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2011 in a Nutshell

12 Months
365 Days
80 Blogposts

BEWARE. Big nutshell, long post ahead! Filled with pictures and videos and text. You have been warned. :D


Went to Rayhan's house for New Year's Celebration! (photos here)

Worked at Sushi King again in IOI during New Year's for two days with Anthea, Rayhan and Debbie! (photos here)

New phone - Samsung M7063 Beat DJ from the dancing brother! Finally somthing that's not hand-me-down. :D
Sleepover at Anthea's place for fun.
7: Registered for the South Australian Matriculation programme at Taylor's College Subang Jaya!

Shopping with Deb and Zoe in 1 Utama. Bought the owhsm water bottle that I'm using everyday till today.

19: First day in college! Later, I was moved into my new, permanent class, the epicly owhsm G9. :3

22: Supported SJBAYS at the Buddhist Fellowship Futsal tournament. Also went for YDC 19 reunion!


Happy Chinese New Year! :D Celebrated back in Melaka as usual! Won about RM60 from playing Mahjong with my relatives, ngahaha.

Then, celebrated CNY during the weekend with SJBAYS! Yee Sang on Friday, House Hopping on Saturday and CNY Carolling on Sunday! :3
CNY Celebration at Anthea's!
My missing IC from 2009 reappeared in my high school... o_o
Went for SAM Student Council interview. I was considered for President!

Campaigned for Student Council President. 3 day campaign! Had help from Anthea with the owhsm poster, and I walked into classes alone to introduce myself. I had a Facebook Page too. lD (I had a maximum of 327 likes at one time!)

Fraped for the first time by Anthea Hui. D:

18: First Taylor's Anime Society meeting of the year. I cosplayed! SO MUCH WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. lD

21: I was named Student Council President! :D I was going to be busy for 2 weeks+ for SAM Fiesta.
A photo that I submitted made it into The Star! Apparently my name is Shui Hui though. lD

27: SMK Tropicana's Cosplay and J+K Dance Competition. Danced Abracadabra with a few cosplay friends! Sorta cosplayed Orihime for the first time.
Met primary school English teacher, Ms. Chong, after 5 years of no news. o_o

28: En Lai's birthday celebration! Got to hang out with my high school friends again. :3 (photos here)
Started my Bubble Tea addiction. lD


First TDC13 meeting! Took up Security. :3

10: SAM Fiestaaa! Amazing performances, dance party, it was a success! First time speaking to SAM as their Student Council President.

Debbie hooked up with me, and two weeks later she dumped me. ;w;
15: Met up with Wai Hong and Wai Howe along with Anthea and Jasmine for lunch! Wai Howe was so Indian after NS it's funny. lD
Personal Development Plan advisor in college failed me! :C Only met him once the whole year, then he ninja-ed away.
Holiday from 17-25th!

My Lif homunculus on RO is now level 99. :P Yes, I still play RO.

23: SPM results released! Straight A's - 5A+ 5A! Went out with my lovely girl friends to celebrate. Japanese food and Baskin Robbins! (photos here)

24: Anthea's birthday! Celebrated at her house and had a dessert-come-dinner party. lD (photos here)

25-27: Attended HELPMUN conference! First time at a Model United Nations conference. I was the delegate of Madagascar! It was a fun and enlightening experience. :3 (photos here)


1: Small birthday celebration for Mad and Alex at the Anime Society meeting. Trolled everyone with an April Fool's prank. :3

2: Yee Suen's early birthday celebration! Hung out with my girls again! Crazy tons of hang outs with them lately. (photos here)

4: My 18th birthdaaaay! Had a party at home with some close high school friends. Nasi Lemak! It was an owhsm day. :3 I got a Yukata from everyone as a birthday present! (photos here and here)

8: Eldest brother surprised me with a belated birthday present. A LAPTOOOOP! Hihi AhDell! He so owhsm!
12: Went for JPA Scholarship interview! Wore baju kurung. lD I did pretty well (I believe) but I didn't get the scholarship. Sadz.
Skipped NS Batch 2, wahahaha...
Ms Isabel, our Chemistry teacher went on maternity leave! Mr Yap took over our class. lD
14-16: Lead Camp in college! Met all the other leaders in Taylor's.
I lost my Angeling plush keychain... ;___;

19: First ever G9 Theme Tuesday - Pyjama Day! (photos here)

21: March ECA Orientation and Recruitment Drive! Learned Love and Joy in a night, and performed that along with Hare Hare Yukai on stage. I wore of Road outfit!

22: Anime Society meeting - Cosplay 101 by me! We cosplayed for meeting again!

Nyan Cat took the world by storm some time in April...
23: Dropped by Zoe's house to surprise her on her Birthday Eve!

24: Went Shabu Shabu with the girls for Zoe's birthday! (photos here)
Bought Angry Birds plushies for my brothers
Got addicted to Plants vs. Zombies! Braaaains.

26: G9 Theme Tuesday II - Hat Day! (photos here)

29: G9's April Class Party at Catherine's house! (photos here and here)

I hax 0% plagiarism for my assignments. :3
Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.
Visited SMK USJ 13 again for the carnival!


Went to Guan's house for a TDC 13 committee hang out. We played Agricola and UMvC! And I got my hands on Pokemon Black and White! NGAHAHHAA.

3: G9 Theme Tuesday III - Emo Day! (photos here)
Went for Taymun's Interfaith Dialogue! Pretty nice forum.
I fell sick! :C

I played Ghost Trick. Awesome game... ;w;

Made a flowerpot dessert for my mum on Mother's Day. :3

10: G9 Theme Tuesday IV - Prom Day! (photos here)
Chatime opens in SS15! First time having Chatime, ADDICTIVEEE.

13: Celebrated Sarah's Birthday at Secret Recipe!

14: Playing make up and wigs with Anthea and Mellie. lD (photos here)

16: Organized SAM Teacher's Day Celebration! So much hard work in a week to get the T-shirts prepared for the teachers! (photos here)
Some classmates left for JPA Scholarship. Harmina and Mau Vern and Sunil! .w.
Sewed a pleated skirt for cosplaaay! I broke 2 needles on the way. 8D

19: G9 Theme Tuesday V - Moustache and Lipstick Day! (photos here)

20: Extra Theme! G9 Theme Tuesday VI - Nerd Day!
Made a leek in one night, 4 hours, for my Orihime cosplay, ngahaha.

21: C2AGE at Tropicana! Wheee! Cosplayed Bleach with Anthea, Orihime and Rukia! (deviantART picture here. more photos here and here)
Semester exams! ;w;

Bought my first Starbucks EVER (as in, first Starbucks I bought myself) with Jordy after our exams! Buy 1 free 1 nyeknyek. lD
Semester holidays!

27: Anime Society meeting in Little Akiba, where the idea of forming Class Zero - Final Fantasy Type-0 cosplay group, WAS BORN.
28: TDC Trial Run, went for Melissa's service with Anthea, and had dinner with my TDC family!

29: YS Appreciation lunch!


2-5: Teen Dhamma Camp 13 - I!
11-12: Worked in Taylor's for Open Day! All I did was talk in Lecture Theater 4. lD

11: Shu-Mei's birthday at The Wheels! Disco Skatiiing!
Back to college for Semester 2!
Ms Isabel came back, but Ms Jess, our Maths teacher left us. ;w; We got Ms Doh as our new Maths teacher. She is owhsmpossum.

14: G9 Theme Tuesday VII - Formal Half, Preposterous Half! (photos here)
14: Joint meeting with the Taylor's Anime Society Lakeside! The idea of Cosplay Cafe was spawned...

15-22: Melbourne trip with family + Carrie! First time in a "white" country, haha. Owhsm experience. ^^
Back to college after skipping a week. lD
25: SAM Lead Camp!


1: Went to Sunway Pyramid with Anthea, Melissa and Chia Mei before Anthea leaves for Kedah for studies! ;w;

2: TDC 13 Reunion!
Watched the whole playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII because I know I can't get a PS3 or Xbox. lD

6: Elecoldxhot won 8TV Showdown! Congrats to my dancing brother! :D

12: G9 Theme Tuesday IX - Superhero Day! (photos here)

Got my hands on Sony Vegas Pro! And produced an epic G9 class video! (which won the 3 Best Class Profile award!)
Cosplay Cafe was in progress!
TAS started playing RO, hahaha.

15: Went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 with TAS! So saaaad. SNAPEEE. ;w;

16: Bon Odoriii! With my classmates and TAS. :3 Wore my Yukata in public for the first time!

19: G9 Theme Tuesday X - Reverse Day! (photos here)

22: Did a birthday surprise for Debbie, then dropped by to wish Yuqing happy birthday, and Anthea came back from Kedah! :D (photos here)

23: Went back to SMK USJ 13 for Awards Ceremony. Then hung out in Pyramid with my high school friends! :3 (photos here)

26: G9 Theme Tuesday XI - Sports Day! (photos here)

29: Danced Love and Joy and Luka Night Fever (learn in the morning before performing!) at the July ECA Recruitment Drive! Later was club meeting, and our first time at Classroom Cafe! More to come in the future. =O (photos here)
Started swimming sessions with Melissa!

Melissa made me watch Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (aka Anohana). Glad I watched it. So saaaad. ;w;


2: G9 Theme Tuesday XII - Cultural Day! (photo here)

Did a Bio presentation about biodiversity in the rainforest! Spoke like the Crocodile Hunter. Crikey!
Observed my dentist at her work!
Worked for Taylor's again at SAM Info Day! All I had to do is talk, again. xD
Had a farewell dinner for Moy! We ate at Hungry Hogs and played at Classroom Cafe. :3
Malaysia's first time at World Cosplay Summit! :D

8: G9 Theme Tuesday XIII - Harry Potter Day! (photos here)
12: Went for a Karaoke Session in Lakeside with the Anime Society! :D Sang 1000 Words Jap+Eng version and Secret Base from Ano Hana. Phuuuun
Went back to Melaka.

16: G9 Theme Tuesday XIV - Hawaiian Day! (photos here)

Started playing Sims Social on Facebook. Zomg. (it didn't last long though!)
Melissa scared me with an evil Korean comic flash thingy. ;___;

23: G9 Theme Tuesday XV - Face Paint Day! (photos here)
Prepping for Cosplay Cafe at Jules' house!

26: We gave a farewell to Ms Rachel, who replaced Ms Sharon, our Englsih teacher while she was away on maternity leave!

26: Cosplay Cafe! My project, my baby! ;w; Also the first debut of Class Zero!
Raya holidays!

27: Melissa's birthday! Went to Sumo with her, Anthea, Indi, Hapi and Kroduz. :3
29: Went swimming with Anthea, then sleepover at her house! lD


1: Went 1Utama with Deb, Anthea, Zoe, Anjie and Dhurga. Bought a new eyeliner and foundation!
2: Anthea's Aisaka Taiga photoshoot in Taylor's Lakeside with Melissa and I as saikang and Alex as photographer!

Organized a programme-wide SAM Guardian Angel! My mortal was Ellysha and my GA was Shannen!
I fell sick again. ;__;

6: G9 Theme Tuesday XVI - Bathroom Day! (photos here)

11: Animangaki 2011! Insane last-minute prep work for my scythe and the skit recording. Class Zero appeared again and Irfan and I managed to snag 1st Runner Up for the Cosplay Duet!

Pizza party by Jules for TAS for our job well done in Cosplay Cafe!

13: G9 Theme Tuesday XVII - Gangster Day! (photos here)
Cleared 80 people off my Facebook list, muahahaha!
Trial exams! ;w;
Video Games Live cancelled their plans of coming to KL this year, NOOOOO.
TAS Dodgeball meeting. lD

27: G9 Theme Tuesday XVIII - Sunglasses Day! (photos here)
Dropped my hard disk and it stopped working, so it's gone along with my 100++ GBs of memory. ;w; Guak-Guaaaaak!
Got my mind somewhat occupied by someone. (not any longer!)


Got a custom laptop skin for my AhDell! :3
Invasion of 9gag... .___.
7: TAS Karaoke Session in Subang Jaya!
7: Celebrated Yang Yang's birthday. Met all my high school friends again!
Started a fruit-only diet for a week. o_o
Emo period around this time. .w.

Hax changed my name on Facebook. Suzanne Sugar Shortcake Yin! 8D The Sweet Sisterhood!
14: TAS Dancing lessons! Hare Hare Yukai! By yours truly. :3
15: Visited Nick's Cafe in KL with TAS!

16: World Food Day. Helped out with food packing for the needy along with TAS. Stop hunger now!
Played a first-person shooter for the first time. .w. Nauseous!

Last week of SAM! D: (photos here)
Had to start selling SAM T-shirts. On the last week of SAM. =w=
Chatime opens in First Subang! Bought 14 cups for my Student Council. :P

18: G9 Theme Tuesday XIX (Finale!) - Halloween Day! (photos here)

Final TAS Meeting! Had a Treasure Hunt, then spent time at Classroom Cafe taking owhsm shots. lD (photos here and here)
Spent more time with TAS. And study sessions with the TAS SAMies too!
Hung out with my high school girls! Ate so much dessert... lD
Helped Irfan make a Dango plushie!
28: Pizza Hut outing with TAS! Had a crazy session of "Time's Up!" later.
31: Baskin Robbins with TAS during one of our study sessions. lD


1: SACE exams start!
Started playing Pokemon FireRed with Isaac and Alex on LeafGreen. We had all 3 starters. lD

Gyakuten Saiban movie trailer woohoo! Epicness! :D
Got a cut on top of my old scar on my knee, at Snowflake. :C Second scar from Alex!

10: TAS Classroom Cafe outing! Where Jules dropped the bomb that she's leaving.

11-14: Trip to Singapore with TAS for Anime Festival Asia 2011! First time going overseas without my family, other than class trip. (Wee's photos: Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 3-2. Nick's photos: Part 1. Part 2. Day 3. Mel's photos: Day 1. Day 2. Day 3.)
Shook Kaname-sama and Usagi's hands! ZOMG SPAZZ.

Finally met Jin! And Tuxedo Team! Took pictars with them! Met Kaika and took a pictar with her! AND TUXEDO TEAM PHOTOBOMBED ME. *life is complete*
Met oversea cosplayers~ Miki and Ami from Philippines!

15: SAM Corroboree a.k.a Prom. My second and last speech as Student Council President! Bye bye SAM! (Wee's photos: Part 1. Part 2. Ben's photos: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Official Photos here.)

17: Celebrated Jules' Birthday! We (Me, Alex, Isaac, Irfan) surprised her at her door at midnight. xD Alex and I surprised her again in the morning, at the White Room.

18: Sunway Pyramid hang out with TAS! (photos here)
Went back to Melaka for my cousin brother's wedding!

Jules drew a chibi of me! As Mia. :D TAKE THAT!
Fell sick from emo-ing too much. lD
22: Nasi Lemak at my house with TAS! Wearing Yukata!
Went to Nick's Cafe again with Jules and Alex! Then dinner with Sue too!

24: TAS BBQ in USJ 16! (photos here)
Sleepover in Jules' house with Alex.

25: Student Development Centre Recognition Ceremony! TAS won Best Dressed Award! (deservingly too!) Had a fun time with TAS, went dinner. Last time I saw Jules before she left for Penang. ;w; (photos here)

26: My dancing brother, Dennis, with Elecoldxhot, won 1st Runner Up at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds in Sydney! Owhsmshiz. :D
27: Went temple for TQG after forever. Bought new heels and clothes. Was supposed to go Karaoke with high school friends but plan failed! ;w;
29: First day of work! At Taylor's College with the Marketing and Communications department!


1: Sent off Jules at the airport. All the best in the United States! (Wee's photos: Part 1. Part 2. More photos here.)
3: Karaoke with Rayhan, Jen Sion and Yaw Li in Newbox!
The TAS guys (Irfan, Alex, Isaac...) would be doing their props in college over the next few days. And accompanying me during lunch. ^^

Singing brother bought a flying shark. o_o
Went out on Sunday with Isaac, Crystal and Alex to prepare cosplay stuff! Bought the owhsm stone powder clay from Daiso, which helped me make sooo much accessories. *w*

Took one week off work just for cosplay. And so starts my 5 day chionging for my Fang costume! Worked on everything mostly on my own. So proud... ;w; (photos/construction notes here)
Pimple appeared on my nose, 4 days before Comic Fiesta. Great. D:
So much headaches to complete the skit and recording for my Final Fantasy XIII group! One of my most rush, most unprepared skit preparation. ;w;

17: COMIC FIESTA 2011! Appeared with my Final Fantasy XIII group. Went as Fang! :D

Joined the group competition with Lightning, Snow and Serah (Celine, Alex and Chia Mei).

Performed I Go Crazy Because of You by T-Ara and I Am The Best by 2NE1 with my dance group (Crazy Beat)!

Bought X-Note by Zeivaaaa! Owhsm game... ;w; Anoooon!

18: Comic Fiesta 2011 Day 2! I had to carry so many stuff - my Fang spear and Sice scythe! Biggest debut of TAS Class Zero, with weapons and all too! My FFXIII group won Best Cosplay Group too. My 4th win in a row! o_o (videos from Comic Fiesta here. Photos here.)

19: Final Fantasy XIII photoshoot with Lightning, Snow, Serah and Hope (who left early). Thanks to the Singaporean photographers, Brian and Anthony!
Went back for last 4 days of work!
21: Got a shock from my mediocre SAM results... ;w;
Failed in attempting to organize a surprise birthday party for Irfan...
23: Went to Jen Sion's Tang Yuen/Christmas party! Met more high school kiddos!

24-28: Youth Dhamma Camp 20 - The Dhamma Initiative! Owhsm camp with so many new experiences! (Yee Leong's Photos: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9.)

29: Ragnarok Online Photoshoot with me as Soul Linker and Anthea as High Priest! :3 Alex was our photographer and Adeline was our saikang. Made my Twin Bunnies headgear in 4 hours. Yay!

Took one whole day to scroll through my Facebook wall, to read about my 2011, and to blog this!
Going to Rayhan's house for New Year's Celebration again!

Thanks everyone for an owhsm 2011! I am grateful for everything I had this year! Welcome 2012! Let's have another owhsm one! :D


Quote of the Day: "So this is my life now. We travel from place to place, and the days just seem to fly by. But sometimes I find myself stopping… I’m listening for your whistle." - Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2

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