Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Raya Update + Video Spazzm!

And Raya was a month ago. C:

I wanted to post more pictures about what I did during Raya. Then I just remembered that last week, my hard disk decided to commit suicide and now it's not working! DD: Dad hasn't fixed it yet, and a lot of pictures are in there, ughhhh.

But I thought, might as well post this up otherwise I'd never get it done, hahaha.

What I did for my Raya holiday: (27 August - 4 September)

  1. Celebrated Melissa's birthday!
    Went Sumo with Mel, Ant, Indi, Hapi and Kroduz. No, Sumo not the sport (*stares at Irfan*), but Sumo the Japanese restaurant at USJ9. Had a fun time analyzing Kro(zanne)'s sexuality and his crossdressing habits. :3 Didn't take much pictures, and whatever pictures I have is in my hard disk... orz

  2. Anthea's back in town! :D
    We went swimming on Sunday. Swimming, jacuzzi, steambath! Then I went back to her house, and it turned to a sleepover. C: Gossiped, cosplay-talk, stayed up late... Was supposed to go swimming again the next day, in the end we fail. xD

  3. Shopping!
    Went 1 Utama with Ant, Deb, Zoe, Anjie and Dhurga on Thursday. Went to Ant's house in the morning to play with makeup, hahaha. In the end, went shopping with my make up in tact. I hardly make up, so it felt a bit over the top for me as we were just going to 1U. I don't even put this much make up for cosplay sometimes! o_o Shopped for cosmetics! I bought a Kiss Me eyeliner and Cyber Colours Gemstone Liquid Foundation thingay.

    On teh car. Listening to K-pop!
    (bam ratatata tatatatata~)
  4. Anthea's Taiga Photoshoot!
    The next day, me and Melissa helped Anthea for her photoshoot! It's me and Mel's first saikang experience, and it's Anthea's first photoshoot! I actually have -some- pictures from the photoshoot, but we know Guak-Guak (my hard disk) is down, so we'll need to wait for that. :C
    We had A.R.C. for the photoshoot! Who happens to be Mel's "son". :P He's really friendly, and all in all, the experience was rather fun. ^^ Had Chatime and had fun "pearl-shooting", haha. Did a lot of random shiz. He hasn't uploaded the photos yet too, so we'll just have to wait...
And that was my Raya holidays! Hmmm, I wonder why I took so long to write this. o.o The week after that was Guardian Angel week, that weekend was Animangaki (so I had a lot of Cosplay stuff to worry about that week), and the week after that and after that, was my trials.

I will write about Animangaki and my Cosplay preparations next. Sorry for posting up lame, short blogposts with very little content in it! lD They're mostly for my own record. Hope you're still reading my page, haha. Because the "Like" button and chatbox are very lonely for a long time now!

Okay, I decided since I have so much space down here, I'm gonna toss in lots of random videos.

This is full of AWESOME. Lots of in-jokes for the Pokemon fans. :3

The first big trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0! First time I'm following a game's release so closely. Mostly because of my cosplay plans with Class Zero, hehe. :P

Super owhsm shiz. More in sight look of the game, and look at the all-star cast of voice actors! Daisuke Ono, Takahiro Sakurai (MY LOVE) and so many many smexy voices! Square-Enix and their owhsm power. They're really making Final Fantasy Type-0 a gem. :3

For a better view, watch the trailer on the Official Website. THIS IS EVEN MORE OWHSMNESS. I went nuts seeing all the new characters! It was really such a mindblast. Look at all the new seiyuu's! Ryotaro Okiayu, Akira Ishida! NOMNOMNOM.

Okay, spazzed enough. Toodles. :D

Quote of the Day: "Nothing to lose but my life... and I got that for free!" - Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI.

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