Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cultural Day

Here's another Theme Tuesday update! Finally I had the chance to draw from the bag of themes, since it was my theme last week. I drew...

Cultural Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XII, 2 August 2011)

It was Vivianne's theme. Immediately, my choices were pretty obvious: yukata! I don't really have any other costumes like cheongsam's or sari's. A baju kurung maybe, but that's just cultural suicide. lD My yukata was the best bet, and I wouldn't have any other occasions to wear it anyway, so here we go!

Everyone was well-dressed and made a lot of effort for this theme. :3

The really owhsm G9!

The Chinese

The Indians

The Malays

The not so Chinese Asians!

America and the Middle East? :O

Click here for more pictures!

I still can't wear it on my own lD

Sunny needed help too
(he was wearing Kaoru's brother's yukata!)

More international assistance :P

The Japanese!

The ladies!

Kawaii posuuu

A very appropriate meal, Brenda-shi!

Camwhore teehee

A gift to Datuk Kirti xD

Wai I no can has abacus? :C

Kaoru and me :3

Emily and me!

Sexy back!

Oh mai! What's happening here? :O SCANDAL.

Some odd Cina-Melayu hybrid

Taking pictures with Mr. John, because we can! :3

People ask me if it was hot inside, but it's actually pretty cold with the air-cond and all! The slits does nothing to protect me from it. But under the sun, yes, I start melting, especially around the obi.

A lot of other classes started to adopt the "theme" idea. But still, we're the only class doing it religiously. And big. :3 My theme got picked again for next week TEEHEEHEE.

Now I'm having a dilemma on what to dress as, haha.

Oh, and Happy Ramadhan!

Quote of the Day: "Simply having rules does not change the things that people want to do. You have to change incentives." - Jimmy Wales

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