Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Lenses Review

I figured that with my sudden craze for lenses, I should be documenting about them a bit. Just for the record, and if anyone else out there is facing the same problem as I am, deciding on what lenses to buy. :P

So here's an informal review! (no ratings or what not because I'm not so pro at this)

All my lenses are EOS brand, mostly bought from nurin lens. The prices there are rather cheap and reasonable. The only downside to her services is that she pre-orders are takes super. darn. long. .w. Expect lenses to come after 6-10 weeks.

EOS Dolly Eye Series (V209LB) - Brown
Price: RM25

My pretty Dolly Brown in my cute lens case!

Pika pika! (first time wearing lens so my eyes were teary)

As Road Kamelot :3

EOS Dolly lenses are just like any other dolly lenses. EOS lenses are always comfortable for me (I can wear them for a full day!). :3 The pupil hole is really small as compared to other lenses, but I don't really have much problems with my sight. The colour is really obvious and opaque, good for cosplaying evil characters (like Road!), guy characters. The outer dark circle is not too thick though. But as the colour pops right at your face this is definitely not a natural, daily lens. And although the colour is obvious, this brown is more of a yellowish hue. A dull yellow in fact. Most circle lens that are brown always turn out like this, so if you're looking for a natural brown lens, if it looks yellowish like this, it's not going to blend into the natural dark chocolate brown you expect. These can definitely pass as Twilight lenses. You know, like Edward Cullen when he's not hungry. lD

So in a nutshell, dolly lenses have obvious, popping colours that are good for cosplay. Some would call it "fake". I'd definitely say they don't look natural. (I never tried wearing these other than the two times I cosplayed last year) If you want a less freaky version of this, go for the New Adult series! :3

EOS (old) Adult Series (E-203) - Blue
Price: RM18+RM7 pos laju

Pretty lenses in the bottle!

Jeng jeng jeng

Lens vs. no lens! (night time with light)

Both eyes in daylight, indoors

Close up on one eye!

From far, indoor lighting

Old adult lenses' colours cheat people. The blue looks purple/gray, green looks blue, gray looks blue, and yadayada. The colours are unreliable, but they are really pretty! These blue lenses look icy, blue/lavender/gray all at the same time. It's really natural and my friends said that it looks good on me. These can pass as a casual, daily lens. :3 I use these for cosplay too, but if you want obvious colours, especially an obvious blue, you don't want these. The design looks just like the New Adult Lens/Blytheye, except that they are less obvious, and the outer black rims are well, not black.

So yeah, I love the colour, and this is ftw for natural lens! I do wear this for cosplay though, and I think these are fine. But the colour is not prominent on photos unless close up, or with bright lighting. They look pretty in real life. :3

Oh yay I did a lens review-ish! lD Enjoy and I hope this helps some people out there who are indecisive about lenses. (I am a huge indecisive decider in all things that require money C:) Currently I'm thinking of buying two more pairs (or more) and I can't decide! lD I know they are rather cheap for a whole year usage, but I wouldn't want to splurge too much on them too...

Anyone interested to buy a pair of Blytheye Grey (-1.25/-1.25) from me? ;w;

Quote of the Day: "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. " - Henry Ellis

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