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Weekend of High School Reminiscence

Last weekend was a lot of time spent with my high school friends. We celebrated Debbie's belated birthday on 23 July, visited Yu Qing on her birthday too. The next day was SMK USJ 13's excellence award ceremony, and at night I attended Jer Cherng's farewell party.

Warning: this post is packed with photos! It's a little lengthy, but definitely not wordy.

 "Only awesome friends go out of their way to prank you. [less than 3]" - Anthea Hui
And get you loads of JunHyung's. o.o

Back to high school!

(omg yay first usage of jumpbreaks!)

On Debbie's birthday last Wednesday, we didn't do anything for her as we were prepared for a belated celebration. Zoe rounded up some high school friends, and with a few cars, we started house hopping!

Everyone came to my house to standby!

After admiring the Jun Hyung cupcakes, we left from my home to Debbie's house in two cars. It was kinda dumb what happened - we parked right below Debbie's window and we hushed each other before stepping out of the car, yet the inevitable happened...

Door slam! And Debster peeks outside from her window. lD Lesson: Park away from the person's house! D:

Still, I'm sure we gave Debbie a great surprise!

It was sorta a high school reunion for us too :P

Group picture with me in it!

Nomnomnomz for all!


When you get bored, you kettlewhore! 8D (eets a reflective kettle yay!)


We ate, gossiped a lot, and since we are celebrating Debbie's birthday, we had to give in to her and watch her perform magic to all of us. Later, we played random games like "I Never"+"Fold" and the Question Game!

Aegyo Magician!

Girl power!

Later, we decided to visit Yu Qing, whose birthday was on that very Friday. Stephanie made an owhsm fake call to just to check if she was at home. xD Three cars and off we go! We sneaked outside her house as Stephanie ran in, before followed through. :P


And surprise!

We sat comfortably on the floor, and although we came uninvited,
Yu Qing's mum served us with food

The "pass the food on" thing sometimes never made sense.

Hipster glasses!

We played the Question Game, and the loser gets Fraped :P

It was close to 12am when we got back to Debbie's house. A handful of us continued to stay there as we waited for An Jie to come. More randomness ensued because there was still something else on the agenda...

My glasses rock lah

Covering my eyes because they were crazy red lD
(my lenses seem to kill me on birthdays!)

We finally got to eat Jun Hyung! 8D Well, he tasted sweet.

It was already pass 1am and I had to be in school by 8.30am-ish the next day! And my adult yellow lens were killing me. The only reason I stayed was because of the one surprise left on the agenda - Anthea Hui's arrival! Yes, she's coming back from the land of Sungai Petani! We told Deb she's not coming back, but in fact, she was stuck on a slow bus back to Subang at that moment. The whole week we managed to keep the secret, until Zoe almost gave it away. D:

"I can fetch him back then on the way pick up Anthea...."


"Haiyo! Why you talking about Anthea, Jen Sion lah!"

Anyhow, we managed to shock Debbie when I ran out to "grab a lens case from Zoe's car", allowed Anthea to enter, and pop her face right next to An Jie while Debbie was engrossed in her magic trick.

Happy stunned reaction


Wai hello! Tis is mai glasses.

And tis r mai braces!

More glasses pwnage!

Crashed and burned at 2am. It was raining in the morning and I got up to go to school for the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang! I had a red right eye too, and so many people asked about it, haha... Nevertheless, picture taking must go on!

The Chicken came to accompany his waifu. :P
You're in the wrong awards ceremony, dood!

Cina Gang with Miss Best SPM Student!

The Koperasi! Ahhh, memories~

Camwhore group pictures!


The young and pretty Pn. Tay!

Picture with the Choir peeps!

Choir performance! I missed singing with the choir. ;w;
(Rayhan wearing my glasses!)

With Rayhan! (and someone else's arm)

Anthea and her equally eccentric mum

Leaving the school in STAIL
(...I have no idea what was this)

It was fun meeting my high school peeps, and the teachers, and seeing what has been kicking there since we left. Oh, and I got best student for EST subject too! :3 Two certificates, plus straight A students get an 8GB thumbdrive. SYOK. After that, a few of us went to Sunway Pyramid  for a little fun. It's so convenient now that we have drivers among ourselves. xD

Elevator camwhore shot!

Ate at Wong Kok for this HUGE Birthday Milk Tea special!

My pork burger!


The only thing on the table without Cheese or Pork xD

We went walking around the mall and shopping for a bit. I was looking for new flats, but unfortunately they either look bad on my tan skin, make my feet look fatter, or look gorgeous but don't have my size! I iz disappoint. ;w;

We only spent about 3 hours there until Anthea left us for her college friends and we went home. The day wasn't over for me yet. I had a little nap and went to Jer Cherng's house at 8.30pm-ish for his farewell party. Jer Cherng with all his idiocy, unfortunately has been a friend of mine for almost 12 years now. He's the only guy who was in the same primary school, secondary school and college as me. Yes, although he's quite an ass most of the times, he's still a very close friend of mine.

I waited for more than an hour before he actually got home. Many of the boys from my high school were there too. There was only about 5 girls including myself there.

The Malaysia vs. Singapore match!
The guys very appropriately dressed in blue :P

BBQ Beef! So hard to get it cooked.
We would bite it and throw it back to the pit lD


Forgot to mention Eu Mun was there too!
We spent some time trying to name our primary school classmates, haha.

Wen Kah and I!

Hmm... I don't have one picture with JC at all. o_O Anyhow, I really wish him all the best in the US! He needs to learn how to be more tactful if he doesn't want to get bashed up.

Woooh so much backlogged stuff to write about. Theme Tuesday coming up next. lD

Quote of the Day: "Life is a whirpool of emotions we must sustain standing. To retreat from a battle does not mean a loss, means actually to get a better strategy for next assault. That is, of course, If we understand properly what a battle means, to each one of us." - Lyan Roberto de Cádiz

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