms of interpretation and construction. :3

The 2012's MAYBE'S (and more)!:

12. Howl [Howl's Moving Castle]

Anthea is an evil manipulator-temptress (just like Melissa!). She has always wanted to do Howl's Moving Castle since last year. I have no idea why I even put this up for consideration... but yah. We'll see how.

13. Jack/Hero [Harvest Moon]

This is just for luls. 8D I've been a big fan of Harvest Moon since I was little. It'll be fun (and funny!) to be able to cosplay the farmer, running around with turnips over my head!

These are all that I can think of for now. But actually, 13 whoa, that's super a lot already! lD The most cosplayers I had for one particular year was just 2 or 3... we'll see if I can manage. I really hope to cosplay more and more epic!

Quote of the Day: "Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There's just too much fraternizing with the enemy." - Henry Kissinger

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