Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reverse and Sports Day!

Whoop, I haven't updated on Theme Tuesdays for two weeks now. Here's a joint feature for last week and this week's themes!

Something looks reversed here...

And it's time to gear up! :3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend of High School Reminiscence

Last weekend was a lot of time spent with my high school friends. We celebrated Debbie's belated birthday on 23 July, visited Yu Qing on her birthday too. The next day was SMK USJ 13's excellence award ceremony, and at night I attended Jer Cherng's farewell party.

Warning: this post is packed with photos! It's a little lengthy, but definitely not wordy.

 "Only awesome friends go out of their way to prank you. [less than 3]" - Anthea Hui
And get you loads of JunHyung's. o.o

Back to high school!

(omg yay first usage of jumpbreaks!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Circle Lenses!

Here's a list of the circle lenses I own and links to some pictures and review-ish!

Current Wears:

i.Fairy Moonlite - Blue (Repurchase! August 2017)
i.Fairy Avior - Blue (August 2017)
i.Fairy Jinnie - Grey (August 2017)
The Dolly Eye Twilight - Red (October 2017)
Cupid Mist - Green
Bella Bestcoser - Yellow (Unopened)


EOS V209LB Dolly Eye - Brown (October 2010)
EOS J203 New Adult (Blytheye) - Brown (March 2011)
The Dolly Eye Dreamy.i - Brown (March 2013)
i.Fairy Moonlite - Brown (September 2015)

EOS J203 New Adult (Blytheye) - Grey (Defective! :C)
EOS A3 (Princess Mimi/Bambi) - Grey (December 2011)
The Dolly Eye Blytheye (Adult) - Grey (December 2013)
Kimchi Bambi (Princess Mimi) - Grey (March 2015)

EOS E203 Old Adult - Blue (December 2010)
The Dolly Eye Sugar Candy - Blue (August 2011)
EOS G202 Candy (Barbie King Size) - Blue (November 2011 - Dried out D:)
Luxury Babe 03 - Blue (December 2012)
EOS Fay/Fairy - Blue (September 2014)
i.Fairy Moonlite - Blue (September 2015)

i.Fairy Hanabi - Red (October 2011)
Vassen Lollipop (Cara) - Red (November 2014)

The Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones - Green (December 2011)
EOS A3 (Princess Mimi/Bambi) - Green (December 2013)
The Dolly Eye Blytheye (Adult) - Green (December 2015)

EOS G208 Jewel (Sugar Candy) - Pink (December 2012)
i.Fairy Sakura (Sugar Candy) - Pink (September 2014)

EOS G205 Fairy/i.Fairy Ruby series
EOS Dolly+ series
Twilight series

Last updated 13 May 2018

Old Lenses Review

I figured that with my sudden craze for lenses, I should be documenting about them a bit. Just for the record, and if anyone else out there is facing the same problem as I am, deciding on what lenses to buy. :P

So here's an informal review! (no ratings or what not because I'm not so pro at this)

All my lenses are EOS brand, mostly bought from nurin lens. The prices there are rather cheap and reasonable. The only downside to her services is that she pre-orders are takes super. darn. long. .w. Expect lenses to come after 6-10 weeks.

EOS Dolly Eye Series (V209LB) - Brown
Price: RM25

My pretty Dolly Brown in my cute lens case!

Pika pika! (first time wearing lens so my eyes were teary)

As Road Kamelot :3

EOS Dolly lenses are just like any other dolly lenses. EOS lenses are always comfortable for me (I can wear them for a full day!). :3 The pupil hole is really small as compared to other lenses, but I don't really have much problems with my sight. The colour is really obvious and opaque, good for cosplaying evil characters (like Road!), guy characters. The outer dark circle is not too thick though. But as the colour pops right at your face this is definitely not a natural, daily lens. And although the colour is obvious, this brown is more of a yellowish hue. A dull yellow in fact. Most circle lens that are brown always turn out like this, so if you're looking for a natural brown lens, if it looks yellowish like this, it's not going to blend into the natural dark chocolate brown you expect. These can definitely pass as Twilight lenses. You know, like Edward Cullen when he's not hungry. lD

So in a nutshell, dolly lenses have obvious, popping colours that are good for cosplay. Some would call it "fake". I'd definitely say they don't look natural. (I never tried wearing these other than the two times I cosplayed last year) If you want a less freaky version of this, go for the New Adult series! :3

EOS (old) Adult Series (E-203) - Blue
Price: RM18+RM7 pos laju

Pretty lenses in the bottle!

Jeng jeng jeng

Lens vs. no lens! (night time with light)

Both eyes in daylight, indoors

Close up on one eye!

From far, indoor lighting

Old adult lenses' colours cheat people. The blue looks purple/gray, green looks blue, gray looks blue, and yadayada. The colours are unreliable, but they are really pretty! These blue lenses look icy, blue/lavender/gray all at the same time. It's really natural and my friends said that it looks good on me. These can pass as a casual, daily lens. :3 I use these for cosplay too, but if you want obvious colours, especially an obvious blue, you don't want these. The design looks just like the New Adult Lens/Blytheye, except that they are less obvious, and the outer black rims are well, not black.

So yeah, I love the colour, and this is ftw for natural lens! I do wear this for cosplay though, and I think these are fine. But the colour is not prominent on photos unless close up, or with bright lighting. They look pretty in real life. :3

Oh yay I did a lens review-ish! lD Enjoy and I hope this helps some people out there who are indecisive about lenses. (I am a huge indecisive decider in all things that require money C:) Currently I'm thinking of buying two more pairs (or more) and I can't decide! lD I know they are rather cheap for a whole year usage, but I wouldn't want to splurge too much on them too...

Anyone interested to buy a pair of Blytheye Grey (-1.25/-1.25) from me? ;w;

Quote of the Day: "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. " - Henry Ellis

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

I missed Bon Odori last year because I had a family emergency where I had to return back to Malacca. I managed to follow the Taylor's Anime Society bus this year to the event! Instead of hitching my dad's car and meeting up my cosplay friends there, I was going to Bon Odori with my college friends, including a couple of classmates whom I've succeeded in dragging along. :3 The best thing is, it was finally the occasion for me to wear my birthday Yukata!

I had zero idea on how to wear it. Thank goodness Belinda helped me with it! Soon, we got on the bus and left for Stadium Matsushita.

I'm obsessed with those frames. But obviously, yukata + frames do not match lD

It was fun being in the traditional Japanese outfit at a Japanese cultural event! I felt like I fit in. :3 I spent most of my time at Bon Odori with my G9 classmates - Sunny, Beng Hsuen, Yi Wei. The four of us met up with Kaoru and Emily who were already there. Kaoru was so pretty in her Yukata and her clip-on wig! :3 We picnic-ed with her family and friends on a mat under the Panasonic clock. All of us went shopping at the stalls later!


Omnomnom green tea ice cream

The stage and the crowd!

IIDAKO. I just had to have 'em. :3

Yi Wei and me! Dango and Kaoru's mum's homemade sushi! (she's so sweet, she made sushi for all of us :3)

Sunny spent crazy loads of money at Bon Odori. lD I was kinda disappointed that they don't sell those water balloons anymore. I always bought those and hung them to my hand, just so. :P (because I'm a kid whee) I hardly had time to say hi to any of my cosplayer friends, nor did I see many of them to start with. I had tons of fun here and there, although my yukata keeps getting dirty and the obi doesn't seem tight enough (a Japanese lady sneaked up behind me and helped me adjust my obi sometime during the event owo) and my geta was too small so it hurts. I have scabs on each feet! They look like eyes on my feet now, haha. I had tons of fun throughout the event, but it's hard to explain what I did, because we didn't do much, except for random talks and food moments and dancing. It's just always a pleasure to be with your friends. :3

I met Michelle though! :3

Not forgetting sex bomb JIANJIANJIANJIAN and Shu-Mei :3

Dancing session! :3

Wild random dancing from the girls
(That's Nana and her Korean friend on the left :3)

Big group of Nihonjin!

Group picture!

Me and Kaoru's oka-san. She's so friendly!




I found two more cosplay friends at the end of the event! ;w; Wasted sobsob.

And Melissa too! Kyaaaa!

Group picture of Taylor's Anime Society, Subang + Lakeside

And the Subang Jaya peeps decided to form a train back to the bus.
While cheering "Taylor's"! o_o *hides face*

On the bus waving goodbye to the Lakeside peeps!
Gosh, the people here were rather crazy. lD

So that was my Bon Odori! I would've loved meeting up with more of my cosplayer friends and others (didn't get to bump into Jasmine!), but I enjoyed myself thoroughly. :3 Yukata yay! If only there was more opportunities to wear it. I had fun being in my pink yukata. xD

Quote of the Day: "I'll never allow him to be irreparably hurt. No matter how hopelessly broken he gets... I'll heal it all!" - Inoue Orihime, Bleach.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Open at the Close

Wheee, time to get back to my blogging spree! So much has happened the pass two weeks. I'll cover them in the jiffy, but my other backlogged stuff are going to be stuck there for a bit, ahaha... lD

As some might know, I used to be an avid Harry Potter fan. I started when Order of Phoenix was released. I was such a fanatic that I read HP Lexicon, copy down every single spell there is, and I was able to name them all, too. Spent all my time online role-playing as if I was a witch in Hogwarts. Finally the books were finished, and the only movie I watched in the cinema was the Prisoner of Azkaban. The last movie is here and I just must must watch it in the cinema to get my closure.

The Reader's Club of Taylor's College booked a whole theater in Sunway Pyramid last Friday for a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I wanted to go, but when I decided to, they only had tickets for Row A, where you have to crane your head, which sucks, so I didn't go. But by chance, one of the people I planned to join couldn't make it, and so they sold Ms. Low's ticket to me! And so on Friday, last minute, I joined the TAS gang after our meeting to Sunway Pyramid!


Nick doing some monkey dance o.o

After the usual lengthy debate of "Where to eat?"
I suggested Ole-Ole Bali and surprisingly, everyone said yes almost immediately!

Ju-sensei so kyute. xD

This fed all of us six. We ish cheapo kthxbai. lD

The money we saved went to good use


Look at teh owhsm frames us 3 girls found while the rest were buying popcorn!
We got it from *drumrolls* DAISO! For RM5. C:

The theater

Emo Nick

Wee-kun still had the time to play Assassin's Creed o_o

This was the first movie at the cinemas for me, for the year, haha. My last movie was Tangled, and that was just 1-out-of-3 movies I watched last year. lD Yes, I r sad when it comes to cinemas.

I felt so in touch with Harry Potter again! All the emotions, the plot, the characters... they were grabbing onto me so tightly. I loved the whole Snape flashback scene. All the pain and sadness contained inside, I felt it and I couldn't stop crying! ;w; The special effects used throughout the film was rather appropriate. I liked some of the interpretations in the movie, like the "afterlife station" scene, but some were a little bleh. There were a some awkward moments in the movie too. Didn't quite like how they chanced the Ron/Hermione kissing scene. And gosh, I didn't know they made Narcissa look that way! What's with the black streak of hair?

All in all, it was great for me, and finally, it was the end. And as the cheesy ending reads, "all is well".

Loving my frames to the max. I wear them all the time this week!

And lastly, before I end this, here's something I want to share! It's an amazing fan made musical that parodies Harry Potter! And it's so wonderfully done with over the top characters and owhsm music with hilarious lyrics. The acting and script is genius. And Harry Potter was acted by the Blaine from Glee. :P

Everyone should watch it plox! I'm already at A Very Potter Sequel. Gosh, Lucius Malfoy is so smexy. :P

See you peeps!

Quote of the Day: "Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic" - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Superhero Day!

There's still a lot that I want to blog about, and as usual, I'm busy with not enough time. That or while doing work, I always get distracted but new stuff. The hours I've spent on TV Tropes! (do not click unless you have 3 hours to spare) Ah... the internet.

Anyway, being back from the holidays, back from Melbourne, and done with our ESL Tutorials, we finally had the chance to go back to our Theme Tuesdays habit! Which is something all of us look forward to so so much. :3

Superhero Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday IX, 12 July 2011)

We are back, bigger and bolder. :P I loved the theme and was really looking forward to crazy costumes from everyone! I took really long deciding what I wanted to do. Yes, people would assume that I had the resources since I cosplay, but looking at all the characters I did, they were pretty normal, that or their costumes aren't really superhero-y. No costume? Suzanne should've had some weapon choices though! Looking back at Suzanne's characters, their weapons of choice were, in order, a huge shuriken, an umbrella with a pumpkin on it, candles, a pointy finger and a banner, a tuna, a frying pan, a gun, a leek and a pair of hairpins. Other than the shuriken, which is now fragile and too huge for transportation, and the gun, everything else is... questionable. lD

Since I didn't have much choices of clothes without going shopping, the only way I could stand out was with my wigs and probably some homemade stuff.
Some choices I had:
1. Blossom
2. Poison Ivy
3. Storm
4. Pirate/Thief/Zorro-ish character ala Mask*DeMasque or Juliet
5. Random kawaii Mahou Shoujo

I tested out my wigs at night. They were pretty, but I couldn't imagine having odd-coloured hair to college! Plus the horror of taking care of it for the whole day. All the tangles that could've happened... Besides, Blossom's outfit, although fully pink, still wasn't really superhero-ish. Vi Vianne suggested Poison Ivy because of my orange wig, which was an interesting choice, other than Rogue. I could use parcel strings and colour them green for vines, and make fake leaves out of paper, since I don't have real fake leaves. But I had nothing green to wear, at all! My other idea was borrowing Anthea's pink Knight of the Round cape, which could make a good Robin Hood in pink character. But it didn't work out. :C Besides, I didn't have any face mask other than a Jabbawockeez mask.

In the end, I went to sleep without a conclusion, and had to whip up something random when I woke up. Wore my brown wig with a random black dress and my super old boots from China, plus grabbed an hourglass and some thread. =w=

Door to Owhsmness
(literally, people crowd outside out classroom to see us. And they talk about C17 :P)

Got to class the earliest, as usual. Jian came in later. And Sunny a little after. They thought they came into the wrong class and that I was some stranger. :P Nice! Just what I wanted, since I fail the superhero part. lD Kaoru came and passed me the black cape I wanted to borrow (since the pink cape idea failed). Then I leveled up, by a bit.

My name is Time. And yours is running out.

Oh mai I look good with short brown hair... C: My idea was that I was some magician girl character. The deeper idea to it was that I am Time - the Grim Reaper's Daughter. And I bring people to Death. Of course, that was too much literature that I had to explain, but I liked the idea so... lD

"Shall I bring you to Death?"

This was the effect that I wanted to achieve, since it -was- a black, grim reaper-esque cape I was given to work with. lD So why not levitate an hourglass? As usual, it probably only looks and sound cool in my mind... ;__; Either way, I tried my best!

Everyone preparing for their look since we start 1 hour later

(they were aiming for Bomberman, actually :P)

Usual picture in LAN class!

Up against...


Super Jordy and Mermaid Brenda!

Walking off to lunch, Superhero Style :3
(with more gazes from the public of course)

I iz not amused

But she is!

Kirti Sparrow shares my thought - with much enthusiasm

Cyclops gets the ladies - Mother Nature and Ms. Cat!

Stripping off the make up makes the Indian more Indian, somehow... o.o

Kakkoii Kaoru as Pirate Prussia! :3

It didn't seem like a lot, but we had lots of fun! And I had fun wearing my wig and seeing the different expressions from others. It's funny how some commented that I look good in short hair, mum said I should cut mine like that. It's too drastic of a change me thinks. But yeah, I cheated quite some people, teehee.

I feel bad for cheating Ju-sensei (not so much for Lexie)

I joined a new club called SPACE (Stage Performing Arts Club for Entertainment). It was newly formed, and had their first meeting last week. I love Performing Arts, hence I went to check it out! It has potential, and doesn't look to shabby. But of course, you could tell some people love to take the spotlight more than the others (good way and bad way). My wig cheated them again, teehee. Although, at that time of the day, my wig was sliding off my head 2491402 times. Must be because my real hair is epicly thick.

Also, I've just started jogging again! On my own! Started on Sunday and I haven't fallen off the bandwagon yet (too early to fall off anyway). Hopefully this will continue and make a difference... Fang... *w* I'm watching Final Fantasy XIII as research for cosplay and to feed my Final Fantasy fanatic inside. I knew I wasn't going to get a PS3 or Xbox, or have time to play it, so hello YouTube!

Wow, this became quite a lengthy post, which of course, distracted me from some other work I was doing. lD (class video way past deadline! tsk tsk) Time waits for no Suzanne!

Quote of the Day: "All this dampness is damp." - Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII
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