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Anime Festival Asia 2011! Day 1!

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Reports:
AFA Day 1 [11.11.11]
AFA Day 2 [12.11.11]
AFA Day 3 and Home [13.11.11]

I decided to blog about Anime Festival Asia anyway, teehee. Since I don't have enough time to finish this before I go off to camp, this is going to be in several parts...

This year, I decided that I was going to AFA 2011 in Singapore! It was supposed to be a trip with Anthea, in the end plan fail because Anthea is in paddyland. In the end, it was a trip with the Anime Society! It was right after my SACE exams, next day meet with TAS and the next day, it was Day 1! Wee, Irfan, Nick, BK and I were headed down to Singapore on Friday (11.11.11) by different modes of transport.

Wee and I decided to take lots of V-logs on our journey too. I'll post them up if they are not too embarrassing, and if I have the time. So if you see Youtube videos embedded throughout this blogpost, feel free to listen to Wee and I talk crap. And fail angle. lD

So, on Friday, I was travelling with Wee. We left at 10.45am from Holiday Villa on bus, and Alex even came by to send us off!

AFA... Here we come!

My travelling partner! :D

The First Coach bus. Comfy and spacy! It's from Holiday Villa to The Plaza, Singapore, about RM120+ to and fro. Supposed to have Video on Demand, but it fail not working!

Throughout the journey, we managed to entertain ourselves because First Coach had power sources, and I happened to have my phone charger on the bus, and the charger happened to fit Wee's phone! So we plugged it in and 3G alllll the way to Singapore! Facebooked, watched NCIS and other stuff.

When crossing the Malaysian immigration, I epic failed by pulling out my red note book instead of my red passport. |D Later at the Singaporean immigration, Wee and I forgot to fill in the arrival form thingy. Super blur shiz, both of us. orz

Random squealing as we cross the borders to Singapore. WATEEEEER.

Talking about our epic fail at the Singapore Immigration.

We arrived in Singapore at about 3-4pm! We walked through the shopping mall to Park Royal, where we asked for walking directions to Claremont Hotel on Serangoon Road where Wee's hotel is.

"You want to walk all the way there? Are you out of your mind?"

I guess we are. :X We gotten MRT in structions, so we started walking down the road! When we got to Bugis Junction, I decided that it wouldn't be too hard to walk all the way there. We didn't have maps, but it shouldn't be too tough!

We only had help from maps at bus stations. Where we are at the bottom, and where we're heading to at the top!

Our biggest mistake was not getting a proper map. Second unfortune was that no one knew where we were headed to, and they couldn't point us the right way. It was tiring lugging out bags through the streets of Singapore (luckily they had proper pedestrian paths) and figuring out how to get there with poor directions.

After about almost an hour, we reached Serangoon Road! Problem is, walking down the road, we couldn't find the hotel. Oddly, we spent most of our time not travelling, but mostly just being lost on the road where Wee's hotel is located.

At this point, we were sweating like crazy and Wee was getting frustrated.

We walked up, down, sideways of Serangoon Road, making calls to people to find out where we were. FRUSTRATING. Eventually, after asking another taxi driver, we walked all the way up Serangoon Road and realized we had the wrong address for the hotel, hence we were only lingering at the bottom part of the road...FAIL. ;___;

So, the supposed-to-be 30 minutes travel from The Plaza to Claremont Hotel became 2 hours! Wee dumped his stuff in the hotel then we left for my hotel in Conrad. We sat a taxi because we couldn't bear going through all the mess again. We'll figure out how to sit the MRT and walk next time.

Rant about the frustrating journey!

Extended rant because I was bored.

I was staying in Conrad Centennial with Melissa and her mum. It was an owhsm room! The hotel was really posh, and Melissa had an upgrade to executive suite because the other rooms were unavailable. Lucky! Poor Wee who's going to live in a tiny room with Irfan and BK. ;w; Melissa didn't waste any time to shove everything she done on Day 1 in my face! She met all the VIP's who came for AFA! And she took a picture with Kalafina, FLOW, and KANAMEEEE. She took a picture with KANAME hugging her! AHHHH. She got Curecards from KANAME and Usagi too! SOB. ;___; I JELLY.

The beautiful view from my hotel room!

Later, Wee and I walked over to Suntec Convention Centre, which is just a 5 minute walk away. There were loads of people there! Mostly because there was another convention on nearby. A digital and food fair! Wee and I surveyed the AFA convention area, then we went into the other fair to grab phood, hehe. Then we sat at a corner, vlogging and munching on phood while we wait for Nick, Irfan and BK to be done with their Miku concert!

Three items sold out. And this was only on Day 1...


The schedule! :3

At the Digital and Food fair. Look at happy Wee looking at happy video games!


We bought sausage, Japanese pizza, takoyaki and loh mai kai for dinnaah. Then we wait... and vlog...

Talking moar crap :D

Soon the other doods join us, and apparently they enjoyed the Miku concert very much! Nick lost his voice too, haha. And off to dinner/supper we went!

Christmas decorations up really early eh? o_o

At the Japanese restaurant!

Irfan's gg face after he nom-ed the mochi ice-cream :3

Irfan's okonomiyaki food thingay. Looks really owhsm *w*

Nick's dinner!

At the restaurant!

Went shopping for drinks and snacks. HOI IRFAN WHAT DOING YOU.

The doppelgangers racing on the escalators!

I don't think I'll have enough time to blog about Day 2 and Day 3. See you peeps soon. lD

Quote of the Day: "Do what you must do, the way you want to do it. Doors will always open themselves to those who do." - Braska, Final Fantasy X

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