Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Part Time Job Number 2!

SACE was over, I'm not studying currently, I've spent a valuable November with TAS and December is approaching. While waiting for my university offer, which the earliest intake will only be in March/April, the most obvious thing to do is to get a part time job! And so I did! No, not Sushi King again. Since I finished SACE exams, my SAM principal, has been asking me if I wanted a job. I agreed, and immediately I received a call from Ms. Ooi of the Marketing and Communication Department. I was hired to do Communications work, which includes writing, editing, data entry, web upload, photography, taking calls, making powerpoint presentations and many more! Not too shabby, sounds like stuff that I could handle. :3 Oddly enough, when all my friends (SAM, Jules...) left Taylor's, I'm the only one who went back instead to start working there, haha. For now, it's only for two weeks! But I probably can extend the job if I like to, and if they still want/need me. :3

At the moment, I was only hired for two weeks. I had no work on Monday, since it was a public holiday (I actually went to college that morning though... trolled...). So on Tuesday, 29 November, I woke up early and got to college by 7.40am! My work hours was supposed to be 9am-6pm, but I had to follow my dad to work, so I had no choice. Spent all extra time on the computer at the library!

So, I got to work! The office is behind the receptionist at the Placement Centre. Met my boss, Ms. Ooi who got me comfortable at the office. I was given a square table as my workspace! And I got a company Dell laptop to do my work on to. When Ai Jou arrived, she started giving me tasks. What I do mostly is to read articles written by other people on events and stuff at Taylor's. I would be like an editor, checking out for errors, correct format, and concising them. The edited work goes to two different media - the e-News and the Taylor's website. I have to screen through pictures and pick out nice ones for the photo gallery to. And put captions to them. Sounds easy but it's not! It's harder to pick out the important points and change the info because I didn't experience what the writers did. At this point, my ESL skills really came in handy. :P Other than that, I would help Ai Jou do some proof reading, or scan some stuff at the printer. Thankfully, I wasn't made into a slave or an office lady, as the others teased me about. xD The people at the Marketing department were really friendly! There was Ms. Ooi, Ai Jou, Elaine, Raymond. Then I met the often-missing Vincent today, and Sam will be returning to the office tomorrow. Also, another intern will be joining us next week! Today, Ai Jou made me hot chocolate too! Kinda fun at the office, feel like I belong there. ^^

Lunch break was around 12 - 2pm, but it was pretty much very flexible. Ai Jou and Ms. Ooi invited me to lunch on two different occasions! But I had lunch with Alex, and then BK. :P When I was bored, I'd go visit Ms. Wong at her office too! Sometimes I'd start snoozing off... probably from staring at too much text and pictures at one time. I wish I brought more snacks and stuff. Today, Isaac ninja-ed into the office, asked for me, dumped a cup of bubble tea and ninja-ed off. So sweet. xD

It's only day 2, and it's a pretty fun experience! I haven't been doing much different tasks, but still, since it involves words and typing and some creativity (and free time on Facebook, whee!), I'm pretty contented. Ai Jou has just gave me new assignments for next week - writing 5 different articles for the Taylor's website! Woohoo! Since most of the articles are from my point of view, and is about my experience in Taylor's, I would probably include the extended version of those articles here at my blog, ehehehe... It's nice that most of what I'm doing are editorial and journalism stuff - these are things that I somewhat enjoy doing!

Now I have to sleep early so that I won't go fishing at work! I'll update more on my job soon. Toodles!

Quote of the Day: "Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

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  1. Glad you're enjoying yourself!! :) Work is amazing when you enjoy it! I hope that you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your working term! :) Working with TC is quite a privilege too! :)


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