Friday, September 02, 2011

More G9 Tales

First of all, this is pretty old, but I did my class video for our "e-profile". And honestly, we rock, and I rock the most for being such a genius. :3

This post will include several other college/class-related updates:

Hawaiian Day

Face Paint Day

Pyjama Day once more?

More random shiz
(Ballons ftw!)

And bromance involved!

(Mostly just pictures ahead)

I'm not sure if I wrote about it here, but it took a lot of effort to make the class video above. My hard work, of course! Lots of recording required in between classes, and I think I was busy with some student council stuff too. I actually slacked a bit at one point, then Mrs. Kalpana had to show us G12's video. That's it lah, you haven't seen my hax potential. :3

Screening the video!
The class never gets bored looking themselves even after 982340 times. owo

Black and White :3

Also, some of us in the class were planning a flash mob, dance thingy, that was meant to promote our charity sales for our Moral project. The dance team stayed back many times after class to practice our moves - Kpop, hip hop and even b-boy. :P

Random webcam during one of our dance sessions

Another moment, with our dance boss :P

We're really close with our teachers too (most of them) and we get really friendly. For instance, what we did for Ms. Isabel! And later, for Ms. Rachel, after about two months of teaching us English, Ms. Sharon is finally coming back to her marketplace.

Brenda: "OH MAI. I wonder what is this doing here."
Best way to grab your teacher's attention to the quiet corner on her table and surprise her, lol

Ms. Isabel made us chocolate brownies to say thanks! :3
We her best, sweetest class lah xD

With Ms. Rachel, the first lecturer I met on day 1 :3

Now a quick Theme Tuesday update, as we didn't really took much pictures the last two Themes.

Hawaiian Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XIV, 16 August 2011)

Nothing big, but we still had lots of people snooping around our class and trying to peek in to see what we're doing. Here's the very few pictures I took that day!

Hawaiians spreading teh Moral message!

What joo looking at

Kaoru and meeee

The pretty gals

Our favourite Physics teacher!

Serene and Cat always embarrassing the sex bomb.
(OH LOOK. Me photobombed! :D)

Camwhooore. I had flowers on my head, and round both my wrists. :3
I even had the garland, but it was too much flowers. lD

The garland goes well on Kaoru though! :3


Face Paint Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XV, 23 August 2011)

We didn't go all out for this one. Face paint, you'd think we have colours all over our faces. Most of us went for temporary tattoos though (which were pretty!). Some of us went for real face paint. Minimal stuff though. But here it is!

The Blue peeps and the loser who did no face paint in between

Kaoru's owhsm spider and Shu-Mei, who went all out with the eyeshadow! :3

A more Indian taste to the theme

At Sky Village for lunch!

Kaoru and I. And my face paint that was supposed to look like the suites in cards.

3 Layer Tea and owhsm Cincau and Soya, sluuurp

Our birthday girl that day! Happy 18th, Emily!

And that was it for Theme Tuesday. :P The next one will be pretty epic though!

Forgot to mention that the week before holiday, the student affairs decided to "celebrate" Merdeka "week" by having all the students dress by "theme colours". It was nice to see that a lot of people participated! Like on Tuesday, when it was blue, the library looked significantly blue. On Wednesday, the college really stood out in yellow! Even the lecturers took part! Yeah, just thought it I should mention this. :P Friday was Traditional Costume, and I would've worn my Yukata, but unfortunately, it was Cosplay dressing for me! :P

And that wasn't the last "theme" dressing we did that week. On Wednesday, we did our Moral charity project thingy. And as a promotional method, we went with our first ever Theme Tuesday to remind people of the original "Pyjama Party People".


Sunny getting molested for his silky golden pyjama

Brenda planking and Kaoru's epic contrasting pyjama!

Unfortunately, I didn't take much pictures, so this is it! :X And this also ends my random update on college and my class! Stay tuned for updates on the Cosplay Cafe! ^^

Quote of the Day: "It takes a real storm in the average person's life to make him realize how much worrying he has done over the squalls." - Bruce Fairchild Barton

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