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Last Days in Taylor's (October Update!)

This is going to be a random dump of randomness and photos from what I've been doing in October (and maybe November) before my SACE finals.

Here's the (hopefully) concise update!

What to expect in the post! :
Mostly about the Last Day in Taylor's - Camwhoring with teachers and friends, and TAS!
TAS Meetings (Karaoke, Dancing, Treasure Hunt)
World Food Day
Szeto's Birthday
...and other stuff in between
Also, this blogpost will be IMAGE HEAVY!

On my way to the last day of college!

7 October - Karaoke and Szeto's Birthday
TAS Karaoke session! :D Since the last one in Lakeside, Subang Jaya just had to have one too! It was at the Lecture Theatre 3, and we only have one mic though. I love singing, and I really wanted to show people my Japanese memorizing-singing skills. But I didn't prepare a lot of songs for myself, because I wasn't very confident singing them. In the end I only sung Suteki da Ne (not without Irfan and Nick disrupting me!) and Brothers. Not everyone sung, but I think it was a pretty good session! Later, the group went to Subang Parade, while I left for Sunway Pyramid to meet with my high school friends, to celebrate Szeto Yang Yang's birthday! It was nice seeing my old friends again. The Cina Guys! Ahahaha, just as funny. xD Watched Fright Night.

12 October
Some time around this time, mum made me start a fruit diet. I was on 100% blended fruits and fruits only! No other food, other than plain water and vitamin C! It was quite a turbulent time, as I was facing a lot of personal problems, and sleep deprivation, and all sorts of what nots. :X The fruit diet thing worked -a little-. Helped me cut down on snacking. But definitely not something that was sustainable.

Warai nagara humming~

14 October - Dancing
Dancing lesson at TAS meeting! I taught Hare Hare Yukai, wahahaha! Probably the 3rd time I'm doing this already. I wish more people would join and learn!

15 October - Nick's Cafe
It's a Saturday, and we decided to visit Nick's new cafe in KL! We went there by public transport, which kinda made the journey a little more exhausting, because of the waiting time, and the awkward moments where we can't and don't exactly talk much. lD

TAS Train boarding LRT!

Long LRT ride... Funny stuff happen on there! Pedo staring and odd sniffing... D:

At Sunfresh Cafe! Awesome mushroom soup, smoothie, salads, panini sandwiches and peanut dessert!

16 October - World Food Day
It was World Food Day, and at Taylor's, we had a Stop Hunger Now campaign thingy going on. Basically, the Taylor's Education Group was rallying volunteers to help back food, factory-style, to be sent to hunger-stricken places. Because we TAS so haxor, we stepped forward and took positions in Jules' production line!

Filling up the food!

A little view of the madness!

The super owhsm Line 3!

Although the work was repetitive (scooping dehydrated vegetables into a funnel for 2 hours!), it was a fun experience because of the crowd, the upbeat music, and the great cause we were working for. On top of that, I was with TAS. :3

Later, we had Chatime, and went to the cybercafe! It was my first time playing a first-person-shooter. Was abit failish, shrieking at every sudden appearance by the zombies or when I get attack. I got nauseous after that. lD

17 October
Beginning of the last week of SAM classes! Also note that lots of 9gagging began this month... Had to start selling SAM T-shirts too!

20 October
Last Physics class, foreveeer!

Mr John, Jordy and me!

Also, on Thursday, I organized a Farewell/Thank you meet-up/party for my Student Council. During my two hour break time, I walked over (20 MINUTES!) to the new Chatime in First Subang. There was the buy 1 free 1 promotion still on, I had to grab the opportunity! Wee went with me, and we waited till 12pm, and I got my 14 cups of Chatime, wahahaha. It was nice hanging out with the student council and my advisors. Ahhh, my time is running out! ;w;


We had the cheeeezy pizza too!

21 October - FINAL DAY
Finally, the final day of many things! Final day of class, final day of TAS 2011 meetings, and so many other things are ending too! I spammed my camera like crazy that day, camwhoring with all my teachers, classmates... We were hardly studying that day!

Warning: Loads of photos ahead.

We had food to celebrate too - cake from Cat!

Two sets of muruku from Jee and Mrs Kalpana! Deepavali was coming up!

Ms Sharon, my English as a Second Language teacher!

With our beloved mentor, Biology teacher, Mrs Kalpana!

Epic group hug!

Maths teacher, Ms Doh! Once you get to know her, you'll start to realize how owhsm she is xD

Everyone lining up for hugs :3

Cute and enthusiastic Chemistry teacher, Ms Isabel! She's so full of energy! :3

Sunny scribbling on another class' scribble. And pwned them.

G9's last lunch break together on campus!

After we ended Chemistry class early, we wandered around to take pictars!

What I dub the SAM CRU - Class Representatives' Union! Pretty owhsm and collaborative bunch :3

Even CRU's break rules :P (we got shooed by the guards later!)

Final picture with the owhsm possum G9!

I'll miss everyone! Taylor's was owhsm!

And I'm not done yet! Have I mentioned everyone was camwhoring all day? :P CAMWHORE PICTARS AHEAD.

Okay. I'm happy now lD (There is more of where it came from here!)

But I'm not quite done yet! After class, I hung out at the usual TAS spot - Classroom Cafe. But everyone was rather busy doing their own thing. At 3.30pm, we scooted over back to college for our final TAS meeting - Treasure Hunt!

Mini game!: Whack the Irfan! (jk lD)

Final Meeting Pictar! In which I was unfortunately cropped out at the sides... ;w;

I was in the same team as Jules, BK and Vanessa. The treasure hunt was pretty tricky! Even at the first clue, we were lost already. .__. And we got trolled! Somehow, we manage to gather the last clue, and then the clues in between, so we were just hopping around.

Photo of a photo in a photo! PHOTOCEPTION.
This was meant to be the last clue, which we found second. lD

With our epic speed, wits and skills (and BK's mastery at 7 Ate 9 :P), our team won the treasure hunt! We earned more candies! The real celebration doesn't end here though...

We ran back to Classroom Cafe, and it was raining like mad! We proceeded to camwhore tooons. We also dubbed them our "Harem Shots"!

The rain kept them in college for a bit... where they played around with the camera

Back to family business!

Wee's very smexy harem :3 Oblempray Irsay?

Alex's angelic harem! :3

Isaac's Harem! Sadly photobombed by the jelly people at the back. xD

Time for the girls! I get a kawaii reverse harem though :O

Ahhh better

Jules' reverse harem!

But Crystal pwns all. SHE CONTROLS 'EM BOYS.

Even Charlie gets a harem. Charlie's Angels! xD

The party for the Halloween Party!

Four of them headed off to the Halloween Party at Lakeside, leaving me, Jules and Wee (and Charlie and CK) at our "last day celebration". I stayed till really late, since mum said that this was my "last chance to play" until the end of my exams. All in all, I felt somewhat regretful that day. As if there was so much more I could do. As if it could've been a bigger blast. Everything was ending and this was how I spent my final day! Then again, we always wish for a lot, and the end never really ends with a blast all the time (especially when there's no proper celebration for it!). So yesh, just minor sadness and regret on my part (it was still an emo time for me too!). lD

And that was my last days in Taylor's!

I really thought I wasn't going to see TAS as often anymore, at least until after my finals. I thought I'll be seeing the college less. I thought everything was going to slow down and come to a boring halt. Boy was I wrong. o_o But that... will be a story for the next blogpost. :P

Quote of the Day: "Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears." - John Lennon

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