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Animangaki 2011

Wooh, here comes the super epic backlogged post! It's been more than two months since. But for formalities sake, I'm gonna be blogging about Animangaki anyway!

After the Raya Holidays, I had about a week to prepare for Animangaki. On top of that, my trials begins the week after Animangaki. Epic timing and commitment.

Here's what I had to do in early September, leading up to Animangaki (12 September):
  1. Touch up on costume!
  2. Make owhsmshiz spear
  3. Prepare for cosplay competition
  4. Play Guardian Angels :X

I suddenly had a desire to join the cosplay competition at Animangaki. Usually, I'd only join the Comic Fiesta Group Competition. I suddenly thought, "Hey, why don't I take the challenge I join Animangaki's competition? I doesn't seem to tough anyway. (joo are sadly mistaken, Suzanne!)" And so I did! I managed to get Irfan to join me too. So yeah, we had to come up with the script (for a game that wasn't released yet!), and then record our voices, then practice for it - because I up for the challenge, wanting to do an action skit instead of my usual "comedy" ones.

Actually, the biggest mistake was being so overly ambitious. And procrastinating, of course. I had one week of holidays to plan what I wanted to do. I left all work for the week itself and as usual, placed unnecessary stress on myself (then again, what's life without it? lD). Staying back after college, planning the skit, not being strict enough... On top of that, I fell somewhat sick that week too! I only started getting materials for my scythe on Thursday (or was it Friday..?). Bottom line, it was lots of rush job that week.

Somehow, I was really blessed to have the support of my friends. Isaac was helping me tons with my scythe. I'm really bad at all these architecture/engineering/design part of propmaking. He gave me directions on how I should design the scythe and stuff. Will was pretty helpful with cutting the cardboard too! Nick provided the voice of the Narrator! Because I was facing some troubles, I couldn't do any of my scythe construction on Saturday (I had to study instead). Isaac took all my materials and did it on his own... ;w; I really don't know how else to say thank you! Even more so because he had trials coming up too. It was a mixed feeling of guilt and deep gratitude.

The super owhsm scythe

If only I had pictures to show of the Scythe WIP! I didn't take much pictures, and even if I did, they would've been lost with my hard disk. .w. Basically, we just drew out the shape of the scythe on this harder-than-mounting-board board, cut it out (it was REALLY HARD cutting it nicely). After that was all Isaac's hard work. Styrofoam pieces of the scythe was cut out to give definition to the scythe's blade. The handle of the scythe was a PVC pipe, with a wooden pole inside the hollow pipe to reinforce it and lengthen it. The boards and styrofoam pieces are taped together, then taped to the pole. The silver paint was sprayed on to the blades the day itself, ehehe... For a two day, last minute job, it was rather good (even getting props from another propmaker! :D [see what I did thar] )!

So! That was the construction of the scythe! Saturday, I was mostly working on fixing the skit audio, spraying Irfan's wig, and preparing other stuff. Saturday was Animangaki Day 1, but obviously, I couldn't afford to go. Saturday night, both me and Isaac had no sleep at all... srzly. .w. Early in the morning, me, Irfan and Isaac met up in college to finish up the scythe, and to rehearse our skit! We only left for Sunway University, along with Jules' car around 9am-ish. The scythe was quite a hassle to transport around, extending from the boot right up to the front seat (said car being a Myvi). Then again, we sorta made the scythe a little too long compared to what it should be... ^^"

We finally got to the event! I took about an hour getting changed and putting on my make up. I was pretty pleased with myself! Class Zero, although only just me, Jules, Isaac, Irfan and Jak, it was sort of our public debut! Final Fantasy Type-0, whee! (the game wasn't even out yet, at that time) I cosplayed No.6, the scythe-wielder, Sice. I wished I had gotten a more suitable wig, or at least had the time to style it. On top of that, I wish I had owhsm knee high boots! Anyways, here are some random pictures of my cosplay, and TAS!

TAS at Animangaki!

Class Zero epicness

More Class Zero epicness!
(the 5: Sice, Eight, Jack, Queen and King)

Can't get enough of it :3

Sice Solo Shot!

Royal Milk Tea on stage! :3 TAS Lakeside!

Camho with Hapiii~

There wasn't a lot of owhsm cosplays, actually (maybe they were hanging out outside the hall?) And for most of the event, I was busy over the Cosplay Competition. Irfan and I got on stage for our 2 minutes skit. The adrenaline kicked in, and our attacks were more ganas than our practices! We really got into the mood of the battle. Timing was a bit out, but still, pretty proud of our work! ^^
(not sure if the video or link works here!)

The stabbing moment

After that, all the participants had to pick out a card that had a "restriction" and "theme" in it, then we had to plan a new skit, to be performed about 2 hours later. We had to do a "free skit" (that's the worst thing you could give someone with a short deadline! D:) and we had to "use slang words like 'desu, kya, nyan...' ". I think I kinda pissed Irfan off a lot at this point... being distracted and indecisive and disapproving and stuff... ^^" We had help from the other TAS members, brainstorming on what to do. We had way too many ideas, but eventually we settled down on a parody of MMORPG's... of Ragnarok Online, more specifically.

Super random shiz! I felt really really sheepish after doing that! And I thought the crowd was quiet But apparently, quite a lot of people enjoyed it. xD And the crowd actually responded to our injokes, teehee.

So after that, we kinda just lazed around to wait for the results. Around 6pm-ish, the results were announced. Irfan and I won 1st runner up! Well, at least we had some sort of achievement after all that hard work! The prize wasn't much to bloat about though. :P After all that, we walked through the canopy walk and had dinner in Sunway Pyramid! While still in our uniform. And capes. Wahahaha! Everyone was staring at us, especially at Ichiban Ramen. I forgot that I left my eyebrows white, ehehe... We were at Pyramid until 9pm-ish. It was a good meal and time well spent with TAS. Not to mention it was the day where they noticed Isaac's assets too, haha.

So yeah, that was Animangaki 2011! It was mostly about the rush job, the cosplay competition and TAS. I did speak to the other cosplayers, met some old friends and hung out with Melissa and the others too. All in all, I was pretty happy about what I did for Animangaki, but I'm sure it was quite a trauma for some of us because of the last minuteness, ehehe... Anyhow, I had fun!

Before I end, here's the video by Studio Omoshiroi of the cosplayers at Animangaki.

Next on my backlog list seems to be lens pictars and cosplay plans... oh well, we'll see about that. Meanwhile, I'll be going back to Taylor's starting tomorrow to work for the Marketing department! I'll definitely blog soon!

Again, last but not least...

Quote of the Day: "I wouldn't know the motives for a person killing a person, but as far as helping a person is concerned, why should there be a logical mind?" - Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan.

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  1. Otsukaresama deshita on the job well done for AMG. I was glad to have been able to help with the skit. XD I think at that time I was playing way too much RO... XD


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