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Troll Anime Society!

It was a craaaaazy Friday.

I had lots of assessments this week. Mostly Maths stuff. And then there was the ECA Recruitment Drive happening on Friday, where the Taylor's Anime Society decided to perform at again! So we had to practice our dances within a week. Love & Joy again and Luka Luka Night Fever! Stayed back almost everyday for various meetings as usual, on top of that, dance practices.

In a nutshell, what I did on Friday:
Learn Luka Luka Night Fever, Biology practical report, Maths Class Test 3, more dance practice, cosplay, perform on stage, TAS meeting, Classroom Cafe outing!

Presenting the Taylor's Anime Society!

More pictures from this Friday.

So, it was Friday, and I have -yet- to even learn any bit of Luka Luka Night Fever... lD We haven't had a full practice with everyone either! orz So we to meet in college early in the morning for dance practice! Ju-sensei fetched me from my house at 5.50am. o_o I haven't left home for school or anything other than going to the airport/Melaka so early in the morning since my primary school days! The traffic was a wonderful sight. xD And so we got to college and it was drizzling.

We practiced at the staff lounge (IT SMELLS WORST THAN SUBWAY).
The teachers coming in did double takes, of course :P

I went on for my assessments for two hours, then I had to run off again. I had to skip English; I missed watching the endings to Blood Diamond and the Adjustment Bureau! :C My class watched these two movies for our Creative Writing that week, but we stopped at the cliffhangers to allow the writing of sequels. We were only allowed 300-400 words for Creative Writing! It was so hard to restrict our word count! D: I wrote a sequel to The Adjustment Bureau and was pretty happy with it. C: Read the sequel here!

11am+ : Last minute music mixing and practicing Luka Luka for me

We were at the CPU Building Boardroom until 12pm-ish but the music was barely done. I still couldn't memorize the whole dance either. And we haven't had a full practice with the group! The Recruitment Drive was supposed to start at 12pm, and only at that time we started dressing up and running back to the Main Campus. I was Road Kamelot again because it's the easiest to dance in. My characters either had really short skirt, or overly long skirts. :X Road was the only one where I could dance comfortably in, not wear a wig, and still look "out there". There was so much going on that day it was so messy: some classes were still on (mine included), dodgeball competition, recruitment drive and the Health Month closing ceremony.

Eventually, TAS got on stage for the opening act!

Dan Jo Dan Dan Jo Dan Jo! *air fists!*
(It's surprisingly catchy. o_o)

Still got time to pose for a picture before going on stage :P
(can you spot the lecturer(s)? :P)

Love & Joy!

Hands in the air~

I'm surprised the stage didn't crash - It was a tiny, flimsy, tall cube stage o_o

And finally... Luka Luka Night Fever!


If I can find the dance videos, I'll definitely post them up here.

I had so much fun dancing! And it wasn't just two or three of us! I screwed up a little of my dance steps, but all in all it was owhsm! To recap, I only started learning Luka Luka Night Fever at 6am+ and I'm performing it by 12pm+. lD Although my classmates were stuck in class (they were there supporting me for my last performance, love em!), there was a huge crowd cheering for us! Even Mrs. Hoe and the other admin staffs were there watching, although they had a meeting around the same time! I was so honoured and pleasantly surprised. :3 I'm sure this is not the last time you see TAS performing, we're hooked on dancing now, teehee!

After our performance, we chilled in the cafeteria where our booth was. We did our thing to pull in new members, and surprisingly, reception was good! Probably because we had more cosplayers to attract attention, and the boys were playing their card game, and I was playing Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailers on repeat, haha.

The booth and the people!

The kawaii Korean girl, Eun Bi
She was super enthusiastic about everything we had at the booth :D

I had a nice chit-chat with Ju-sensei, Sue-sensei, Ms. Wong and Dhurga. Random shiz and cosplay cafe! xD After lunch, we had our usual Friday meeting (interesting game from Irfan again) and we had 3 new members, who participated in our activities and wasn't frightened off, yay! After 5.30pm, we headed off to play some boardgames. Decided not to go to Meeples because apparently the service there sucked when they went last week. Instead, I brought them to the new boardgame cafe opposite the CPU Building.

Classroom Cafe!

We had a huge gang of 9, so normal boardgames wouldn't work. :C The owner suggested us some games and we were soon the loudest things there. So many trolololol moments! Good thing silence is prohibited in Classroom Cafe. :3 It's a really cool place! A classroom setting with classroom desks that you can scribble on. Simple layout, cozy atmosphere, friendly boss, it's our new hangout spot now. xD



We played Saboteur! You're either a Gold Digger, or a Saboteur blasting the tunnels to gold.
"Hi ho hi ho~ ...hey, haven't we dug through here already? o.o"

Irfan's crooked dick! :O

In the end, he won :O

We played Jungle Beat soon after. I kena bully! :C

Before leaving, we left our mark on the table!
(no pee involved)

The TAS table! :3

And one more thing to show that we were here!

I had an owhsmtastic day! I'm looking forward to spending more time with TAS and everyone's crazy antics! With the Cosplay Cafe creeping around the corner, we spend more time together and it's always a pleasure. ^^ I never regret joining TAS! I'll talk about the Cosplay Cafe once things seem more stable, ahahaha!

Quote of the Day: "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and above all, those who live without love." - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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