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The (Not So) Long Awaited Update

Hello people! :3

It's been half a month since I last blogged. It's already July today! :O Haven't had an "off-time" in quite a while. I'm so sorry for not blogging! But zamagawd there's so much thing that happened it's so hard to sit down and talk about anything! Hopefully I'll be able to blaze through everything quickly. :X

Taylor's Open Day (11 & 12 June 2011)
Worked for Taylor's as a student helper. I eat refreshments, sit in the Lecture Theater, talk to people, and get paid. :P It was rather fun as I chit-chat with the other student helpers, and met Mr. Singh, this super funny CPU lecturer. He gave us a 30 minutes lecture on computer development thingay. :P

Shu-Mei and Shu-Fei's Birthday at The Wheels (11 June 2011)
After working, I hitched a ride to Subang Avenue to celebrate Shu-Mei's birthday! Subang Avenue is a really new and quiet place. Went to the Disco Skating thingy. It was really fun! It was much like ice-skating actually. The twins had a lot of their friends there. The only ones from G9 there were me, Sunny, Sunil, Ashwin, Kirti, Serene. The others just came by abit to drop some presents, then left. I had fun. :3 But it was tiring the next day when I had to work again, ahaha.

Not the best picture, but one of the few group pictures we had

Formal Half, Preposterous Half Theme Day (14 June 2011)
G9 had our theme day again! It's been a long break for the holidays and exams, but we're back!

Look at the flowery asses!

Basically, we were to wear a formal top and informal/wild bottom. Turns out a lot of people wore floral patterns, which was kinda cute. :P

G9 and the Excaiting Theme Tuesday!

Sunny, the "Class Dancers" :P

Class Shot! :3

I missed White Day the week after that, boohoo. And the two weeks after that we had no Theme Days because of ESL presentation. :C

Taylor's Anime Society Meeting (14 June 2011)
Nothing very special, but I spent a long evening with my Anime Society! After my Student Council meeting, I ran off to the Storyteller Cafe opposite college to meet up with the Anime Society and the Lakeside peeps.

Mad had an amazing shave :O Can't stop touching it... *touch*

Ju-sensei and Dhurga-chan!

The Lakers (haha, geddit? 8D)

Jack's surprised face of win

Coconut and Banana Pancakes!

Our bad ass ex-kaichou :O

Went Mamak summore after that

I went for the meeting at 4pm-ish. Went home about 9pm. lD I love my Anime Society. :3

Melbourne Trip (15-22 June 2011)
3 days back to college and I fly off for a holiday! My family bought the AirAsia tickets back in August, so no choice. :P It was a really fun trip with different experiences! We weren't on any form of tour, we had to rent our own car, map out our journey, everything was self-planned. We went grocery shopping like a normal local and cooked dinner almost every day. This was my first trip to an "angmoh" country! I'll -try- my best to do a separate post on Melbourne, haha. lD

Leadership Camp (25 June 2011)
The SAM admins had a Leadership "Camp", or more like a "workshop day" thing, for all SAM class representatives and the Student Council. Of course, all these sort of "Leadership Camps" always get the suspicious eye from the people forced to join it. But I had fun during the short one day. Interacted with my other SAM course mates, spent time with my Student Council, learn some new stuff from the camp too.

On the first day of Council, the teachers gave to me
A freaking big party to plan.
On the second day of Council, Ms. Low gave to me,
Two performers list.

On the third day of Council, Pn. Zaidah gave to me,

Three interviewers.

On the fourth day of Council, Mr. Tsung gave to me,

Four constitutions.

On the fifth day of Council, Ms. Tan gave to me

Five hundred tickets.

On the sixth day of Council, Mr. Yong gave to me,

Six T-shirt designs.

On the seventh day of Council, Ms. Wong gave to me,
Seven miss calls.
On the eighth day of Council, Mr. Yap gave to me,
Eight large pizzas.
On the ninth day of Council, Mrs. Hoe gave to me,
Nine heart attacks.
On the tenth day of Council, Ms. Choo gave to me,
Ten charity shows.
On the eleventh day of Council, Mrs. Quek gave to me,
Eleven sandwiches.

On the twelfth day of Council, my council gave to me,
Truck loads of memories,
Eleven sandwiches,
Ten charity shows,
Nine heart attacks,
Eight large pizzas,
Seven miss calls,
Six T-shirt designs,
Five hundred tickets,
Four constitutions,
Three interviewers,
Two performers list,
And a freaking big party to plan.

- Twelve Days of  Student Council

(performed as our "Student Leaders" experience :P)

Funny shiz. C:

Oh, I wasn't really there, but I -have- to express my deep sadness of missing Cosfest X.1 in Singapore. The amount of owhsm cosplays! The cosplays -I- wanted to see! Ahhhh!

Isis from RO! Her tail is amazing. o_o And she made the costume in days!

Isis, Osiris and Banshee. It took 4 hours to wrap Osiris,
and the Banshee's dress and hairdo is so pretty. *w*

RO group! :3


Now I need to be more pwnage ;w;


Fran! So pwetty~

Hilda Touko/White

Zomg Digimon cosplay! Owhsmshiz! Angewomon! ;w;

The FFXIII-2 trailer was just out and here we have the new Lightning! :O

There's a lot more owhsm cosplayers, but I'm bias so I'm just posting up stuff that catches my eye. lD Oh, if you haven't known, for the first year this year, Malaysia will be joining the World Cosplay Summit, the Olympics of the Cosplay world! And it's our own Yuan and Sky! :D All the best to them!

As some of you may know, my dancing brother is an owhsm dancer, and now he's part of 8TV's Showdown with Elecoldxhot! You must must watch his performance. (go watch their other stuff too)

He's the so called "Taeyang" of Malaysia (except he doesn't sing). :P I Google my brother sometimes, and it's kinda funny to see what people write about him, haha. You must must vote for Elecoldxhot!

And today, Anthea just left for Kedah for her studies. 6 years in AIMST on her JPA Scholarship for Medicine. I'm gonna miss her! ;__;

Also, just announced yesterday...

Animangaki 2011 is on September 10-11! Sunway University's Anime Club's event! I've been to their past two events, for every day. I'll definitely go again this year. :3 I already got two cosplays that I'll probably do there, hopefully it'll be a success... knowing how busy I am and with my procrastination skills (and without Anthea). :O

A lot of other stuff have happened over the weeks, months... I'll get to talking about them soon, ahaha.

Quote of the Day: "To become a leader is to give up your right to think for yourself first" - John Maxwell

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