Monday, October 03, 2011

TAS Cosplay Cafe

(Photos courtesy of Nick's camera and Florance [and some of me])

The Taylor's Anime Society Cosplay Cafe!

Serving our customers with passion :3

This is a waaaaaay overdued post!

So, I raised the idea of the Cosplay Cafe to my Anime Society some time in July. I envisioned a Maid Cafe-style cafe, with Maid services, but with cosplayers as "Maids". I thought that it'll be an interesting project, and TAS did a small one a few years back too. The harmless and hopeful suggestion was taken in by my president, and more surprisingly, he made me lead the team for the event. o_o

Honestly, I was frightened. I didn't know whether to be excited and proud or intimidated and scared. I know I can be a leader, and I'm pretty good at giving feedback and spotting some stuff that are overlooked, but then when it comes leading stuff like events, I'll get overwhelmed and I can't keep track of what needs to be done. I took up the job anyway, and I was going to own it.

It was a long preparation process. Tried to rally for more help, got the TAS peeps behind my back. The only problem is, it was hard getting things done with a club that's very easily distracted (me included ^^"). The original date of the Cafe got postponed as we procrastinated a lot of stuff. Sometimes, there are moments where I get really frustrated, and I feel like I'm the only one who knows what's going on, the only one who cares, the only one who's worried about all the undone work (but we all know these "I feel/I think" only happens in your own mind...). About a week or so before the event, then only we were actually getting some work done.

It was a stressful week. Besides the Cafe, I had to do:
1. Physics Final Report
2. Moral Exams
3. Maths Directed Investigation
4. Maths, Bio and English work

Then for the Cafe, we had so much things to prepare:
1. Staff list (never really had a proper one...)
2. Menu (which wasn't confirmed till Monday, and was still being changed the night before)
3. Shopping (went on Tuesday! But we still made a lot more trips to various shops for more goods)
4. Service (had staff briefings on Wednesday and Thursday, which could've been more detailed...)
5. Cosplay (to actually be prepared with the costume takes some time too...)

I stayed back after college everyday, till at least 6pm (and way beyond for most days). It was the last stretch and finally everyone got down to business! And I really couldn't do it without them, because I was overthinking things, getting too worked up and worried, and I hero too much of the work from the start. ^^" Should've seen me running around the place with my zomgstfubbq face. o_o

Went "manly" shopping with Isaac and Alex on Tuesday :P

Food-prep on Thursday at Ju-sensei's place!
Initially, there was only me, Ju-sensei, Mad and Dhurga. Everyone else was still on campus.

Our first batch of sushi rice became porridge, so we tried to make it into dinner
(which in the end, wasn't very good and we didn't finish it ^^")

Mad working on the decorations

Much later at night, Nick, Isaac, BK joined us.
The amount of work we were doing.
Note the brown porridge at the far right, and the awesome pudding on the left!


Skyping with Weee!

Preparing the bentos

Blending the Oreos to make diiiirt for desseeeeert

"U WANT SAUSAGE?" *edges away from Isaac D:*
(Tried to make Tako Sausages, but the shape failed)

Mad tasting my Flowerpot Dessert (sans the flower!)
Apparently, it was AWESOME :3
(I just realized I never actually had a taste of my own creation...)


And we were there till 2am. Everyone was so exhausted and we had a long day ahead.
And I was freaking out, big time. .__.

Went home, had a short sleep, was up by 5am-ish to shower and pack up my stuff. I was carrying my sandwich toaster, Twister, cosplay stuff, and college stuff. Got to the Cafe, and so many things were still unprepared. Had to stay around (and skip Biology, MY FIRST TIME SKIPPING CLASS INTENTIONALLY D:) to make sure everything was heading the right direction, to spread out the job, which was really hard because we were college students, and we needed to go to classes, so we were low of staff in the morning, which made everything very messy and hard to start up. Before I left, Nick gave me a pat on the back, telling me he would take care of everything. I can't help it; I still worry.

When it was opening time at 10am, I headed back to the main campus for class. G9 said farewell to our replacement English teacher, Ms Rachel! I think I couldn't focus much during Chemistry... I was too distracted by the Cosplay Cafe. lD I even started doing my make-up in class while nothing was happening - poking on my contact lenses and applying my BB cream. My new Sugar Candy Blue lenses are so huge! You can't really see the colour because the design blends more with the iris, which is bad because my eyes are a dark tone of brown. In the end, it seems as if I was wearing enlarging black lenses. :P

And this is how ganas Sugar Candy looks on me
Makes me look yandere lD

Right after class at 1pm, I ran over to the CPU building as quick as I could, my adrenaline was already running before me. I first saw the Wet Kitchen on the ground floor- Alex, Nick, Isaac working hard on the food. Nick told me everything was running fine, and I had a stroke of excitement and nervousness and anticipation. Ran into the lift, found many people heading up to the 7th floor as well. Er Whey was carrying a plate of sandwich that was headed to the Cafe. Elevator "Ding!" and I saw my Cafe!

I found out later that the Cafe had to open at 11am for preparations. I was about to change into my costume and do my make-up when a flurry of people would run pass me, telling me to be quick, that things were hectic and crazy, that everything is messy. I didn't know what to think; Was the Cafe running well or bad while I was away? I felt kinda helpless and disappointed at myself because I couldn't be there to be "responsible" for the good and bad things that happened. I took quite a long while to change into Sice, and the Cafe took a break to rearrange all our orders as we had more customers than expected! A really good, and bad thing since we weren't really prepared. :P

We had to pay more attention to the food that our service didn't turn out to be what I hoped for. But it was good enough effort, we tried the power ups when we could afford to. When there were less customers, things were more manageable. But again, I couldn't comment much because I was mostly just helping out with the service and unfortunately, couldn't help with the kitchen.

Forgot to mention this was my first time debuting Sice with Class Zero!
Didn't have my white wig in time, so Hannah's wig had to do
(which most people thought was my real Sice wig anyway)

We shamelessly did an impromptu Love & Joy performance xD

Will and Charlie!
With the pretty flowers made by Crystal.
Which were used for the Flowerpot Desserts.
Which were a huge hit!

We trolled them with the Wasabi Roulette (a guessing game involving Wasabiiiii)
Pink dood at the back feels their pain xD

Trey serving the customers!

The Menu!
(my proud work of Photoshop :3)

Gaming corner :3

Our pretty cosplayers!
With only one section of the poster-covered wall. We had SO MANY of them.

Welcome to the battlefield!

Camwhore session after the end of the Cafe

Class Zero! (sans Trey)

The Staff!
(some kitchen people still not here though. looks like a harem... o_O)

(somehow we got into this pose soooo :3)

The girls had some fun with the food

A little too much maybe? o_o

Haven't seen someone eat before is it

Group shot again! (because we can!)

And as usual, after party in Classroom Cafe! :D

All in all, it was a great experience. It was a really crazy roller coaster ride of emotions, work and preparation (or lack of preparation). I'm glad I took up the job, as I've learn a lot from it. The one thing I regret was that I didn't play the role as the motivator. I was so focused on the event, I forgot that I was leading the event, I forgot that everyone was leaning on me to push them through. I was too comfortable and used to receiving support in other events since I was always the follower... With the preparation we put in, we actually did really well! But of course, we could've done better, and had less stress too. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes. That's what second chances are for right? :3 I won't be in Taylor's to see it happen though. But I do hope I can somehow contribute to whatever TAS might want to do in the future.

Again, I can't stop saying that I couldn't have done this without TAS. I think this whole Cosplay Cafe thing really brought us close together. It's amazing how we've developed over the pass few months (but that would be a tale for another blogpost :P). I love them so much, and I'm so glad I've met them. TAS BANZAI! ^^

Quote of the Day: "You can't laugh at the same joke again and again, but why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again?" - Annonymous

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