Sunday, August 28, 2011

BUSY (again)

I'm terribly sorry there hasn't been any decent blog update in a long time! It's mostly flooded by Theme Tuesday updates nowadays, haha.

What has happened the past month/why I was busy:
1. I watched AnoHana! SUPER OWHSM. ;w; (wanted to write a blogpost about it buuuut...)
2. The Taylor's Anime Society made Classroom Cafe our headquarters! (I'm there almost once or twice every week...)
3. I am haxpwn in boardgames. (except this week)
4. Worked for Taylor's again.
5. Farewell for Moy! ;w;
6. Karaoke at Lakeside with Mellie~
7. SUPAH BUSY WEEK THIS WEEK. (assignments, work, and Cosplay Cafe o_o)
9. Cosplayed
10. Splurged on lenses wheeeeeee.

Melissa made me watch AnoHana after one of our swimming sessions. 11 episodes and I looooved it! I was typing a blogpost to review it, but then I realized I wasn't very good at reviewing things. So it's just sitting and rotting in my archives.

Wonderful tear jerker ;w;

Lately, TAS has been treating Classroom Cafe as its home. The people there are friendly, we get food, we play boardgames, has unifi, and we make loooots of noise. C: I pwn everyone in Jungle Speed, and hax pwn in Bang! I hardly lost any game, and I was always sitting next to the sheriff. Otherwise I'm the sheriff. :D My first time, I was sitting next to sheriff Nick and I was the Outlaw with the skill of unlimited bangs. I had 3 bang cards, and when it was my turn I drew 2 more. Let's just say I won the game shooting him 5 times in just the second move of our first game. lD Outlaw again and I slaughtered Isaac, ohohoho~ The next time we played, I was the unstoppable sheriff. Had all sorts of defense possible, they couldn't touch me. :P

Brought my YS gang after eating at the Hungry Hog's for Moy's farewell (leaving for US to study! :C) Had an epic round as the renegade! I thought it was going to be tough to win, but somehow I tricked Debbie and everyone thought I was the Deputy Sheriff. o_o When the good guys killed Debbie off and I found out I was the bad guy, epic moment. xD I lost to the sheriff though, was low on HP. therefore low on cards. :C

Dixit! Simple game of storytelling, but fun indeed xD

Celebrated Wee's birthday!

Zombie game time! I HAS POWER OF YOUUUTH!

What is this I don't even

Lakeside Anime Society had a karaoke session one evening, so I headed on over to join Melissa. It was fun to sing Japanese songs that you love with all your other Japanese enthusiasts. :3 Especially fun to be with Melissa. ^^ I attempted to memorize the lyrics to "Secret Base" from AnoHana. We ended up singing with lyrics, and we sung and English+Japanese version of 1000 Words too! Imagine the English and Japanese lyrics overlapping. Fun. :D We sung Vandread's Trust, Saiyuki's Alone and some other stuff too. ^^

The Karaoke session!

Dennis (not the dancing brother) in pink xD

My lovely Mellie!
(you can see me in Type-0 outfit behind :3)

Speaking of my Type-0 outfit, it finally arrived! Enoch cheated me, saying that the costumes are only coming on the 25th (a day before my Cosplay Cafe). Well, it's here! I love it! Sadly, it's really tight, and my skirt is freaking short. I guess it's a sign to get me to lose some weight... .w.

Mel and I!
(supposedly schoolboy!Alois and sensei!Hannah)

I can't exactly remember what happened the following week... But the next week, which was this week, was crazy hectic. First of all, there was the conclusion for my Moral assignment, the presentation and the report (which everyone just love 99% plagiarizing again, to leave the paraphrasing job to me). There's our Moral Finals, and Maths class test. Then my Physics teacher had to drop the bomb, to inform us that our Investigations Summary (which was left in the closet since April) was due that week. Then I only found out on Wednesday that the "summary" was actually THE FINAL REPORT. Hyperventilate plox! In between all these, I had to settle the Cosplay Cafe stuff - the finer details, menu, food stuff, promotion, yada yada... (more details later) It was a crazy week - I slept around 2am almost everyday this week, but somehow I was more attentive in class than usual... lD

Anyway, Cosplay Cafe is over! There's gonna be a big update ahead. Just need to wait for the photos, and I'm really disappointed that I left my camera at home during the event. :C It's the holidays now, too! So yay for slacking! And Anthea is back in town! LOVE.

So please do wait for my later blogposts, which should cover most of what I listed down at the start of this post. Hehe.

Quote of the Day: "You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for." - Sylar, Heroes.

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