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Final G9 Theme Tuesdays

It's been awhile since my last Theme Tuesday. This will be the last update on it! During the last two months, Theme Tuesdays was slowly decelerating to a break because of Trials and the Finals coming up. We weren't as crazy and spazzy (we even had a sort-of failure!) but in the end, we finished Theme Tuesday with a bang!

The things you can do with shades... :P

Beware the creatures of the night!

Sunglasses Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XVIII, 27 September 2011)

The Theme Tuesday bug was dwindling by this time. But sunglasses were easy to prepare! Still, not everyone wore them the whole time. I DID! I even walked to Subway with Sunny, and both of us were wearing them, liek a baws. xD People were staring at us one kind, haha. Anyhow, I didn't take any pictures unfortunately! But some of us girls played around on the Mac photo booth.

Shades in the classroom is totally acceptable, if you are G9 =)


Whut is going on here!

We so gangstah!

Should be flippin' those "2011" around...

Yes. That is all I have. ;w;

A week later was supposed to be "Pirate Day". I didn't have much to go with, but I lugged my accessories to college... and no one was dressed up... ;w; Sadly, it was a very crucial time where everyone was concentrated on the Finals. So in the end... "Pirate Day" never existed...

After some discussions, we decided that the following week will be our last theme day. We were debating between an epic old theme (like Emo Day, Harry Potter Day, Superhero Day...) or an epic new one! And so, we came up with...

Halloween Day! (G9 Theme Tuesday XIX, 18 October 2011)

To make sure that the theme was somewhat uniformed (since Halloween today is pretty much any costume at all), we agreed to do only "freaky" costumes, like witches, zombies and vampires. Since I just got my red lenses, I decided to open them! Since I have red eyes, I decided to be some sort of vampire. I didn't have any regal looking black dresses or what-not, so I opted for my usual Road Kamelot look, haha...

Doesn't mean it's any less fun or freaky :3

I spammed myself with the BB Cream and the powder, hehe! I'm probably a rare race of tan-skinned vampire. xD I bought fake fangs too! But they were bulky, uncomfortable, and weren't very impressive... =(

Zombification in progress!

More behind the scenes

Epic freaky Shu-Mei!

Imagine her walking across the street to lunch looking like that :3

The four dark girls...


Guess who?

MRS KALPANA! Even Ms Isabel got freaked out!

We asked all our teachers to join in the last Theme Tuesday. Only Mrs Kalpana dressed up. In the staff room too! PWNAGE!

We got Ms Isabel to take a picture with us anyway

And Ms Sharon!

GARR from me

Parading down the streets liek a baws!

We ate at Pontian (freaked the people there out!). Nice lighting for Pontianak camwhoring. :3

I camwhore everywhere at anytime anyway!

And moaaaar. (because I can!)

Cat and epic make up plus white lenses!

And lastly... Planking zombie, for the luls!

I just realized we fail didn't take group picture... ;w; Anyhow, pictures here peeps!

Sadly, we are one theme short to make 20 themes in total (not considering Pirate Day). But Theme Tuesdays are definitely a highlight of the year with G9, and it was something to look forward to! I'm so glad I'm in G9, we had a super duper awesome time together! Cheers to the owhsmest class ever!

Quote of the Day: "Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while so that we can see life with a clearer view." - Annonymous

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  1. I'm glad to have been able to know you guys and work with you all for the Corroborree. You sure are a fun bunch! I wish I could've taught you.


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