Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Intermission Again

Sorry for no new content! I've been uninspired to blog lately. Mostly because I haven't had the time, was busy with preparations of my finals, and while I'm free, I'm on Facebook, haha. And other times, I'm just lazing around or hanging out with my friends.

I know I was supposed to write about Animangaki, but my hard disk is not working! This, was my biggest bummer. :C Somehow, one day, my hard disk slipped out of my bag, out of its cover, and onto the floor. This was from chair-level. Since then, my hard disk cannot be detected by computers. The light would flash, the thing would still run with electricity, but the disk wasn't spinning! I haven't backed ANYTHING up in my hard disk, and that's sad considering I take lots of pictures, do lots of writing, all my college and high school work is in it. I'm quite a hoarder, be it virtual or real stuff. If my hard disk was gone, it's like losing a huge part of my college, high school and even primary school memories! GAAAAH! D: I have no idea what my dad did to it, but he tried to send it for repairs, and apparently, even after cutting poor Guak-Guak open, the data couldn't be recovered.


So yes. All mood is lost. :C I still won't face the fact that my hard disk is completely gone... I'm still bugging dad to do something about it... but ughhh... SAD. There's quite a lot of pictures on Facebook that I could still retrieve, but the size and quality would be bad, and there are my other collections (and camwhore pictures) that's hard to find. UGHHH SAD.

Yeah, so that's what's going on with me lately. The only other stuff I've been writing are some emo blogposts that are sitting in my drafts. A lot of emotions were flooding me lately, disappointment, frustration... so yesss... I had a full fruit diet last week, I -might- blog about it. And then it's also the last week of college this week! Unbelievable... Time flies.

So yessss. I'll try to post up some stuff. But if I do, don't count on it, as it might be just emo stuff. :P Cross your fingers that Guak-Guak will return! (then I'll post more substantial stuff!)


Quote of the Day: "You must not forget if that's an important memory to you... especially since when a person dies, he can only live in the memories of others..." - Takagi Wataru, Detective Conan.

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