Monday, July 25, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

I missed Bon Odori last year because I had a family emergency where I had to return back to Malacca. I managed to follow the Taylor's Anime Society bus this year to the event! Instead of hitching my dad's car and meeting up my cosplay friends there, I was going to Bon Odori with my college friends, including a couple of classmates whom I've succeeded in dragging along. :3 The best thing is, it was finally the occasion for me to wear my birthday Yukata!

I had zero idea on how to wear it. Thank goodness Belinda helped me with it! Soon, we got on the bus and left for Stadium Matsushita.

I'm obsessed with those frames. But obviously, yukata + frames do not match lD

It was fun being in the traditional Japanese outfit at a Japanese cultural event! I felt like I fit in. :3 I spent most of my time at Bon Odori with my G9 classmates - Sunny, Beng Hsuen, Yi Wei. The four of us met up with Kaoru and Emily who were already there. Kaoru was so pretty in her Yukata and her clip-on wig! :3 We picnic-ed with her family and friends on a mat under the Panasonic clock. All of us went shopping at the stalls later!


Omnomnom green tea ice cream

The stage and the crowd!

IIDAKO. I just had to have 'em. :3

Yi Wei and me! Dango and Kaoru's mum's homemade sushi! (she's so sweet, she made sushi for all of us :3)

Sunny spent crazy loads of money at Bon Odori. lD I was kinda disappointed that they don't sell those water balloons anymore. I always bought those and hung them to my hand, just so. :P (because I'm a kid whee) I hardly had time to say hi to any of my cosplayer friends, nor did I see many of them to start with. I had tons of fun here and there, although my yukata keeps getting dirty and the obi doesn't seem tight enough (a Japanese lady sneaked up behind me and helped me adjust my obi sometime during the event owo) and my geta was too small so it hurts. I have scabs on each feet! They look like eyes on my feet now, haha. I had tons of fun throughout the event, but it's hard to explain what I did, because we didn't do much, except for random talks and food moments and dancing. It's just always a pleasure to be with your friends. :3

I met Michelle though! :3

Not forgetting sex bomb JIANJIANJIANJIAN and Shu-Mei :3

Dancing session! :3

Wild random dancing from the girls
(That's Nana and her Korean friend on the left :3)

Big group of Nihonjin!

Group picture!

Me and Kaoru's oka-san. She's so friendly!




I found two more cosplay friends at the end of the event! ;w; Wasted sobsob.

And Melissa too! Kyaaaa!

Group picture of Taylor's Anime Society, Subang + Lakeside

And the Subang Jaya peeps decided to form a train back to the bus.
While cheering "Taylor's"! o_o *hides face*

On the bus waving goodbye to the Lakeside peeps!
Gosh, the people here were rather crazy. lD

So that was my Bon Odori! I would've loved meeting up with more of my cosplayer friends and others (didn't get to bump into Jasmine!), but I enjoyed myself thoroughly. :3 Yukata yay! If only there was more opportunities to wear it. I had fun being in my pink yukata. xD

Quote of the Day: "I'll never allow him to be irreparably hurt. No matter how hopelessly broken he gets... I'll heal it all!" - Inoue Orihime, Bleach.

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