Friday, December 23, 2011


Mini update again before I embark on the crazy long posts... lD

My cosplay experience last week was EPIC. First, my crazy cosplay prep. Second, fun time at Comic Fiesta. Third, 4th group cosplay win. Fourth, photoshoooot!

Tomorrow's my last day at work. I've been enjoying myself in Taylor's so far. SS15 is such a convenient place to be in, and the people here are fun to be around. My colleagues are rather entertaining, talking crap and discussing about Dragonvale as if it's srzbiznez. I missed the Christmas dinner on Wednesday as I had to go for a Japanese BBQ buffet with my family. They played boardgames in Meeples too! :C Although today made it up as we went for Japanese food (again!) at Edo Ichi, paid by the department! :D Ai Jou treated me to Starbucks on Wednesday too because of my depressing SACE results. I wouldn't mind staying longer in Taylor's, but for now this is where I stop! I really thank them for taking care of me during this short 3 weeks. Ai Jou, Ms Ooi, Samantha, Elaine, Raymond, Vincent and Malcolm. Thanks for making my time enjoyable! :D

After work ends tomorrow, Saturday will be Youth Dhamma Camp 20! I'll be away for five days... And when I get back, I have a photoshoot with Anthea! And then it'll be the end of the year and I'm not too sure what I'll be doing.

Also, I've just received my SACE results on Wednesday. I logged on to the website with my mum beside me. When we saw the results, my mum had a shock, she almost thought those results weren't mine. Well... I had A, B+, B+, B-, B-. Sounds pretty bad I guess... for someone who has gotten As for UPSR, PMR and SPM. (the only B I had was Chinese!) I could tell she was rather disappointed, and I really don't know what went wrong either. I thought my internal marks were pretty good, and that I did rather well for my external paper too... However, I managed to get an ATAR of 91.35! Meaning I'm in the top 8.65% of the population taking SACE 2011! Still, it didn't seem to justify my grades, at least to myself and my mother, especially since the people in charge told us that to enter dentistry, I needed all As... I only had 1. Ugh.

I'm not sad. I'm not happy. I dunno what to feel, so I'm just disappointed... .w. Sigh, nothing we can do! I'll just have to wait for the Uni offer and see where I can go after that...

Recently, I've been playing Zeiva's Visual Novel, X-Note. I must say I enjoy it tons! The storyline is owhsm and touching! And I love the characters too. Cried a few times playing it, although the gameplay is so simple and short, but somehow I still get attached to the story. ;w; I'll write more about it next time.

So... here's my current backlogged list (I know I do this all the time, but it's the only way for me to keep track of what to blog about :P):

  1. Anime Festival Asia 2011!
  2. SAM Corroboree
  3. Comic Fiesta 2011 Preparation
  4. Comic Fiesta 2011!
  5. X-Note
  6. 2012 Cosplay Plans
  7. The Epic 2011 in a Nutshell Post!

That's about it I guess... I feel like blogging about Comic Fiesta 2011 first... since it's still fresh and all... lD Poor AFA! It's been more than a month already! ...It'll come soon. :P I'm gonna attempt to start blogging tomorrow, but no promises if you'll see any new interesting content here before I'm off during the weekend for my 5-day camp.

Quote of the Day: "People who want happy endings have to write their own." - Paine, Final Fantasy X-2

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