Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Open at the Close

Wheee, time to get back to my blogging spree! So much has happened the pass two weeks. I'll cover them in the jiffy, but my other backlogged stuff are going to be stuck there for a bit, ahaha... lD

As some might know, I used to be an avid Harry Potter fan. I started when Order of Phoenix was released. I was such a fanatic that I read HP Lexicon, copy down every single spell there is, and I was able to name them all, too. Spent all my time online role-playing as if I was a witch in Hogwarts. Finally the books were finished, and the only movie I watched in the cinema was the Prisoner of Azkaban. The last movie is here and I just must must watch it in the cinema to get my closure.

The Reader's Club of Taylor's College booked a whole theater in Sunway Pyramid last Friday for a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I wanted to go, but when I decided to, they only had tickets for Row A, where you have to crane your head, which sucks, so I didn't go. But by chance, one of the people I planned to join couldn't make it, and so they sold Ms. Low's ticket to me! And so on Friday, last minute, I joined the TAS gang after our meeting to Sunway Pyramid!


Nick doing some monkey dance o.o

After the usual lengthy debate of "Where to eat?"
I suggested Ole-Ole Bali and surprisingly, everyone said yes almost immediately!

Ju-sensei so kyute. xD

This fed all of us six. We ish cheapo kthxbai. lD

The money we saved went to good use


Look at teh owhsm frames us 3 girls found while the rest were buying popcorn!
We got it from *drumrolls* DAISO! For RM5. C:

The theater

Emo Nick

Wee-kun still had the time to play Assassin's Creed o_o

This was the first movie at the cinemas for me, for the year, haha. My last movie was Tangled, and that was just 1-out-of-3 movies I watched last year. lD Yes, I r sad when it comes to cinemas.

I felt so in touch with Harry Potter again! All the emotions, the plot, the characters... they were grabbing onto me so tightly. I loved the whole Snape flashback scene. All the pain and sadness contained inside, I felt it and I couldn't stop crying! ;w; The special effects used throughout the film was rather appropriate. I liked some of the interpretations in the movie, like the "afterlife station" scene, but some were a little bleh. There were a some awkward moments in the movie too. Didn't quite like how they chanced the Ron/Hermione kissing scene. And gosh, I didn't know they made Narcissa look that way! What's with the black streak of hair?

All in all, it was great for me, and finally, it was the end. And as the cheesy ending reads, "all is well".

Loving my frames to the max. I wear them all the time this week!

And lastly, before I end this, here's something I want to share! It's an amazing fan made musical that parodies Harry Potter! And it's so wonderfully done with over the top characters and owhsm music with hilarious lyrics. The acting and script is genius. And Harry Potter was acted by the Blaine from Glee. :P

Everyone should watch it plox! I'm already at A Very Potter Sequel. Gosh, Lucius Malfoy is so smexy. :P

See you peeps!

Quote of the Day: "Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic" - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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