Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

Suzanne's back from camp! :D

Wokie, I must make sure I properly blog about Teen Dhamma Camp 13. (because we know how I procrastinated every other blogpost about camps before this :P) Before I do that, lemme feed you a bit about what happened during exam week!

Well, exam week was depressing actually. Study full-time, go to exam hall, get shocked by the questions. D: Rinse and repeat. I don't think I did well... For my Physics exam, I thought I did to my best of my abilities, and was rather contented with my work. Right after "time's up", I casually flipped through my paper while patting myself on the back. Then I saw it. A question that I forgot to answer. A question that I've already planned out the answer, knew how to answer, but forgot to write anything on it. o___o


Yeah, all in all, it was a depressing exam. =( We'll see...
(okay I just just juuuuust gotten my results. DISAPPOINT. Kill me now. :C)

After that, I went Starbucks with Jordy, teehee. We had this Buy 1 Frap Free 1 Frap promo thingay. We decided to splurge a little before going off for the holidays. It was quite a funny experience because we've never bought our own Starbucks before. We were super blur and we took pretty long deciding what to get. owo (it's expensive splurging! we need time to think)


While we were there, there's this woman who ordered some green tea frap. After it was done, she told the guy there that it was too sweet. So the guy said "I'll make a new one for you". And he did, and after he handed the new cup to the woman, she took it, along with the old cup, and left the shop. Super ganas. o_o Her face tells you that she has already planned this, tested it, to get two cups of frap for the price of one. The staff could only just shake his head.

Friday, I was supposed to have a student council meeting. Let's just say I failed. Super hard... .___. I went to college later anyway to meet up with my Anime Society. I spent 3 hours watching them play Call of Duty! Unbelievable. o_o Later was our club meeting, and we visited Little Akiba! It's just down the road from McD, and it's a haven for otaku's with random anime merchandises, Trading Card Games, and a collection of manga available.

And a big appeal to the guys, too. We scared... D:

The owhsm thing during the meeting was when Ju-sensei started talking about Final Fantasy Type-0, and her plans of cosplaying along with two other people. I was curious, so I had to check it out.

Characters of FFT-0!

The game was originally named Final Fantasy XIII Agito, and has been in production for YEARS now. And so they decided to release it only for the PSP as Final Fantasy Type 0! We started discussing about all the characters, their names, their weapons, and a very possible big group cosplay. I got super excited! We talked about it passionately, dragged in more people into our cause...

And now, I have decided to cosplay Sice. lD

Badass character is badass

Watch and tell me it's owhsm!

For the next few days, I was oogling at pictures of all the characters, pointing out the little details, discussing about how we could make our cosplay group better... we now have a full cast! And we're all from Taylor's Anime Society (some from Lakeside)! It's super owhsm, and I can't wait! :3 It's fun too because we are all from the same club, with the same passion, and we could share our interest together. And now we are also helping each other lose weight, haha. And hopefully make props together in the future too!

I love my Anime Society. I don't care what sort of label it gives me, because it probably isn't true anyway. I just know I love Anime, Manga, Games and Cosplay. :3

After more heart to heart talk with my fellow "Otaku" at Face to Face, I went to Swea Ching's house for TDC programmer's meeting. In the end, it was sort-of-not-so-but-still productive. xD But I would say, bonding time is always good time.

And we talked till midnight :O

Saturday was supposed to be Trial Run of games for camp at the temple, plus production day. I went there for awhile, then ended up leaving for Taylor's Lakeside to attend Melissa's service! She's doing Hospitality now, so there's this waiter/cooking thingy by students, so they have to invite their friends and relatives to come and be customers at their "restaurants". And of course, I'm obliged to go. :3

Went with Anthea!

It was funny seeing how they work. Our waiter looked really nervous, he moved really slowly, had problems serving us the buns. They say for good waiters, you don't notice them work at all. Anthea and I saw everything he did. o_o But we had a fun time talking and gossiping and empty chatting and doing random stuff. We are Anthea+Suzanne after all, we are the definition of awesome. xD Ant+Shu = AUTOFUN.


Some Tomato Salad (their menu was written in French)

Poisson-- wha? (It just means fish :P)
The lemon slice is super cute!

The food wasn't too shabby! Probably because we were talking a lot too. :P We realized how much redundancy there is to fine dining. First, the waiters have this cloth they place over their hands and hold on to dear life but they never use it clean anything. It just... hangs. Cuz it's illogical that way. Then they have so many different sizes of utensils used for different parts of the meal. Later, they keep some of those utensils and replace them with a few others, depending on what you were going to eat (which was kinda funny, because there was only one course on the menu - I don't have a choice in what I eat dammit! D: Which also meant they already knew what utensils I needed...).

We bugged our waiter about which knife is for what and everything. And sadly enough, we were wrongly informed. D: I even double checked with him, asking "so we use the utensils from outside to inside?" Well we GOT CHEATED. We used the larger fork and butter-ish knife for our appetizers. Melissa swung by and she was shaking her head at us desperately, making crosses with her arms and mouthing "wrong knife"! I looked over at Anthea. We stun. o__o Melissa was the manager, so we called her over for an explanation. THE WAITER CHEATED US.

I'm never trusting knives any more. It's all your fork. D:

We spent a long time there because we were waiting for Melissa to be done too so that we could follow Mellie's mum's car home.

This is how you fail a pufferfish C:

I got back to the temple pretty late. I managed to run through a little of my game, then we just chilled around until dinner time. We went to F1, some Chinese eatery famous for fish head, and I had a lot of surprises there. First, I saw Zhao De, one of our TDC12 participants. Then I saw Ying Ning! I'm not sure if I saw anyone else I knew, but I definitely saw some of my old schoolmates, including Jer Cherng, whose birthday was that day. I went towards him to give him a greeting and hug, but well... let's say it was an awkward moment after that. 8D"

Happy TDC Family!

Next day, Sunday, spent time with my TDC13 family again, hehe. It was supposed to be shopping day, but I overslept. lD Debbie and I met up with everyone else at D'Lot for the YS Appreciation Luncheon.

Happy YS Family!

After that, we had more camp meeting, cleaning up the room, doing work etc. etc. Next few days just went by like a flash. Tuesday, I went to KCBA, our campsite, to clean up the place. I already felt as if I had one day at camp before camp even started. D: So much hard work scrubbing and sweeping and mopping around! ;w; Wednesday was pre-camp already. Packed my stuff and leave home for 5 days!

The rest... will be documented in the TDC13 post. 8D

Quote of the Day: "Those in the ninja world who break the rules are scum, that's true...but those who abandon their friends...are even lower than scum." - Hatake Kakashi, Naruto

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