Sunday, December 04, 2011

Lens Updates!

I came home from Karaoke with my juniors, and I was bored with nothing to do. So I started taking out all my lenses and playing with them. xD

Since I took the effort to start blogging, plus I was planning since months ago to write about my lenses, I'll post about my lenses and some other lens comparison shots then! (Yay one more off the backlogged list!)

The Dolly Eye Sugar Candy - Blue

Bought these from someone on Comic Fiesta forums, along with a bunch of TAS people. We got them in August, right before Cosplay Cafe. Decided to try them on for my Sice cosplay as I thought my Old Adult Blues were failing.
(I didn't take solo shots of them in the case...)

A close-up!

With and without. Enlargement is crazy. o_o

I dub these my yandere lenses! Somehow when I wear these, they look like black enlarging lenses

One with the colours a little more obvious (woohoo! sunlight!)

I'm a little disappointed with how this Sugar Candy lens look on my eyes. Firstly, the design blends better with the eyes, unlike the solid design of EOS Sugar Candy that Anthea had. Already my eyes are a darker shade of brown, compared to Anthea, so the colours of this Sugar Candy don't show that well on my eyes. I guess they would make good, natural-ish enlarging lenses. Enlargement from this is waaay awesome! And scary sometimes! They make me look yandere. xD But as I'm looking for cosplay lenses with colours that would pop, these lens on my eyes doesn't fit what I was looking for... =( Otherwise, these are just like all Sugar Candy lenses, thick black outer ring and crazy enlarging effect!

EOS G202 Candy Series (Barbie King Size) - Blue
nurin lens

Sugar Candy Blue on left, Candy/Barbie King Blue on right

I actually forgot to take more shots of this, ehehe...

Gosh this took waaaaay long to arrive. Ordered these from nurin in late August. We only got them during our exams, which was the start of November. WATERFAQ! This will be my last time ordering from her, rawr.

I first wore this at AFA 2011. They were meant to be my new Hannah/blue cosplay lenses as my Old Adult Blues were reaching the end of their time. Unfortunately, these were not a "popping blue" that I wanted them to be for cosplay, again... The designs are not too bad though! The colour shows better than Sugar Candy, but of course Sugar Candy pwns in enlargement. At least the blue tone for this is not as "fake" as Dolly lenses. But probably Dolly and Blytheye are still the better ones if you need popping colours for cosplay...

Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I have so many blue lenses, haha. lD

i.Fairy Hanabi - Red 

In the bottle! :3

The owhsmness!

Camwhored with it teehee

Random comparison shot of Sugar Candy Blue and Hanabi Red!
Kinda reminds me of Mukuro... lD

Hanabi is OWHSM. I guess the extra money you pay for it is worth it! They are a tad more comfortable than the other lenses. The colour blends pretty nicely with my eyes, but it's still a nice shade of red. The brown ones look rather natural too, from what I saw on my friend. My first red lens! My first i.Fairy! I think they are a pretty good buy. xD Oh, enlargement is not as obvious as Sugar Candy, because the black circle is not that thick, and there is more colour too it (rather than just looking black). But Hanabi is actually really big!

Now here are some random lens camwhore shots and comparison pictars!

Blytheye/Adult Grey vs. Brown

Dolly Brown vs. Blytheye/Adult Brown

Old Adult Blue vs. New Adult/Blytheye Brown

Old Adult Blue vs. Candy/Barbie King Blue

My current lenses! Notice how no two lens cases are the same... lD

My retired lenses! The defective New Adult Grey and expired Dolly Brown

My new lenses! Haven't opened them yet, mostly because I want to keep them longer, and because I have no new lens cases. lD
Puffy 3 Tones Green, Dreamy.i Brown, Blytheye Grey, A3/Bambi Grey

Gosh... I'm so addicted to lenses. xD Anyway, hurray that I managed to finish this post and update! o_o

Quote of the Day: "We'd realized along the way that choice was the only thing we had left. Maybe we'd fall short. Maybe we'd never even come close. But someone, someday, would know we'd tried." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

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