Sunday, August 28, 2011

Emo Cosplay Cafe Shiz

Finally, the Cosplay Cafe is over. Before I do a detailed update on what's happening, here are some stuff I need to let out.

It's been a month or so since I suggested the idea of having a Cosplay Cafe. Almost immediately, everyone took it in, and decided to make me the head of it (along with Alex).
So first of all, thank you, TAS, for believing in me, for giving me the opportunity. I never thought I could deliver.
I'm sorry if I offended any of you, or tried to boss you guys around, or seem like an ass for details, or looked plain dumb when I was lost and didn't know what to do. I'm sorry for dumping you guys at the first few hours of the Cafe, and leaving all of you clueless. I should've gave better instructions. ;w;

To Andy for giving me this job.

To Ju-sensei for letting me hitch a ride multiple times, and helping me take off some load

To Alex, my partner-in-crime who worked hard in the wet kitchen

To Crystal, who done so much for the posters, decorations... even though she's not officially in TAS Subang Jaya anymore.

To Dhurga, for being there every step of the way, the menu, the service, the pudding, everything.

To Wee-kun, for handling the money, the proposal, the printing... for being the handyman in everything. Sorry for abusing you (and making you worry so much!) and I hope your parents aren't too mad. ._.

To Isaac-kun, for joining our family and helping us in many ways. The cooking, the shopping. Sorry about your saman. D:

To Alicia and Vanessa, for jumping right in to help us right after your trials, the owhsm efficiency of your work!

To Irfan, who took it upon himself to "stalk" everyone to see what's going on - your initiative makes me crai. ;w;

To Mad, who helped with all the sound system, the logistics, and our cooking day.

To BK, for supporting us all the way, and being a great help at cooking day and in the kitchen.

To Nick, whom we stole many hours of sleep from, and saved the kitchen and the day.

To Enoch, who helped Class Zero with our outfits, and supported us in promotion and assistance.

To the oldies - Er Whey, Yash... - for volunteering to help, and giving words of support.

To Keen, although it was your last day with us, you still sat and help at the receptionist. All the best in Canada!

To Kevin, for rearranging our orders and helping at the receptionist too, and being the annoying outsider who invades our meetings. :P

To the Lakeside people - Dennis, Jun Ee, Atticus... - for supporting and promoting the event, although we couldn't give all of you our best services! ;w;

To everyone who volunteered to help out: the cosplayers - Sue-sensei, Sze Lan, Clara, Florance, Yi Wei, Kaoru, Nana, Way Way, Belinda; the helpers - Teena, Chloe. Thanks for for making our event more successful and colourful.

To Min and Charlie, for lending us the polaroid camera and board games (and cafe for meetings), respectively.

To all our customers, especially those who waited so patiently

To everyone else I forgot to mention, I'm sorry it was unintentional! D:

Thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this an owhsm one. I never regret doing this, even through all the stress and depressions and what-nots. I survived because I had you.

Quote of the Day: "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Annonymous

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