Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mini Update!

It's 4 more days till Comic Fiesta and I have so much undone! Almost 90% of my costume is not prepared, ahhhh! Every year as Comic Fiesta draws close, it always feels unbelievable! Hopefully everything will run smoothly! It's my 10th day working at Taylor's today, and it's been treating me well! I'm taking 3 days off just to complete my Comic Fiesta preparations, wahahaha. I spent the public holiday yesterday pretty well, prop-making till really late at night. I would be updating about what I've done here, except that Facebook is screwed up on the office network right now, grrr.

Meanwhile, here's my super packed schedule for the remainder of the year! ...And WOW the year is ending so soon already!
13-16 Dec: CHIONG COSPLAY! Fang costume and lance still undone! ;w;
17-18 Dec: COMIC FIESTA 2011! Fun tieeem!
19 Dec: Final Fantasy XIII Photoshoot!
20-23 Dec: Back to work. And prepping my Soul Linker costume.
24-28 Dec: YOUTH DHAMMA CAMP 20! (and Christmas!)
29 Dec: Ragnarok Online Photoshoot!
30 Dec: Free?
31 Dec: Cosplay New Year's Eve/Christmas Ball! LAST DAY OF 2011.

All that. And I still have lots of blogpost backlogs, not to mention when it's the end of December, I would be having loads of new content, plus my EPIC 2011 report! Meaning I have to scroll through my Facebook statuses again! Haha.
Backlog list!:
  1. Anime Festival Asia 2011!
  2. SAM Corroboree
  3. More TAS Hangouts - Post Exams (maybe!)
  5. Comic Fiesta 2011 Preparations
  6. Updated 2012 Cosplay Plans? :3
Oh wow... it doesn't look too bad at this moment. I'll work on it, probably next week at work too. Ngehehe. xD

And if some of you still don't know, I'm planning to pursue Dentistry locally. I have submitted my application for Penang International Dental College! If my SACE results (which will probably be released within the next 6 days or so) are okay, I'll probably get in! It's a twinning program to Salem, India for two years. The soonest I'll be leaving for my studies is in March/April, otherwise it will be September. And otherwise, it means I failed, and I'll have to pursue something else. lD If everything goes by plan, I won't be in Malaysia for 2 years. Meaning cosplay plans will be on hold ahhh! Meaning whatever I want to cosplay in 2012, I better start preparations after Comic Fiesta so that I'll fulfill my heart's desires before leaving.

Meaning I must not procrastinate! Less QQ, more pew pew! (Nicholas Tham 2011)

Yes this was a wall of text, I'm sorry. lD I'll blog more with interesting contents. Soon.

Just so that this post will look less boring, here's a Cosplay Meme I did on deviantART! (visit me there plox)


Quote of the Day: "I'm here to see how the story unfolds. Any self-respecting leading man would do the same." - Balthier, Final Fantasy XII

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