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Pre-C2AGE & C2AGE 2011!

Here's the pre-C2AGE post! All my cosplay preparations before C2AGE 2011 on 21 May. :3

First of all, Tuesday (17 May) was Wesak Day. I intended to spend my time at the temple but I was waaaay too tired to get up. And so, I didnt. lD What I did do was my pleated skirt for cosplay! (previous work-in-progress for those who missed my last blogpost)

Meet Orihime from Bleach! I am doing this version with Anthea.

Straight lines for my pleated skirt! HAH!
(thank goodness for L rulers!)

I was watching the pleated skirt tutorial on Youtube while I worked.
(Click here for the helpful tutorial!)

I got the waistband fixed on during my second night of work!
(notice my laptop at the back. Work+play = procrastinator :D)

Had to find out how the zipper foot works.
And I got it! :D

Casualty from stitching D:

Sewing the zipper came at the price of two needles. I broke two needles. ;_; I sew them nicely, but when I go into reverse stitch, the needles just had to poke the hard part of the zipper. And die. *emos*

On Thursday, I was supposed to do hardcore sewing on my skirt, then finish up some sewing thing Dhurga asked me to help with, then make my leek plushie as a prop (I hate not having something to carry while cosplaying). After class at 3pm, I had to wait for Anthea to go to Sunway Pyramid to buy our "school blouse" for cosplay. She finished at 4.30pm. We waited till 5.30pm. We got there around 6pm-ish. In the end, I wasted lots of hours, but I didn't get anything from Pyramid. D: Slaved on my sewing when I got home.


I was supposed to finish up sewing Dhurga's stuff by the next day, but it was already midnight when I finished my pleated skirt. I passed her back her unfinished pants because the Anime Society was supposed to cosplay on Friday to get more people to go to C2AGE, as our seniors/Lakeside people were going to perform there. By the time I got home, it was 6pm-ish.


I was Skyping with Anthea while we rushed our stuff! I moved Volvo upstairs so I can do my work at the comforts of my room. I was doing Dhurga's pants thingay and Anthea was finishing up her skirt. Webcam iz sho funnnn.

It was already midnight when I finished Dhurga's pant's grey flap thingay

I was determined to make the leek plushie because I don't like cosplaying empty-handed, it makes me feel nekid. ;w; I needed some prop to hold on.

I'm sure you guys are wondering, why leek? Why Orihime? Isn't the character-holding leek Hatsune Miku?
Well, here's some educational information for you!


First of all, yes, Orihime appears with the leek right at her introduction in the early chapters of Bleach in 2001. In episode 2 of Bleach back in 2004, she performs a short act that later in 2006, became a meme known as the "Loituma Girl" or "Leek Spin".

It's an Anime/internet thing that a spinning leek became famous. Don't ask.

Hence! Orihime was actually the pioneer of leek spinning! A title that can never be taken away no matter how famous Hachune Miku is!

Click here to see the meme.
Click here for more background information on the meme.


Back to making my leek. 8D First, I google-d for references.

Google ish your good friend :3

I estimated the size of the leek by comparing it to scale. I used the white cloth from my Hannah and green cloth from my Leena. The green was kinda dark, but it works for the Bleach leek. The fabric was kinda silky-ish too, which makes cutting/drawing on the cloth a weeny bit harder.

I sew the white leek body
Proudly presenting the stuffing from last year's C2AGE! :D

At this point when the stuffings are in lumps, they kinda make the leek look it has tumours and cellulite lD

Kinda fail because it wasn't standing straight

While I was working on the leek,
what other good ways to motivate yourself than to put leekspin on loop?

After I was done, I slept pretty late. Got up early to pack my stuff. I tore open the leek to shorten it as it was too long, plus added a satay stick inside to reinforce it! I went to Anthea's house around 10am-ish to wait for Melissa's mum to pick us up. After picking us, and then Melissa, we headed off to...

C2AGE 2011 (22 May 2011)
Tropicana City Mall

I wore my wig on the car. All of us got some make up prepared before we got into the mall.

Fashionably late!

We got there around 11-ish and were pretty late, but we still had to spend another hour in the toilet for our make up. I took out my Adult Grey lens, the one that were discoloured because it was too obvious. ;w; Put on my Old Adult Blue lens instead, which thankfully looks pretty grey and that fits Orihime. Anthea and Melissa put on crazy fake lashes and mine pales in comparison to theirs. owo I finally gotten my brown Japanese school shoes! They are so pretty and they fit nicely! After we got everything done, out into the world we went!

Top view of the event!

I only got the backshot of this car - the spoilers read C2AGE!

There was a lot more visitors+cosplayers here this year than before. It's good to see that the event is growing! (it is now a 2-day event too) I went around the event floor with my partner, Rukia! We make a pretty hax duo. 8D We snapped quite a lot of pictures, and proceed to camwhore with said cosplayers, hehe!


RO Hunter!

RO Sniper!
(I was super excited seeing the RO cosplayers! Chased them like mad C:)

Owhsm Ichigo and Soi Fon!

Bleach Camho time!

With Kurosaki-kun!
(Rukia doesn't want me in the frame D:)

Ulquiorra! :3


Rukia and her Rukia clones! Three of them in all and fortunately, their costumes didn't clash!
Orihime had no clones though, muahahaha.

Orihime and Miku: Loituma Girls! xD

Rukia so kyute! Stay away from teh No Face! D:

After that, I ran off for lunch with the Taylor's Anime Society! We had a large group there, including those from Lakeside, but since I was moving with Rukia, I didn't spend much time with them. Had some laughs while I was at it.

Lunch with Taylor's Anime Society!

Never miss a chance to smile at the camera! ;)


The Lakeside people bought large-sized Fairy Tail themed poker cards!

Orihime approves Kuroshits

La Corda D'oro!
I went back to the event after lunch

Chia Mei!

Kikuzakura! So kyute! :3

A pair of owhsm Vampire Knight cosplayers - make up does wonders
The Kaname gives me chills with his stare ;w;

Huge Fairy Tail group!

Then Rukia and I got snapped more. Height difference teehee.
(Rukia's sketches FTW! I need my own too. :3)

More nice shots

Have you heard of a Freeze? This has been done several times at different conventions where those who are let in on the secret would freeze and not do anything (although many still cannot resist the urge to talk and move *coughantheacough*) on cue. It's supposed to make spectators who are unaware to be surprised and shocked by what's happening. We were supposed to Freeze around 3pm-ish, but it didn't happen and there was something going on at the stage area. After resting for awhile, a Matsumoto asked us to gather around the event area to prepare for the freeze. Before we got to the centre, our cue, the Nyan Cat song was playing.

First, you MUST know what the Nyan Cat is. Or you must've been living under a stone. It's basically a meme made out of a pop-tart cat that is spewing rainbows and it just loops along with the Nyan Nyan Nyan song. It's kinda like how the Leekspin happened. Don't ask, just know. 8D

So, me, Jane and Anthea froze wherever we were at that point. Jane and especially Anthea were still talking-ish. The music in the background bothered me since it was pretty loud and indiscreet for a freeze. A freeze was supposed to be a sudden thing that looks casual and not planned, especially the poses, but most cosplayers still pose for a freeze.

Anyhow! Just as I thought the freeze and Nyan Cat playing was the only thing that was happening, I was wrong.

Jane: Oh no, we're standing in the way of that thing.
Me: *mumble through gritted* We shouldn't move or talk. What thing--? OH MY GOD.

C2AGE 2011 Grand Freeze

Watch closely for the rainbow running across the screen. And you can see all the still people amongst the moving crowd.

I think the Nyan Cat definitely stole the attention away from the Freeze. But good stuff! xD After the freeze, we (me, Anthea, Melissa, Jane, Celine and others) met up. We were joined by Michelle and Mel's friend Victoria, who's now my friend too! Later, we went to lunch because they haven't eaten yet, and it was already fast approaching 4pm. I just tagged along.

Group shot!

At some Japanese restaurant, I didn't order anything. I just leek-ed around. :3

After that, me and Anthea kidnapped Victoria around for a mini photoshoot with my fake-DSLR! It wasn't anything professional, but at least we captured some pretty decent shots to remind us of our owhsmness at C2AGE. 8D We found some nice area that had this metal bar thingy against the brick walls, then we went outside the Mall where it was raining, but there was this pretty cool escalator area.

LOTS of pictures here!

On deviantART! :3

You can see our owhsm school bags here. deviantART!
Last frame: The Spirits are always with YOUUUU! BOHAHAHAHAHA! 8D

My emo faisu lD

The awesome set-up - you probably can't tell this was outside Kenny Roger's!
(my deviantART!)

Pretty Rukia!

FTW Rukia

srz biznez Rukia

I was trying to make a GIF of my leekspin.
It's still in editing process. Will put it up when I'm done.

Emo stare in the rain shot (deviantART!)

Wai hello thar!

We can has Batman!

Moustache FTW!

Shortey :P

Okay, srz shot plz

More shots!

Nice shot, bad lighting

We went back into the Mall because Victoria had to leave. Plus the rain started to pour heavier than before. We went inside and took more pictures of ourselves, hehe. (should've warned you at the start of the post that this is mostly just of me and Anthea, teehee!)

Tricky lighting, but it works!

Leek munch

Mel and Celine as characters from Shiki

Anthea's crazy hax lenses + fake lashes + make up!

Plain me ;w;

We went for dinner later (we sound like we eat a lot, haha). Since we were all still in cosplay with our crazy eye-catching wig, we grabbed ALOT of attention. Especially when we walked into Esquire Kitchen. Should look at the faces of the patrons there. Entertaining. :P

What you looking at? o_O

And that's the end of our owhsmtastic day out! I only went for Day 1 because the Monday after that was my semester exams. Already I spent so much time the past two weeks doing Teacher's Day and my cosplay stuff, so I had to say no to everything on Sunday so that I'd have more time to do my revision.

C2AGE and all its preparation has reignited my cosplay passions! Going to do more research on my characters, and work really hard to construct my costumes on my own! (I still need to rely a little on tailors and others at this point ;w;) After C2AGE, I did a lot of photo editing, which let me analyse my photos a bit, did some TaoBao searching, planning for future events, ogling at other cosplay pictures, and understood the importance of crazy make up in cosplay, especially when it's in the photo. ;w;

Yes, I am going to strive more for cosplay! (which reminds me of the "cosplay plans" post that has yet to be updated in forever, hehe)

Bai-bai to you!

Quote of the Day: "We have walked through the darkness of this world, that's why we are able to see even a sliver of light." - Gaara, Naruto

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