Thursday, September 22, 2011

College Update, FINALLY!


So, I had my SAM Trial exams. I seriously deprived myself of sleep a lot. lD Studied like crazy, but it hasn't been easy. Kinda disappointed with how I did in Physics and English. English. I freaking couldn't finish my English paper for the first time ever. Even back in High School when I didn't have enough time, I would still manage to write in the ending. I couldn't finish half my essay this time around. Darn. ._. I emo-ed for awhile, then I just realized that the English test wasn't assessed, haha. But at least, things were better with my Biology paper today. I think I did pretty well.

Since I'm on the subject of college now, I shall talk more about it. (Cosplay Cafe will come later!) First of all, two Theme Tuesday updates! Then the Guardian Angel thing and some other stuff!

Time to freshen up in college!

But we're gonna get down and dirtyyyy

And we had the license to go stalking people as "Guardian Angels"!


Bathroom Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XVI, 6 September 2011)

I was looking forward to this one! Lately, our themes were pretty low profile, but still fun. :3 (oh, but bathrobes were not low profile. At all. xD)

Me in mum's bathrobe! (it kinda looks like a Japanese yukata/nightrobe though)

I love her towel hat thing *w*

Shower time!

Ey, yo, Uncle Sunny!

Ashwin and me! His squeeze thing looks so colourful .w.

Kirti and his holey towel!
Do you spot two cameos? (Panda thingy and Sunny behind the hole, haha)

Somehow, the guys started having an obsession with Smurfs...
Oh look, the Smurf blends in with our theme!

Jian and ducky

The pretty ladies!

Sunny no gusta

Obligatory group pictar!

More pictures here.

Gangster Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XVII, 13 September 2011)

And the next is something super simple as well. GANGSTAHHHH.

Gangstah do Mathematics!

Sexy back!

Rawk on!


But we be friendly too! :3

My cute little cap. With Sunny sneaking up behind me.

Gangstah chicks!

And that is so not gangstah

Gangstah photobomb!

Gangstah class picture!

More pictures here.

So, that's pretty much it! Now it's study mode on for SAM-mies. Other than that one week where the Student Council organized a programme-wide Guardian Angel game! :D My Vice President, Victor, did all the arrangements while I was busy with the Cosplay Cafe. I'm so glad they were functioning even without me calling the shots. Proud of my Council. ;w;

So, about half of SAM participated in this, which was pretty awesome! We handed out the Angel-Mortal name list on Monday, and immediately, lots of talk and action happened. I felt pretty bad for the teachers, as it was two weeks before the trials, but the Student Council is distracting everyone from it with this. Throughout the whole week, a lot of stalking ensued, money spent on Mortals, and door-knocking class-disturbing moments. My Mortal was an acquaintance of mine, the Winanga-Li editor, Ellysha! I wasn't sure how should I "treat" her, so I made a new e-mail account to communicate with her, which in the end, I received no mails. :C I gave her Subway cookies on Tuesday though, ehehehe.

AND MY GUARDIAN ANGEL! Super efficient! Always giving me gifts in the morning before break times! I only gotten a gift with a short note each day, but it was good enough. ^^


My Wednesday Gift from the Guardian Angel :3

I decided to send my traditional "literal" gift to my Mortal. I sent a rock that read "You Rock"! And later, a lollipop that said "You Suck! (not figuratively, but literally, oh well you know what I mean)". :P Since I had Ellysha on Facebook, I checked out some of her interests so could work it to my advantage. Thursday, I gave her a ruler that said "You Rule!", and a note that said "It's going to be legend- wait for it..."

"...I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half is DAIRY!"
And I gave her Mocha coffee and chocolate. I rock lah. :P
(wish I took pictures of the gifts)

On the last day, my GA gave me this! And it was another acquaintance again! :O

So, Friday, the final day was revealing day. I didn't know what other "literal" gifts to give my Mortal (because she twitted that her "guardian angel has the same sense of humour as me. Ace." :P) Then I finally had a struck of owhsm inspiration.

Yes, it's cheesecake.

At 1pm, we had more than half of the Lecture Theater 1 filled for the GA Revealing, which was really simple, but went alright. I'm so glad we came up with this idea, and that everyone could enjoy themselves. At least the Student Council has left an impact, and they can't say we suck! :3

Forgot to also mention that Sam Corroboree (a.k.a Prom) is on 15 November! :3 I'm rather relieved that the Student Council's not in charge of organizing it... then at least I can enjoy myself then. ^^

Recently, I started reading some fan fictions again. Now I really miss writing. ;w; Seeing all the awesome writers, not only inspires me, but intimidates me. I really love writing, but I know my standards can't top a lot of people. Oh well, I'll see what I can do... I definitely would like to try NaNoWriMo again this year.

Quote of the Day: "Men that are trapped by the chains of "Maybe" ...can never reach their dreams!" - Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.

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