Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Origins of Gula Melaka

I've mentioned this multiple times, but it hasn't been properly explained how my nickname, SugarGaL and later, Gula Melaka came about.

Why Sugar?

My Chinese name's "Shu Hui". So since I was little, my relatives and family friends would call me "Shu-ger", a play on my name and "girl". Eventually, Shu+girl = Sugar!
They still call me this even till today. Not all of them, but they still do. xD

Why SugarGaL?

Ragnarok Online came to Malaysia in 2003! I was 10, and I wanted to play it, but I needed a username. My cousin brother suggested using Sugar. But "Sugar" can't stand alone... so a random thought threw "Gal" behind "Sugar". (so now I am Shu-ger-ger!) And it stuck until today. Except that I capitalized "L" in case people couldn't tell. And that stuck too.

Why Gula Melaka?

20-07-2007, at Debbie's house for her birthday party. She was doing introductions. Somehow, something spurred her to dub me "Gula Melaka". I laughed so hard. It was totally true.

1. I'm SugarGaL
2. I'm from Melaka
3. I'm like the Gula Melaka (brown palm sugar)! I am sweet... and dark

So there you have it, the origins of my nicknames! I use other stuff like "Persephone" too, but mostly because it looks and sounds cool, hehehe... I really like Gula Melaka because of its deep meaning, but I think it's a bit too lengthy for normal usage. And it's very much an in-joke. xD

The end kthxbai.

Quote of the Day: "If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them." - Johnny Depp

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